The Launch

Cue the credits. BB2005 is here. Countdown from 5 to 1, before the rubix cue starts rolling into our TV screen to start the new opening credits for this year. Also, we have a slightly remixed version of the usual theme music. The new version doesn’t tell us how many days it will run for. Huge view of the crowd, before BB comes over the top to give us an overview of the past four years! A four minute clip package showing all the highlights, as well as some lowpoints, of each of the 4 previous seasons, before we come back live and MIke welcomes us to the 2005 edition of Big Brother. Gretel is then welcomed onto the stage, but before she arrives, we see from the giant screen on the middle of the stage every damn outfit the woman has worn on each past eviction/special night of the show over the past 4 years. Like magic, the TV splits into two, and Gretel enters the arena to a cheer of support.

“Hello and welcome. Sit down – we’ve got a great night” is her first sentence for the new year. Straight and to the point Gretel! She asks the crowd if they are excited, which naturally gets a gigantic roar. She goes on to tell the crowd that they completely knocked down the old house and started from scratch. She goes onto say that they won’t actually reveal it all to us tonight – they will keep some special rooms for other occasions. However, we will meet the housemates. She says some are clever, kind, hot or not, even some that think that the sun shines out of their you know what, and finally, some that perhaps don’t think at all. She says tonight we will also meet our imposter. She starts to reveal something else…then thinks about it, as if asking BB if it’s ok to reveal, before telling us that it’s to do with the money. She does want to tell the audience one thing however regarding the Imposter. She reveals that the housemates have been in lockdown since last Tuesday, and therefore have no idea of any imposter. She tells the audience that they are not able to make a noise about that subject in any way, shape or form during tonight’s festivities.

Gretel goes onto tell us that the housemates are waiting just outside, but first, we are to meet, or rather re-meet, our kings and queens from past years. Gretel asks us to please welcome Ben, Peter, Reggie and Trevor. The four walk down the main ramp that all housemates are now accustomed to walk down during an eviction. They all gather on stage, and Gretel says that of course, it isn’t ‘their’ night anymore, because we’re trying to build a new sensation this year. She starts with Pete. She asks him how he felt the first night. Pete says he was fine until he got out of the car, saw the lights and Gretel’s face. He said at that point he wanted to go home. Gretel reminds us that he did have his fly undone that opening night. Ben is next to tell his story. He says he was soo nervous, but walking back through the crowd again tonight has nearly made him cry again. He says it’s such a good feeling. She turns to our Reggie. She gets a heap of applause. Gretel asks her if she can remember what it was like, to which our darling Reggie of course says “WHAT!?” She goes onto say ‘sorry, i wasn’t listening to ya!’ Gretel asks her what she was thinking about, to which Reggie says she was just trying to soak it all in, because she didn’t do that last time. Gretel decides to give Reggie a moment or two, and move onto Trevor. However, he himself is laughing as well still at Reggie. SHe asks Trev if winning has changed his life. He says it has, he’s bought a house, got married, bought a car. Gretel congratulates him on his weddding, which was just last weekend. Finally, Gretel decides to ask everyone what they are up to nowadays. Reggie is with Virgin Blue, Pete is back at Uni studying Medicine, Ben has a few sports athletes signed up for Pacific Sports Management, while Trev just stands there and doesn’t get asked. She thanks them all, before moving on to talk about the audition process. Cut to clip package.

Gretel is doing the voiceover, explaining that there were no video tapes this year, with live interviews on the spot performed right around the country. She explains that each hour hundreds pass through the registeration section, and move into groups for the first stage. She says it’s a 12 hour day just to get rid of the crowd for producers. Standouts get to go through to the second stage, where you get to talk to the camera for one minute. There were a few rules, you had to tell them why they should choose themselves to go into the house. They were hoping that people wouldn’t tell them that they are ‘fun’ Of course, the clip package now shows 5 people, one after the other saying that they are fun, before a few flashing their racks and finally, a charming young lady telling us that she sees dead people. Back to the stage again with Gretel. She says again that the housemates are just outside. She says to join her after the break for the first housemate.

