Live from the launch

Rundown of tonights launch show on the Gold Coast, where Behind Big Brother Goons were all through the audience providing us with live feeds.

Thaks go out to the goons and forum guys who helped us out tonite, and espically Zyrorl, who organised the live audio feeds. They cost him around 100 bucks to bring to us so if you have any spare cash and a paypal account, throw him some money please! :) [email protected]

Forgive spelling/formatting .. im doing this in a rush

ok update from the goons. Launch show has ended.
The housemates are sitting at the table eating dinner, they cant reveal the secret because its UNDER the housemates who are eating dinner — under the table.
Goons will be back with a full report in 30 mins,

live feed dead. Techs are working on fixing it with fishing line

They cut back to the house. Everyone is talking at once. 5 mins of talking. Im getting a headache

Goldman gives more stuff away. Audience goes crazy over BB stuff that cost 20 cents to make in china at the cost of the lives of many small children :P

Housemates discover the sauna inside the house. Lots of laughing. Grettle stuffs up her lines when she sais “oh look theres the spa, and we have the swimming pool” .. they re record it at the launch to they can edit it before it goes to air tomorrow. Mike comes back

Goldman gets everyone standing up and counts down from 5 seconds. Cue intro.
37 cameras, 48 mices. now the Hms are about the enter the house.
Waiting room is opened.
This is Big Brother- you may now enter the house.
they let the rats, i mean housemates out into the house.
Live video of the housemates discovering the house. lots of “oh mi god’s”
i counted 7 so far

Hms talking about Thatcher (old british PM)
Goldman is back on after they go back out to a break.
He singles out a guy called Rolf from the audience who has a dirty old pair of thongs. Asks him what size he is and gives him a new pair of thongs.
Its the show that just keeps giving ! Goldman starts talking about the control room where they have 80 tv’s and 100 staff. big brother sits up in a little dark cell at the back of the control room. He asks the crowd about how much money they are going to take off them. He asks them what the other secret is.

Cross live to waiting room where it sounds like a bloody brothel.
Security discovered handcuffs, bla bla sexual stuff. Hms are about to enter the house and they still have to reveal an imposter.

New video. Rules of BB. cant hear anything
Big Brother has the right to change the rules at any time
Money will be slashed by 5 grand every time a housemate breaks one of the house rules!
not wearing a mic will cop a fine of 5 grand
last year the housemates broke the rules 17 times in ONE WEEK, costing them this year around 80 thousand dollers.
They could leave the house with $0, they could lkeave the house oweing BB the money.

new feed from team #2. Next guy is 27 and his name is Hot Dogs. Sounds pretty cool. grettle tells him to watch his behaviour because hes acting like a kid.

If anyone has any spare cash, paypal something over 5 bucks to [email protected] whos providing everyone with the Audio and you guys with the audio when its over. So if you enjoyed these updates and have paypal please dontate guys. Its costing like 200 bucks to bring this to the fans tonite !

Goldman asks the audience if they know who the imposter is. People yell out and some guy replys. Buffering. Screaming. My ears hurt.
I just got a MMS from the launch will host soon. Anyway .
Grettle comes back at 21 past. mumble mumble silence

Goons say “this could be intresting”
something happens and grettle says that “theres a lot of energy in that room now” – so everyone could be in the waiting room ! who knows.
Goldman is back and bitching about the people in the grass area and that they are dieing off a bit. he tells them to stand up and yell and stuff. Poor bastads. Hes telling them to increase the energy and bla bla whatever im not writing any more on this ! lol

Ok we are back on the live feed, crowd is going nutts after Mik leaves. Silence.
Next chick: You never know when im going to flirt with the boys or girls or both. im over overtly sexual. Grettle says please welcome Geneva – shes a bar manager from NSW and is 19 and bisexual. Can anyone here say hoe?
Grettle says that she undersdtands that shes extreamly flexable and asks for a demo. Sounds like this chick uis straight from a porno

Up next is Michael, hes from NSW and is a demo man.
Demolition? who knows. Most probabily the other demo man type.

I thought i might count the seconds because chatter is ANNOYING ME. Anyway grettle goes to a break and guess whos back? BBBA’s golden child. GOLDMAN the COLDMAN.
He comes back onto the mic and asks how everyone is going. He gives someone some BB thongs and the guy he gives them to says “omg how good is mike give it up for him”. ok. ill give it up. how much you want
Anyway he talks to an audience member about what they think and who is their fav housemate. Theres some annoying 12 year old near my goons. The link goes dead. Battery issues with my poor poor goons. Working on getting the link up with team #2. Will keep updated tho, not not every 20 seconds !

