Day 1

12.09am – Christie is called to the diary room. Inside is a chart with the different housemates and their names. Big Brother tells Christie (and the other housemates who follow her later) that she must nominate one housemate who will not receive their luggage for the duration of the series. The housemate with the most nominations loses their luggage. The HMs have 10 seconds to decide.

Nelson immediately nominates Dean without thinking twice. Big Brother must remind him to only answer when BB wants the answer. Constance can’t remember everyone’s names.

Angela nominates Gianna
Gianna nominates Nelson
Nelson nominates Dean (again)
Dean nominates Kate
Christie nominates Kate
Tim nominates Michael
Glenn nominates Hotdogs
Constance nominates Gianna
Michelle nominates Constance
Kate nominates Constance
Logan nominates Constance (or is that Constantine?)
Michael nominates Constance
Hotdogs nominates Michael
Geneva nominates Christie

The high votes go Constance – 4, Michael – 2, Kate – 2, Gianna – 2

Back in the bedroom Hotdogs is calling girls to come lie with him in bed, saying there is only limited spots available. Nelson starts talking about Christie reffering to her as “it”. He says “it thinks its tops”. Christie cottons on that she is being talked about and gives Nelson a wink, who cracks up laughing. Christie comes over and sits between Nelson and Dean (Nelson nominated Dean just moments ago). She says she is like the sandwich between two meatballs (!?).

They talk about who is interesting. A vote goes towards Logan. Big Brother calls all housemates to the lounge. He explains the luggage situation. Everyone is slightly nervous. Constance is asked to bring her suitcase to the diary room. She is obviously annoyed and tells the other housemates off. She says she won’t speak to them now. Kate says she’s perked up a bit now she’s learnt she will have her suitcase.

In the diary room Constance gets a little teary about losing her suitcase. She is not to have any of her possesions at all. She says everyone was talking to each other and not her. Big Brother instructs her to take out keys for everyone else’s luggage. Constance says “I don’t know why they hate me so much”.

Michael and Kate have decided to sleep in the same bed. In the bedroom the housemates find that most of their toiletries except for toothbrushes and razors have been confiscated. Michelle seems to think they will get it back at some time later on. Housemates offer Constance the use of their clothes, including Michael. Kate offers clothes too, even though she voted for Constance.

3.12am – Christie gets Glenn to play a game where he keeps ducking under her arm with his eyes clothes. After a second she moves away so Glenn is bobbing up and down on his own. Logan cheers him on until he opens his eyes and realises whats going on.

The housemates start to settle down in bed. Bedding arangements we can see are Michael and Kate, Hotdogs and Gianna. In the isolation room the other Logan is sleeping peacefully.

Day 1
8.55am – Constance is up and in the diary room. She wants to talk about when she’s getting her stuff back. She feels she’s being punished for being loud and this is what they were looking for when they picked her.

Meanwhile Kate is up and about, but gets freaked out by the birds outside (she has a phobia of birds).

Big Brother reminds Constance it was the housemate’s decision. Its a very clear “NO” from BB.

Nelson is up and has a big hangover from last night. According to our voiceover Mike, he has already been sick this morning. Kate says good morning but is asked to keep it down. Nelson isn’t saying much for obvious reasons. Nelson goes back to bed much to Kate’s annoyance. Constance too, decides to go back to bed.

… but not for long. The bedroom lights are turned on. Everyone wakes to the sound of Michael chuckling. He says the fluro lights make everyone look really sexy when you haven’t had much sleep. Constance explains her morning trip to the diary room.

Logan in the isolation room is waking up too. In the main house everyone is showering and at this stage it looks like it’s mainly bikinis in the shower except Kate. The HMs joke about Constance’s lack of clothes. Christie and Constance are in the same bed and Christie is glad she doesn’t snore or hog the bed space. Michael is annoyed their deoderant was confiscated.

In the isolation room Logan is practicing putting on a fake scar to match his twin. Christie is now in the diary room, and asks Big Brother if she can have her foundation back. She says she’s very self concious and without it her personality changes. She will swap anything to get it. Big Brother says NO.

