Day 24

9.15am – Greg is on the treadmill outside and is greeted by Geneva. Meanwhile Michael is sleeping in. Geneva talks to Michelle about Michael going off yesterday. Geneva said it reminded her of her parents fighting so she went away and hid. Geneva agrees with Michelle that he was right but he shouldn’t have said it. It makes people say “who do you think you are.. the boss of this place?”. Christie is called to the diary room. Inside there is paint and material to dress up their dancing partner dummies. She calls everyone to the lounge room to read out the accompanying letter. The dummies need to be sophisticated. Greg says he wants to make his dummy black. Glenn says “yeah I think I might make mine gothic”. Michelle says her dummy is Richard Geare(sp). Michael says he’s giving his dummy some peircings. The Logan boys are bullying Tim again – Dave holds him while Greg paints a mastache on him.

While painting Big Brother annouces it’s time to tango. They all take their dummies outside. Christie and Dean say their dummies look beautiful. The housemates all dance around in a circle while a few of them (mainly Kate) yells out directions.


3.35pm – In the bedroom Hotdogs says it would be interesting to see some intruders. He wants to see the group’s reaction to the new people. Michelle says it depends on what they’d like. Hotdogs says imagine if it was two really hot chicks (don’t count on in Hotdogs). He says all the boys would be drooling. Kate says the girls would be the same if they were hot guys. Michelle said she’d be jealous because “you’re my boys”.

Outside Geneva is practicing with her dummy. Big Brother calls Kate to the diary room. Big Brother says he has a job for her. It is up to Kate whether she accept the job. If she succeeds the group will automatically pass this week’s task. They will also get a reward of “considerable value”. If she fails the job they all fail this week’s task. Kate accepts. “Kate the job is you must deliberatly sabotage this week’s task. You must do this by targeting other housemate’s dummies. Your job is to remove the heads from other housemate’s dummies and hide them without being caught. You are to do this at least 3 times within the next 5 days. One more thing before you go: you may be tailed. That is all”. Kate giggles throughout the description. Meanwhile Geneva is still practicing.


6.14pm – All housemates to the lounge. Hotdogs says it’s another eviction. Geneva thinks the spa will be back. Big Brother announces they once had the opportunity to walk out a millionaire, but because they have not followed instructions, that is no longer the case. Christie says “oh of course because of the fines” and chuckles. Dean tells her it is not funny.

Dean for talking in bed without microphone $5000
Christie for talking about nominations $5000
Michelle no mic $5000
Michelle no mic $5000
Tim bad sportsmanship $5000
Hotdogs $5000
Geneva $5000
Michelle $5000

Michelle and Christie have the most fines. Michael and Kate haven’t received any yet.

Christie no mic $5000

The total is $175 000 in fines. Big Brother says that is all. Michael is pissed off and says that is 6 years of his wage. Michelle is silent and looks glum on the couch. Michael says “which one of you can flush that down the toilet because that’s what we’ve done”. Christie says “I’m sorry you haven’t got a fine but I can’t wait for the day when you do get one”. Michael says he might get one but at least he’ll know he did everything he could not to get it. Christie said you get sidetracked. Michael says he didn’t bring it up on a personal level, it’s a group thing. Michelle is still looking glum. Michael says as a group they need to get together and fix it. Christie says it’s the way he’s saying it which is the problem. Hotdogs says they should chill. Glen says that’s 87 500 sheep worth.

Christie goes into the bedroom and closes the door behind her. She lies down sad. Geneva comes in to comfort her. Christie says she doesn’t feel important. Geneva says Christie is important to her. They both agree Michael is being an idiot about the fines. Christie feels she is being looked down upon because she is 19. Geneva says “he’s 27 and what the fuck has he accomplished? he needs this”. Geneva says Christie will find there are things the other housemates can’t do but Christie can – they have more life experience and it cant be expected Christie and Geneva can be like that. They both agree no one is perfect. “Greg, as perfect as he looks on the outside he ____ ?”. It’s bleeped but it’s probably a reference to his small penis. Both the girls giggle and laugh.


1.03am – The fines tally has been left on the plasma screens overnight as a reminder of how much they have lost. Christie systematically says goodnight to everyone. Michelle tells Big Brother to turn off the screens because it’s shining right on her – it’s blinding. Kate goes to the diary room to ask Big Brother to turn the plasmas off. The HMs tell her to do it seductively. Big Brother clearly says “No” to Kate’s request. Kate also clears up her job: over 5 days she has to steal 3 heads (a minimum of 3 times). Kate says she feels excited about her job, but she is a terrible liar so she has to do it in a way she’s not going to be asked if it was her. It’s got her thinking and she can’t help smiling. Kate leaves the diary room and stops – now would be a great time to steal a head. She goes into the living room, stops, decides not to, but changes her mind again. She takes a head and laughs a little. She takes it outside and hides it behind some equipment by teh far wall. She turns the tap on in the kitchen to make it sound like she got a drink of water, then goes into the bedroom. She tells the housemates the screens wont’ be turned off. Hotdogs asks if she stayed there and fought it a bit – of course she did, after all – why else was she gone so long?

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