Gretel is back, ready to introduce the first housemate. However, first thing is first. Gretel reveals that BB has told the housemates that some of them might not be going into the house. However, all of them actually will go in. Our first housemate is from Victoria who likes to be the centre of attention, and likes to break rules. In the clip she says she doesn’t think she is a successful person at all….alas she says she does it with such conviction that she just doesn’t care. Her name is Constance, and she is 21 years of age. “When I was little my mum’s boyfriends used to call up and I would say she can’t come to the phone right now cause she’s on the toilet doing a big shit.” Charming…She likes to hang out with boys, drink a lot of beer, and get kicked out of bars. She’s flirtly, funny and perhaps a little bit mad. She doesn’t like people who are always positive because they are annoying, however she thinks people that are negative are really funny to talk too. She admits she’s done some things that are wrong, but she doesn’t regret doing them. Constance finally enters down through the giant screen, and is greeted by Gretel. She looks very confident. Gretel asks her how she is feeling, to which she replied “I’m shitting myself..” She says lockdown was boring. She is open to hooking up in the house, asking ‘how hot are they?’ Gretel finally tells her she is going into the house, and she begins to walk up through the crowd on the ramp. Halfway up the ramp and the music suddenly dies, and Gretel is talking to the crowd again while it’s totally quiet, meaning that they have highly edited this piece tonight. She says that Constance will walk to the house, meaning we have time to quickly go in and see the house for ourselves…well via the cameraman I spose.

Shane is the cameraman, giving a thumbs up to tell us he’s there, and Gretel will be directing him round the house. Gretel tells him to go up the stairs, which are all white, even the walls and ceiling. Soon as he gets up there, he has to go straight back down stairs to get into the house proper. Turn left when you enter the house and you get the kitchen, which is very reddish. Straight off the kitchen is the bedroom, which has 2 plasma’s in it, and the walls have blue sky and clouds on them. 7 Double beds in the room, also looks like a toilet over in the corner, although Gretel doesn’t mention it (I’m just remembering from the house plan!) Carpet is on the wall directly on the right as you came into the house – Gretel reveals there is a secret behind that. Walk past the carpeted wall and you’ve got the Diary Room. See through door as you enter the DR again, into a foyer which has a very nice looking BB Logo on it. These doors are not seethrough. These open up to reveal a very orangery feel to the DR, Orange chair, orange walls, except for one part of it (directly behind the chair) which is light brown. A lovely water feature greets us as we walk out of the diary room. Gretel tells us that it is luckily placed right near the toilets. Turn right out of the diary room and we hit the bathroom. Same design for the bathroom as last year pretty much, but where you would take a shower, there is a new piece of seethrough glass, but it’s like a chessboard in that it has clear seethrough, then faded seethrough bits. The faded ones actually magnify. Geez, this should be an interesting season! The bathroom is blue this year. Brown wooden door in the corner reveals a sauna of course. Big couch area as you turn right out of the bathroom, followed by a dining room table (of sorts) a little further into the room on the left hand side. On the right of this is the dancefloor still intact from last year. Right next to that is of course a pole, to poledance. We head outside now, Turn directly right outside and we have a red floor, with a barbie and a spa, as well as a heap of chair type cushion things and perhaps a few small tables. Swimming pool is also quite close to the spa, and looks nice as always. Little bit of sand also next to the pool. Over beyond that we have the gym, which is set up on a chess board type floor (black and white). Get a look at the grassed area now to reveal some sport lines drawn on it. Shane of course heads for the secret silver double doors which have appeared over in the corner, but Gretel tells him he can’t go in there. Gretel tells us that beyond that door is a massive secret. We say goodbye to Shane now, and that is the Big Brother house! Moving on, Constance has arrived at the house. Gretel tells us that she must be checked by security, before she is allowed to enter the ‘waiting room’. The waiting room is what they are calling it tonight, Gretel tells us. She heads straight to another door, but that is locked. She realises that she is locked into just one room of the house, so she sits….and waits.