BREAK – Sarah Marie has lost even more weight! A little too much if you ask me. Maybe she should eat a KFC Twister.

11.35am – Tim comments to Christie about all the lights being used. Constance shows she has her brother’s names tatooed on her arm.

Gianna has been asked to gather everyone in the lounge. She has a note from Big Brother. It’s the usual first weekly task: they must learn everything about each other and will be tested later on. They can choose either 50% or 100% to bet on weekly shopping. They decide 50%. There is a little disorganisation about how they will go about this. HMs start revealing info randomly. Tim suggests they split into pairs to make it easier. Suddenly an idea to get into the spa together pops up. Nelson leaves the group and the task to go swimming.

Geneva is talking to Hotdogs and reveals she is bisexual and is attracted to ‘someone’ in the house. Hotdogs asks what she will do about the attraction. Geneva says she will get them “quite tanked”.

Logan in the isolation room is teaching himself housemate names. Constance, Christie, Glenn and Michael are in the spa. There is talk of spirituality in the anatomy.

Hotdogs comments on Gianna’s highly photogenic qualities, but can’t quite find the right words to use. Gianna says she isn’t a model or anything. Apparently she’s too short to be a model.

Gianna studies engineering and computer and mathematical sciences, much to the bewilderment of Nelson. He seems to think she is more suited to being a fashion guru or a teacher. Gianna goes on to explain all of her academic persuits in high school. Hotdogs butts in to say he is “street smart”.

3.17pm – The HMs are in the living room. BB explains almost all housemates broke the rules in reguard to prohibited goods. HMs may choose only one item from the many boxes of confiscated toiletries on the dining table. BB tells them which box to choose from.

Christie is the toothpaste box
Michael is the shampoo box (even though he has no hair!)
Kate is the deoderant box
Logan is the moisteriser box?
Glenn is the perfume box
Geneva is the misc box?

6.02pm – Dinner time. Kate is warned about her microphone after getting out of the spa. She’s called to the diary room and told off. Outside Hotdogs and dean are playing noughts and crosses on a wall – a big no no! Big Brother calls them to the diary room to tell them off. They must both read the housemate rule book from cover to cover.

While making dinner, Michael is called to the diary room. He’s not wearing his microphone! He must also read the rule book.

Logan in the isolation room is amusing himself with some gym equipment.

7.13am – At the dinner table. Kate has a problem with burps at the house. Christie cheers the cooks of the first dinner.

8:30pm – Talk of first impressions. Angela says everyone needs to yell to be heard. There is a general concensus that Michael is the loudest. Meanwhile Logan and Hotdogs can’t keep their eyes off the younger hot girls in the house. Hotdogs is talking about how Michelle is cute and they should go to bed, jokingly… ?

Outside Geneva tells Angela she doesn’t like Michelle because she’s too outward. Also Michelle apparently eats a lot and they only have limited food in the house. Angela says she needs to realise they are in a big house with lots of people.

Glenn, Kate and Tim are talking task. Glenn says he’s still living with his parents, and he is on a break with his girlfriend…sorta. Logan in the isolation house is watching a DVD and having a beer… oh, and making weird noises with his mouth.

Christie says she came into the house to find love. Michael is a little against that idea. Christie predicts Michelle and Logan to hook up. Angela says Logan has also been watching Gianna. Michael says Michelle and Gianna are too self absorbed in their looks. He doesn’t date girls like that – he wants a tomboy. They all agree Geneva is great. Tim says he showered naked. Angela wore toggs.

Geneva is in the diary room. She says Kate and her will never get along. She feels attraction is starting to play alot with the younger boys – Logan and Dean. It irritates her because she’s not in with the pretty girls.

10.35pm – Hotdogs is in Michelle’s bed and asks if she wants to cuddle. She says no but they do anyway. He jokes about “having her” by the second night. He says he is the best kisser. He’s been told this by every woman he’s been with. Gianna is watching them with an eagle eye.

Monday night special continues in the Day 2 recap on BBBA.

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