Day 2

8.04am – Logan David is up and working the gym. Logan Greg is in the isolation room, and because he’s smaller, he’s been working out to look more similar to David. Christie is up and greets everyone, promising herself she’d do exercises, which consists of just putting her arms up. Inside Geneva is doing areobics and stretches. Tim is making bread (again!!!).

Outside there is talk of Dean snoring and farting in bed. Kate says she’s going to have to get used to boy noises. In the bedroom Glenn is up and chatty. He’s called to the diary room, for an obvious microphone violation. Big Brother tells him that he should be reminded about the microphones as it’s a fundamental principle of the show.

Morning shower time. Kate and Gianna are drying off. Kate to the diary room – egads it’s another microphone violation – who saw that coming!? Another reminder from Big Brother.

10.35am – All housemates to the diary room. Mike tells us this season’s HMs have broken more rules than the other seasons so far. Big Brother tells the group they are failling to take the rules seriously. Since entering the house they have had more than 50 warnings about banned topics and microphones. Warnings have been treated as jokes. The group look like a bunch of high school kids who have just been told off by the teacher.

Big Brother introduces the penality system. There are nervous giggles. A fine will be deducted from the prize money. Fines will start at $5000. Michelle gasps and everyone looks a little glum for obvious reasons.


11.13am – Kate is annoyed at some bad habits and doesn’t want to be desensitised. Michael says he doesn’t want her to become desensitised because it takes the fun out of burping on her. He also shows concern that the HMs are wasting time learning irrelevent info about each other for the task. Kate tells Nelson she’s waiting for the moment for him to not be a derrogotory a-hole. Kate says the worst thing about him is him in the morning where he goes around throwing insults at everyone.

In the bedroom Hotdogs is cracking onto Michelle – AGAIN. He tells her she gets sexier every day they’re in the house. She says she hates closeminded people, arrogance etc.

In the isolation room Logan Greg is having his last meal before leaving.

2.06pm – Kate is monitoring Nelson’s porridge, she doesn’t seem content with it but he wants to be in control of his cooking. Tim ate some tomatoes that were meant for a meal later on. Gianna is annoyed. Kate says there were hardly any tomatoes left anyway – they have a whole tin left somewhere. Tim apologises. Kate tells Nelson he’s not doing his porridge properly – he tells her to fuck off four times.

Tim says the tomatoes are the nail in the coffin of his relationship with Gianna. Meanwhile she’s outside bitching about the eaten tomatoes.

Nelson is in the bedroom telling Hotdogs that Kate is shitting him off about the porridge. Meanwhile Kate is telling the other housemates the porridge isn’t very good – so add lots of sugar. More bitching from Nelson to Hotdogs. Hotdogs says sometimes it takes a little time for some women to come round.


2.47pm – Dean is in the diary room. He says he feels like he’s been in the house a week or two already. People are getting cliquey. He feels a little on the outside or in the background. Gianna seems to keep looking at herself in the mirror – good on her. Thats about it.

In the bedroom Christie is chatting to Tim – under the covers. She says she finds him intriguing – there is something warming and comfortable about him. She asks if he had one wish right now what would it be. Tim says he would like to live in the BB house for 6 months with the ability to come and go a bit. Christie agrees.

Nelson is in the diary room now. He says he has a particular dislike to Kate over the porridge incident. Constance is a champ and engaging, very natural. He likes Logan but thinks Logan is keeping him at a distance (we know why!)

In the isolation room Logan Greg is flipping through an FHM.

6.29pm – Gianna is showing off a dance routine she has devised on the stripping pole. Hotdogs says it’s the money show. Logan, Hotdogs and Glenn are all having a perve on the couches. Gianna says she will never be a stripper, despite the guys who think she has a lot of potential. Gianna says she will get a stirppers pole installed in her house for her boyfriend. Logan hugs Christie and Gianna asks where her cuddle is. She gets one … from Christie. Gianna goes back to pole dancing, much to the entertainment of the boys.

Christie jumps on the pole and starts to climb it, but the boys aren’t impressed. The boys tell her to dance with Gianna. Christie gives it a go but she’s nowhere near as sexy as Gianna. Glen joins them and Christie ties his blue singled up. Glenn tries to pole dance. Gianna goes back to shaking her little booty.


8.18pm – Logan David has been called to the diary room.

Recap from Monday Night’s live show:

Approx – 8.12pm – Logan in isolation is led through the camera runs to the main house. Logan in the main house is called to the diary room and sits down. OTHER Logan walks in with a blindfold. Big Brother announces a switch will take place immediately. They have 1 minute to swap clothes and microphones. A quick bum flash later they are swapped.