Back to Gretel, and we’re happy to meet our second housemate. She’s very flirty Gretel tells us, as well as getting very angry and defensive when criticised. Roll the clip package. “I wanna cause scandal, I just want to make the chicks intimidated, I wanna make the guys go wild, I just wanna rock the pants of everyone in the house.” I think this chick wants to do a lot of stuff! She looks young. Her name is Christie, she is a receptionist and is 19 years of age. She says she loves to spend money. She would rather hang with the guys rather than the girls. She says that girls often get jealous and start hating her for no reason. She says she is confident with guys, and that if she wants something she’ll just go up and get it. Christie goes onto say she doesn’t think she is bisexual, but the ‘door swings both ways.’ She is definately looking for love in the house. Christie thinks she is the package (Oh dear). She says she has the looks, the personality, the humour and the body. Oh dear again. Christie comes down through the megascreen as housemate number two. She does seem very confident though, saying to Gretel that is wonderful to be here. She says she has no self doubts at all, and asked if she is concerned about whether she will go into the house or not, she says everything happens for a reason. She suddenly lets out “I’m perfect!” OH DEAR. Gretel is speechless and just gives her a hug! Christie tries to explain herself by saying you have to be confident cause you only live once. Gretel likes the answer, and tells her that she is going into the house, so down the ramp she goes. After the break, the next 3 housemates.

We’re back again. Christie is about to enter the waiting room, but first, housemate number three. From Queensland this one, this housemate can be moody, very emotional and always anxious. Roll the clips. “I’m one of these fairytale girls trying to find love, and if it’s in the house, that would be awesome.” Her name is Michelle, she is 24, and a promotions model. She says she likes to look appealing to the opposite sex. She says she won’t hang out with the chick girls. She shows off her best friend for some unknown reason next. She says she will definately be hanging with the stirrers. She’s an athletics champion in the hurdles. She says she is really emotional, probably crys every day. (Geez!) She says if someone confronts her, she’ll take it to a certain point, and then let fly with everything she’s got. She wants fame, fortune, free clothes and hot guys. Michelle is welcomed to the crowd as she comes down the steps. She tells Gretel she is nervous, but so excited. Gretel tries to calm her down by telling her she is going into the house. She of course gets even more excited and nervous. Gretel does reveal and question Michelle about packing 36 pairs of underwear. “You can never have too many.” Good point that! Gretel asks if she is planning on picking up while in the house, and she replies that she would like too. She’s off on the ramp now ready to go into the house.

Back to Gretel and a mysteriously quiet crowd all of a sudden, who tells us that Christie is ready to go into the waiting room and meet the waiting Constance. Christie of course lets out a few squeals, and in typical no nonsense style Constance screams back “We’ve got one room, don’t get too excited!”. I might like this girl after all. Still sitting down, they go through introductions, before Constance points bluntly and says “That’s locked, and thats a toilet.” A minute of useless banter about when Gretel told them they were into the house, before we return to Gretel. Now, onto number 4. Perhaps every housemate is a girl?! Sounds good to me. But no, no way. The next housemate is a highly competitive person who likes to control the environment by manipulating others! This guy sounds good! Roll the clip. “Yeh, I’ll be a manipulator in the house for sure. I’d rather make someone in the house feel sad rather than me feel bored.” Blunt and to the point! His name is Dean, he’s 24, and a sales rep. He says he likes to laugh out loud, speak out loud and likes to speak his mind. He can fit his fist in his mouth. He says he likes to use the age old principle; ‘treat others how you would like to be treated and you’ll always have a smile on your face.’ He describes himself as a bit of joker, but says he doesn’t guard up. All the housemates will know exactly what he’s about if they take the time to get to know him. He says that people who he doesn’t like he doesn’t want near him, thus he’ll vote them out. “I will shower nude.” He says he would prefer people to stir, because if people sit back it would be boring. He doesn’t give a ‘toss’ what people think of him. Dean comes out onto the stagem and says “Unbelievable.” Gretel tells him that he is going into the house,and he is pleased. Gretel reveals that in lockdown he went through 3 tubs of margarine. He says yeh that he’s really healthy. He goes onto say that he’s a chef and uses heaps while cooking. With that, he’s gone down the ramp and off on the adventure of his life.