Grettle says *staic* is ready to meet his new friend in the waiting room.
chatter house cut chatter chatter. everyones talking at once.

The next housemate is NELSON (see bbba told you YONKS ago), hes 23 and an assistant manager. Crowd goes nutts when he comes out. He starts saying that he wasn’t very organised in his packing ( i think). grettle says that she thinks he looks nice – he looks nice enough to go into the house so HEAD ON UP YOU GO BABY (she didn’t say baby, i did.. it was like for effect)

Ok so hes gone. wow. sounds like they are cutting back to the house where there is no timidity from the housemates. they are all like OMG HI HOW ARE YOU and nice to meet you (yea like you are gona be nice in the diry room you EVIL WOMAN) Bla bla we are still at house feeds where the ousemates are chatting about stuff (see i didn’t swear supermum)
Its now time to meet the next HM from QLD

I refuse to spell grettles name correctly, or spell anything correctly for that matter because im listening to a live feed and updating while doing the forums and IRC so BLARR so so sorry.
OK audience cheers, Cuts back to the house where people are probabily into the “storming” phase now, whereby the people test the power relationships and start to look for a leader. grettle comes back saying “ive got 2 big secrets to tell you but first lets meet someone else”
Psych describes her as eccentic and needy ?! wtf
Anyway this guys a wog, from NSW and his name is Tim – hes 27 and hes a journo. hopefully not for the Confidential. ahahah yeah die in a fire. Grettle talks to him about lockdown. Bla bla. he goes up the runway and into a car.

Ok shes back and saying bla bla bla housemates, meanwhile we are all here in the auditorium (audience screams) – meeting next HM now
Someone yelled something out – i think it was “dumb blonde” – goons are saying “that was harsh”.
Next chick knows Taekwondo (hey i got up to red belt myself). Her name is Gianna (24) in customer service. She says shes had 3 or for marriage proposials – or maybe 5 (oh look at me im up myself). She says “get me in an arm wresstle – you wont win”

Grettle fucked up i think. Audience is quiet – im pretty sure she fucked up. She talks to the auditorium people. Its still quiet. Maybe her face fell off

They go to a break – goldman is back and talking to the audience. Interviewing people and giving out stuff. Including ice cubes that change color when you put them into your drink. omg wow.

Grettle says that our “queen of the dating scene” is about to have her first something with the house (could this be the dating service chicky that we were talking about before? ) anyway they cut back to the house where everyone is still chatting

His name is Glen and hes from the country – hes a shearer and a complete boagan – but it sounds like the audience likes him.
grettle asks him if hes nrevious – he replys that “hes a bit” 0 audience laughs.
Grettle ask if he actually cooked bush food in the hotel room
he says yea i think.
They send him off

OMG this guy is an Okker. “goin shooting with the boys is cool, then we go to the pubbb”.. he sounds worse then reggie – real aussie bloke

Cut to the house and the chick is liek “hiiiii”” then its like “im michelle, and this is ashlee” or something Psychologically speaking, the group is currently in the “forming” stage where people are still timid. Next you will see the “storming” stage where a leader comes out, then the “performing” stage where the group acts well together – i cant hear shit at the moment so im explaining what i learnt at uni the other day.


they are talking and stuff. Saying how they look familiar. The audience is deadly silent listening to the housemates. Grettle says that they need more chicks in the house, with what the psyuchologist described as likeable – something and soemthing – they introduce the next housemate..

Chick talks next about her childhood and how its happy and parents are happy and shit. her name is Angela shes from Vic and is a company director. She comes on stage and the goons are clapping and screaming like women again. Bloody goons.. still they are champs. ANYWAY.
Grettle tells her that she hopes she finds love in the house and she hopes she has a fab time, and off you go ! she walks down and gets into the car

Guy from NSW is next, his name is logan and hes a plumber. he says something about having sex in the house.
Grettle speaks, then they cut to the house again. more introductions.

Goldman is back on bitching about how people didn’t make enough noise when the housemates got into the cars. He says the whole side is missing out on prizes because they didn’t cheer. He says this is how big brother is going to work this year. He hands out prizes. the goons are cheering like women.