They only have 3 minutes to swap information. Tatoos and scars have been talked about with the housemates. He shares a bed with Glenn. They do a little “Meet the Parents” action going on. There is clarification on whether there is really a guy called Hotdogs in the house. They swap different actions to do, and where people come from. Logan David says to stay away from the Journalist (Tim). He hasn’t gotten any chicks yet.

Logan David leaves without his shoes. Logan Greg goes into the house. The new Logan wonders into the kitchen and is very silent, very wide eyed. Tim asks him whats going on and the new Logan says it was just a microphone issue. He doesnt’ really know what to say or where to go. He goes into the bedroom where a bunch of housemates are throwing around a ball. They get Logan to lie in a few differenent positions while they joke around. New Logan laughs a few times but is otherwise silent.

Logan David is now in the isolation room. He looks bored.

Gretel now explains the twin swap plan. They have a secret door in the bedroom toilet! There is an inconspicious red light to alert the current main house Logan that it is time to swap. After that he will only have 4 minutes to swap information again.

Back in the house the ball is still being thrown around in the bedroom. Logan is still rather silent. Lots of swearing going on. Gianna eagle eyes the bedroom and says she is buggered.

New Logan is still not saying much – he’s more involved with the ball throwing. He almost looks like Blair from BB1.

Dean starts talking about a “Loidy” which is a dirty sanchez on the teeth. Nelson doesn’t know what a dirty sanchez is but Constance quickly fills everyone in: it’s when you stick your finger up your bum and then you wipe it on some one’s top lip. Constance says her boyfriend did it to her once: “it was awesome”. She said that once they had a fight so she spat in his beer without telling him and he gave her a dirty sanchez.

Gianna asks if there is a sexual position called a Red Dragon or a Angry Dragon. It’s censored out with beeps, unfortunately.

Back to the Tuesday Night show:

Meanwhile Angela is trying to find the owner of an anonymous pair of underpants. Not Tim – maybe Christie? Michael and Angela are outside discussing Hotdogs. Angela likes him because he will try things. Michael says his favourite people are Angela, Tim and Geneve and Christie.

Logan and Glenn are playing badminton. Logan tries to switch hands while playing because he uses a different hand to his twin. Other HMs are in the spa, thinking of different names for Gianna. They suggest “titalina”. Nelson says he needs to ask more questions about Gianna’s studies – he thinks she’s lying because she’s ‘dopey’.

Gretel greets us on the Tuesday night show again to tell us about the lack of footage for this timeslot because of the very rude conversation going on in the bedroom (read above).


11.15pm – New Logan has been accepted by the housemates without question. He and Greg create a game jumping over cushions – Michelle doesn’t look impressed.

In the spa Angela and Constance are talking about the changing nature of Logan – he’s not easy to bond with anymore. Inside Glenn and Michelle are playing the new game where they spin around on bar stools until they are dizzy and then try to navigate a cushion obstacle course. Michelle falls over and needs some assistance to get up, in a ball of laughter.

Spa HMs are still talking about how hard it is to get to know Logan in the house. Angela says his unsociability has made him not so appealing anymore. Constance says she loves Tim – he’s not sexy but a great guy. Michael says Tim is his rock.

Hotdogs and Logan are playing the spin game now. Constance and Nelson are discussing who is playing the game – the people who are upset about the fines from the prize money. They are joined by Geneva who is asked who Logan is chasing – sometimes Christie sometimes Gianna. Nelson said he’d be better going after just one. Logan says the easiest one would be Michelle, but Geneva says Michelle is looking for love. Geneva reveals she would have sex with Hotdogs. Geneva didn’t tell her best friend she was going into the Big Brother house – for fear of being kicked out of the show.


1.09am – Dean discusses house dynamics with Kate. He feels he’s not part of the group as much as everyone else. Kate agrees and says its an odd feeling – it’s harder for girls maybe? Dean says out of the guys there’s only two that he’d really sit and talk to: Nelson and Michael.

In the isolation room, Logan David is going to bed.

Constance is asking Logan Greg who he likes. He says he likes everyone and he doesn’t know. Constance begs it out of her – it won’t leave this room. Logan is still making his mind up. Constance says there are 3 possibles for him. Meanwhile Logan David is asleep.

In an overly-casual situation the housemates are lying all over each other half naked and discussing Logan. Hotdogs wants to know why Nelson has a whole lot of girls in bed with him.

3.23am – Lights are turned off without warning. Dean is in bed and talking without his microphone. A $5000 fine. Some of the housemates start laughing. The housemates are looking foward to some better food in the house tomorrow. Christie says she is “very intelect” – 3 times. People “misconstrew” her mind.

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