Dean is gone, and Gretel is back on stage. But she quickly throws us back to the waiting room because Michelle is about to enter it. Introductions first. Michelle and Christie both seem so happy and so “Oh my god” type, while Constance looks sooooo the opposite. Christie tells them of a story with her microphone. They were worried it would weigh the dress down, so they attatched it to her underwear. But then her bum looked huge. They ask all of them if they have boyfriends, to which none of the have. Back to Gretel, who reveals that Dean is attachted at the moment. But moving on. Housemate number 5. This housemate is a girl who is very warm, highly energetic, and likes to be in control. Roll the clip. “I am a happy, honest, down to earth girl.” It’s Kate from WA, a 21 year old, who works in Admin. She says her family think she walks around with rose coloured glasses on. She says while sometimes it can be bad, she does care what others think of her. She hates birds. She likens herself to Margaret Thatcher, in that she provoked a lot of people and stirred alot of anger. Her ambition in life is to be a successfull business woman. She also wants to be on the cover of TIME magazine, saying she wants to be bigger than Trump. She can do ‘noises’. She does a sprinker, pretty good too. She seems nice :) Kate comes onto the stage, and Gretel straightaway says she looks gorgeous. Clearly the best dressed so far, she is in a lovely pure black evening dress. Gretel tells her that she might be going into the house. Kate explains that she just wants to know. Kate then tells Gretel that she looks stunning. Gretel immediately tells her she is going into the house. Kate can’t believe it, asking her to repeat it. Gretel asks her what she wants to achieve by going into the house. Kate repeats the question then says she wants to do so much! Gretel, obviously seeing this is going nowhere, congratulates her and tells her to walk the ramp of fame. Cut now to Dean who enters the waiting room. Constance looks like she hasn’t moved from her seat even for a second. They introduce themselves. Christie tells him to get a drink, then starts rambling on about how they don’t know if the punch is spiked or not yet. Dean says he hopes so. Cut back to Gretel who sends us to the break asking us whether or not one of them could be the imposter.

Welcome back again from the break. 9 Housemates still to enter the house. We’re up to housemate number 6. This person is from NSW, highly emotional and impatient and can be suspicious in relationships. “it’s good to be honest, but anything goes in a game.” A plumber, Logan is 23. He says he is prepared to lie, piss of people, tell them what they want to hear and cheat. He’s confident. He tells us that he stopped playing football because of a serious facial injury. This led him to take up different sports, such as lawn bowls. He regards himself as a bit of a stirrer. “in the house, I’ll be sly, charming and I’ll win the game.” He says that his mum is pretty worried about him going into the house, because she thinks he’ll have sex with someone in the house. With that, Logan comes on stage and is introduced to the crowd. He says he’s excited. He doesn’t know whats going on. He says he’s a good chance of going in. Gretel tells him he is. He says he’ll win the game by being sly. Gretel asks him about love, to which he gives a sly reply, “possibly.”. Now, he’s off to the ramp, and we quickly cross to Kate’s entrance. Again introductions. Constance again is blunt – “we’re locked in this room only.” Someone says it’s just them so far.