Lots of cheering (maybe lesbians in the house already)..Grettle is back on talking about bikinis i think – or something, but anyway they go into another video about something. oh its a live feed from the house where a chick says omg i didn’t even know i was in.
Grettle comes back on saying ” now we have met 5 of them, stay tuned cus more will be on after this break”. Cuts to live feed from the house.

You see people this is why you dont go with 3, his phone froze OK WE ARE BACK. Next is Kate, shes an administrator (forum admin mabe?? jk) from WA. She says grettle looks stunning (dont know how, maybe faceplant) and grettle says she can go into the house from that comment alone!
Kato cant believe shes going into the house.Grettle says its a massive achievement and have fun, now off you go. Kate goes off into the house

Housemates walk up the gangway to a waiting car, then they are taken to the waiting room then released into the house

Josh thinks the housemates are ugly apart from the chick who “loves sex”. Yummy.
next person is on with a video about them, goons say he looks like igor (go to the official website for pics)HIs name is Dean, from QLD and hes a sales rep. he comes onto stage . Chitty chatty grettle is ugly blablabla. they cut to the house where housemates are meeting each other “OMG HI IM MICHELLE” oh him im bla bla bla let get naked
(kidding about the naked part)

Official Big Brother website seems to have put up the housemate pics in response to our coverage.
Show comes back and grettle is back on.
next chick comes on and shes broken some australian records in hurdles and stuff. Her name is Michelle, shes from Brisbane and is a promo manager

Audience is cheering for some reason – oh they went to a break and Goldman is on again. (this is during the “ads” of the “live” show tomorrow night).

new chick, doesn’t take critisim well and is a major flirt. likes boys better than chicks. Shes very open with guys and if she wants something – she swings both ways. her name is Cristie (21) and shes a receptionest. She comes onto stage and says shes going great. Chitty chatty whatever. She gets into a car and goes.


ALL DOUBLE BEDS IN THE HOUSE. Grettle takes people through a tour of the house. Something happens if you stand behind something in the bathroom – brown door in bathroom leads to a SAUNA.
Theres a pole for pole dancing. moves out to the garden where theres a bbq, gym, and lawnmower, and theres a massive secret behind some door in the garden. 10 bucks says its the Head of the house room

mike talks to the audience and tells them to get on their feet when the housemates come into the arena.
Show comes back. Grettle introduces first HM. 14 housemates who are ALL going into the house.
Constance – Hairdresser from Victoria
First housemate is introduced in a video montage- sounds like a chick. She says in her interview how shes funny and stuff, talks about her “ideal” boyfriend. She talks to grettle – then goes off after grettle goes OMG BIG CHEERS FOR CONSTANCE !

Gretel asks Regie and others what they are doing these days. Reggie says shes a hostes. Gretel then runs through the audition process. Video is shown about the auditions.
BLa bla bla we travelled all around the country to see potential housemates. Gretel explains about the audion process in the video. Video is showen of each audition highlights – idol style. Sounds pretty funny by what i can hear.

Asking housemates how they felt going into the house 2 years ago. Mentions that Pete (i think) went into the house with his fly undone.

Montage of previous big brother events, some funny stuff in there from each series. Going through winners of previous series. Winners of each series come onto stage

Show starts. Crowd going wild. Zororl is a champ and hes streaming it. Huge thanks to the goons and Zororl. Show starts with a movie of something, pre recorded

Golman tells people to hold up their signs so he can see if any say BBBA lol. Gretel is going to be wearing a headset microphone

secrets revealed in a sec

Wesley is reporting for Ch10 on big brother.

Goldman tells audience that theres 15 mins till the start of the show. Normal Mike goldman jokes are happening

Goldman takes to the stage to warm up the audience

Behind Big Brother is never going to affiliate with Big Brother – they hate us for bringing the truth to the fans! Updates soon

Goons are inside the studios, there is a main screen at the back of the stage that parts so that people can walk through it. the stage is surrounded by heaps of LCD tellies. People are waiting around at the moment for the show to start. Stairs are in the same place. The whole stage is black tiled. screens down the left and right hand sides. Stairs at the front to the big screen.
8 big plazmas on each side of the big screen.
Mike G hasn’t done any warmup but will probabily start at 7 for a 7:30 kickoff.
Not many people at the eviction – heaps of people still walking in.

Goons arive at Dreamworld studios,
around 100 people are outside waiting including Josh from the forums who stole
my name. Next update in 30mins

Thanks go out to the BBBA goons for the info as well as the two others who are sending in stuff – maybe they are apprentice goons? who knows!

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