Housemate number 7 back with Gretel now. From Victoria, this one is intelligent, emotionally imature and assertive. “One of my life ambitions is to find a very wealthy first husband.” It’s Angela, 29 and works as a company director. She says she is always looking for love. She says she hits on people without meaning too. She says that the guys always get around to eventually asking if she’s single, to which she always replies “I’m between dissapointments.” She reveals her heart has been broken many of times. Her last pash was only recently with a country boy. She says she is happy, as long as she gets her own way. And just to finish, she tells us she’s fabulous. Angela appears on stage and is greeted by none other than Gretel of course. She’s nervous, since January she says. She is relived and excited to be told she is going into the house. Gretel wishes her a wonderful time, and she is off. Just like that. Now back to the meeting room with Logan. Someone says he looks very familar. He tells them he’s 23 years old. Christie asks if he is single, and he says yeh. Dean yells out that he is the odd one out, being attachted. Back to Gretel, who tells us that they need someone from country Victoria. Described as likable, laid back and socially bold. “I spose people think of me as a country redhead hick kind of guy, but I don’t think that I am.” It’s Glenn, he’s 21 and a shearer. He says he had a real fun childhood. He likes Friday nights so he can knock off work, and going to the pub with the boys. He likes to go shooting with the boys also. 3 things that piss him off are blokes who are real smart asses, when the sheep kick him, and real feminist women. A big achievement was to sheer 200 sheep in a day. He thinks he’s smarter than people give him credit for. He thinks he could be a great Australian icon. Glenn comes down the stairs, through the megascreen to the cheering crowd. Gretel asks him if he is lapping it up already, to which he replied “Yeh mate.” Then starts laughing at something in the crowd. Gretel tells him he is going in, so he lets out a ‘cool’, before Gretel tells him he’s a pig, and that he actually cooked bush food in the hotel. He says he did. He says he’s pinging. Off to the ramp he goes. Oh dear….Time for Angela to enter. Logan gives her a wave to the delight of the audience back at the stage. Introductions take place. She goes and gets a water. Back with Gretel now, who reminds us that anyone could be the imposter. Back after the break.

Back to the show, and we are watching Glenn get checked by security before entering the waiting room. Housemate number 9 is from SA. “First thing people say are oh my god, your boobs.” It’s Gianna, she’s 24 and works in customer service. She was a state weightlifting champion. She rides horses and motorcycles. She is a first degree black belt. She says she is actually Lara Croft – ‘the movie was based on me!’. Yeh…She says in the house she’ll bring action and adventure. She tells us that she has had 3 or 4 marriage proposals thus far, and hates it when people are into her and yet she can’t stand them. “i’m not patient, i’m stubborn and too competitive.” She says no one wins arguments against her. Time for her to appear on stage with Gretel. She says hello to everyone. She is 5’10. Gretel asks if she thinks she’s going in, to which Gianna replies “you would be crazy not to have me.” She lets out a scream when Gretel tells her she can go in. She says she is open to the idea of love in the house. Down the ramp she goes. Now back to Glenn, who starts introducing himself. Dean asks if he likes beers, and Glenn replies ‘love um, crack me one.’ Totally stuffs up Constance’s name when meeting her. After introductions he says “I started badly yeh?” It quickly becomes the boys corner- girls corner room, before we throw back to Gretel. Onto housemate number 10. From NSW, this housemate is needy for attention. “I love politics and history and discussion of ideas.” It’s Tim, he’s a journalist and 27. He reveals he never does the washing up. He doesn’t understand people who get bored all the time. He says what would make him happy would be to get rid of John Howard; “He’s making a mess of this place.” He also decides he hates Lleyton Hewitt. The people he finds most annoying are the sexist people, the homophobic people as well as people who only look out for themselves. He knows he hasn’t got super looks, but he is happy and content. He says you do the best with what you’ve got. Tim is cheered on stage via the crowd. He is feeling fantastic. Gretel asks him if he going in, and he thinks so. Gretel finally tells him he is going in, and he cheers. Gretel says that during lockdown he put a towel over his head, jumped over the bed, and said “I am Blade…” OK then….down the ramp he goes, and while he does that, Gianna goes into the waiting room. Dean looks as if he’s just seen the most gorgeous girl ever, but isn’t he taken? They get through the intro’s, and Gretel whisks us back. Housemate number 11 is from Queensland and known as a thinker and a stratergist. “What i bring to the house is unparrelled barbeque skills.” It’s Nelson. He’s a typical aussie bloke, a very simple guy. He says his most prized possession is his thongs. He wouldn’t change Australia for quids, and says that he thinks little Johnny is doing a good job. He likes to fight back. He says he is also an army reservist. People that annoy him are people that can’t relax. Cut back to the stage and we see Nelson coming down the steps and waving to the crowd. He says he has no idea. Gretel tells him he’s not going in. Gretel tells us he didn’t pack much, but he looks nice, so Gretel changes her mind and lets him go in. He’s told to go down the ramp, and meanwhile, Tim is about to wait with the others in the waiting room. He gives one girl a big bear hug, and starts chatting away. Cut back to Gretel, who finally throws us to a comm break.

Back from the break. Housemate number 12 is up next. From NSW, he’s described as warm and loving. “I describe myself as loose, large and loud.” It’s Michael, a 27 year old who works in demolition. He says he is most well known for his laugh. He says he has a dream job, cause he gets to work in a crane and break things and walk around with his bum hanging out. He has a piercing through his nose, which leads his to say that he thinks the piercing makes a lot of people think he’s a thug. He says his Nan thinks he’s great though. He gets on better with girls; ‘they’ve got boobs’. Saying that, he does admit to having more guy friends than girl friends, because ‘girls can be hectic at times.’ He hates bimbos. He needs to wake up and be able to talk to them. Michael comes onto the stage. First thing we hear is his laugh. Gretel tells him straight off he’s going in. They talk about his piercings for a sec, before he too heads down the ramp. Gretel then crosses over to Nelson who walks into the hectic room. Nelson seems shy, going for the handshake with the girls rather than the kiss. He gets the hang of it after a while though. Now, back to Gretel, with number 13. She’s from NSW, and the most dominant of all the housemates. “I believe confrontation is really important.” It’s Geneva, she’s 19 and a bar manager. She is someone people can rely on. Her parents got divorced when she was 10, and took on the motherly role for her sister. She says there is nothing more important to her than her sister. Girls hate her more than boys do. “With me, you never know if I’m going to flirt with the boys or the girls, or both at the same time.” She will showe nude, and get some action in the house. Geneva walks down the steps and onto the stage. She’s very excited to see people. She says she is consense of the fact she might be going home. Gretel tells her when she is going in. She says she is worried for her little sister, who is 15. Up the plank she goes, and back to Gretel we go. Back to the waiting room with Michael entering. He just starts laughing and asks “was that big for you guys? That was huge for me..” Cut back to Gretel, who hopefully has the last one. No, we have to wait till the other side of the break for that one.

Now we’re back. Geneva is entering the waiting room. She almost runs in there. She says she is 19. Christie gets VERY excited by this news. Gretel tells us that Michael was eyeing her off, and apparently they already met through the audition process. She says she could also be making that bit up. Down to the final housemate. He is from WA, described as willful, energetic and an exhibitionist. He says he feels scared about showering naked. It’s HOTDOGS! He’s 27, and a Real Estate Agent. He doesn’t like rules and regulations. He is a bastard to most women. He says his ideal girl is a girl who likes to cook and clean. He does whatever makes him happy. It has been his quest since he saw his first set of boobs, to be the greatest lover ever. And now he comes onto the stage. Gretel starts by asking if they told him outside that he wasn’t going in. He says no they didn’t. “Thats a horrible thing to say!” Gretel changes her mind, and Hotdogs says “they’re letting the dog in the house.” Gretel tells him to watch his behaviour. Before he goes down the ramp, he takes an opportunity to wish his mum a happy mothers day, and that he’ll probably see her in a few weeks ‘no doubt’. Now, everyone is on their way or in the waiting room. So it’s time Gretel suggests for a few rules. They look exactly the same as last year and include the following: No contact with the outside word, constant camera’s and microphones watching all housemates, diary room visits are compulsory, nominations must be made, and give clear reasons, no discussions of nominations, all task are compulsory, no codes and english must be used, no violence allowed, and of course BB’s decision is final, and BB can change the rule whenever he wants. Gretel comes back to use and tells us one of the big secrets this year. Big Brother has changed the rules. Right now there is $1 Million in the kitty. However, at least $5000 will be deducted from the prize pool every time a rule is broken, even a small microphone breach. To put it into an example, last year housemates broke the rules 17 times in one week, $85,000 in one week it could cost them. Gretel tells us that they might not win a cent! Now it’s time for Hotdogs to enter the waiting room. He lets his real name slip within 20 seconds, Simon. I don’t understand why they aren’t using Simon. Back to Gretel, who tells us that security has discovered among other things, a Spiderman suit, handculfs and black tape like Merlin’s. The other side of the break see’s the housemates going into the house proper.

Back with Gretel who is in the control room. She runs through what the room actually does. It’s time now for the housemates to enter the house. BB comes over with his voice for the first time. They exit the way they came, come back almost to where they came, but now turn and in they go. A lot of “OHMYGODS!” Hotdogs runs out to the lawn and starts yelling, saying it’s gonna look stupid, but he promised someone he’d do it. They decide to have a toast. They see a lawnmower. They then check out the exercise equipment. It’s toast time. Tim drags Angela away, and instantly asks her about her first imperssions. She says nothing, and they move onto forming ideas for exercising. Angela wants to do it in the morning. Tim has champagne in one hand, a beer in the other. They say they can then go to the beach! Nelson has pulled Michael away, and tells him in no uncertain terms that he is in charge of the barbecue. BB announces that they can enter the bedroom. 7 double beds in there. They all go outside thinking itÂ’s out there. Nelson finds it first, and instead of telling people, he claims a bed. One guy says “ItÂ’s gonna have to be boy girl” in a bed. Funny guy. You wish. Angela doesnÂ’t know what to do about the beds, so Tim offers to sleep with her. She says thatÂ’s cool, cause he is being like a pretend husband for her. We pull away from the action, and reveal Gretel across the yard, behind a curtain, in what they like to call the “Isolation Room.” Gretel tells us that 15 people will be living under the BB roof, but only 14 in the actual compound. Comm break.

Back again, and Gretel is in the Isolation room. It’s self contained. Housemate number 15 stays here. It has a shower, toilet, fridge etc etc. It even has a TV and a nice lounge chair. The TV Gretel tells us is only for watching DVD’s however. Time to reveal the 15th housemate. He enters, and Gretel pulls off his mask. She says that this is Logan. Logan however, as we can see with the picture in picture mode, is in the house. Gretel tells us that there are 2 Logan’s. His name is Greg, and David is in the house. Gretel reveals that if both David and Greg can successfully swap places at BB’s word for a period of 2 weeks, then they both will be allowed to enter the house as housemates. The first change will be Monday night. Gretel leaves Greg by himself, and we head back to the house, where we see the current Logan (David) talking about high school. Someone asks him about this scars, not believing that they are all from rugby. Tim decides to jump in the pool with all his clothes on. Nelson and Constance are on the couch in the living area, and he suddenly says that someone keeps eyeing him from the dining table. He says she has the hots for him. Nelson says it’s Kate. He is acting half drunk by saying it loudly but saying Shhhhh. To the bedroom we go, where Geneva and Christie are. Geneva says she doesn’t think many people like her. Christie says to just be whoever she is. Christie says she thinks the hottest person is someone in a pink shirt, but not Tim. She thinks itÂ’s Leeroy? OK then. Gianna comes into the bedroom at this point. Back at the bitch session on the sofa, Constance asks Nelson if there is anyone he hates. Nelson says he doesnÂ’t know, but he likes Dean of the guys the most. Nelson however does think Dean is playing the game and holding back. Logan walks into the room, and Christie starts cracking up. OK. Obviously he is the guy in the pink shirt that they were talking about earlier. She finally asks him his name again. She tells him he thought he was Leeroy. He says heÂ’s from Wagga originally. He says he left the country at 14. He likes going back every now and then. Back to the couch. Constance says that she has tried to talk to the girls, but they wonÂ’t talk to her. Comm break.

Back and everyone is in the bedroom. Dean says to someone that he bets they can’t skull another drink. Kate immediately launches into Dean saying “Don’t! You bullied.” They talk back and forth about the definition of peer pressure. Dean seems to be waiting for it from Kate, but Kate just wants to give examples, and not define it. Finally, she asks Constance is she felt pressured. Constance says no, and thus Kate loses the argument. BB interrupts and calls all HM’s to the lounge IMMEDIATELY. We cut to Gretel who is in the diary room. She tells us that tomorrow night there will be a swap live tomorrow night for Dave and Greg.

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