Day 72

10:01am: Ryan is lifting some weights. Paul is marking the evictions onto the housemates calender. He marks an A and a M for the latest evictees. Trevor watches on. Ryan joins them as Paul works away with the chisel type instrument. Trev heads to the kitchen, where Catherine and Bree are talking about how shocked Ashalea was at getting evicted the previous evening. Cath says she was shocked too. Bree says that the eviction of Ash was the most unexpected of the lot so far. Bree says that she obviously didn’t prepare herself to go at all. All 3 say they prepare themselves every week they are nominated.

Big Brother calls all housemates to the diary room. Trevor hopes it’s a task. Big Brother instwad turns their attention to a conversation between all housemates the previous evening concerning the fact that one of them would become a millionaire in a few weeks. Big Brother says the conversation steered itself to the direction where all felt it would be better that the money be split 5 ways between remaining housemates. BB then says that housemates should read the house manual, where it is clearly stated that any ‘pact’ between housemates can result in the loss of the prizemoney altogether. Trevor says he has read this rule. BB then tells them to not talk about the prizemoney. Period. As they leave the Diary Room, Bree says “Man…I thought we were getting a task.” Comm break.

7:31pm – We jump straight into the nomination show, where Gretel first chats to the housemates. Gretel talks about the eviction tape Monica left for the group, especially her comments for Ryan. Bree starts cracking up, saying “I just would have done things differently.” Big Brother tells the housemates they are free to leave the living area. They head back to the kitchen, Ryan talking about how they (BB) would have made a huge deal out of the message. Bree says in the kitchen that she almost also added, while talking to Gretel “I hope Joe is there”. She says she meant it in a nice way. Ryan asks if Bree thinks she’s an idiot. Bree says she is an idiot, but she didn’t annoy her. All housemates think that there will be no Joe out there for her after all of this. Trev says that all the while Monica was in the house he was “she’ll be right, he’ll be waiting.”. However, he says after the message, he was more like “Joe won’t be round for long now.” Ryan suggests that perhaps Monica wanted it to be over with. The girls say that she was in love with him though. Bree says that having these thoughts mean that she isn’t in love with Joe at all. Ryan says that there is no way they will hook up after this now. Trev and Paul try to bait Bree, suggesting that she hates Monica because she stole Ryan from her. Bree plays along with the joke. “I’m in love with Frysie!” A moment of silence hangs over the kitchen table, before the girls look at each other and crack up. Ryan says to Bree that as soon as Monica left, she has launched into Monica and stated quite clearly that she didn’t like her. Bree says that in her defence, it’s only because Monica told the group as a whole she didn’t have much time for Bree. Bree goes onto say if Monica had kept her mouth shut, she would never have said a bad word against her. Bree goes onto say that last night was weird, and took things to a whole new level. Ryan gets the last word on the matter though, saying ‘last night was stupid.’ Comm break.

8:29pm – Housemate are back on the couch for the nominations. BB does his thing, revealing Paul, Ryan and Catherine are up for eviction. Bree can’t believe she has the week off. Trev sits there with his mouth open. Ryan heads to the kitchen to have a few beers. Bree starts pacing around the bathroom. Paul enters the kitchen and says to Ryan “One of the boys might be leaving.” Ryan says “Yeh, I think they might be.” Back to Bree in the bathroom still pacing. Ryan comes in and says “You can’t believe it can ya?” Paul calls out from the bedroom “Your a stayer Bree.” Catherine emerges from the toilet. Paul and Ryan then use both toilets. Bree tells Cath she’s been walking around the whole time she was in there, saying “It’s a huge thing to know you’ve got another two weeks in here when the group is so small.” Trevor is by himself in the kitchen, before Ryan comes over. Trev tells him he thought it was going to be all the boys. Ryan says he’s up against two biggies. Bree tells Cath in the bedroom “You better not go on Sunday, I’ll be coming out to drag you back in here!” Bree asks Trevor if he realises that he has never been nominated by his housemates. Trev says “I like that!” Trev tells the girls “Even Ryan’s worried.” Cath says that Ryan has gone really quiet. Over in the bathroom, Ryan says to Paul “We could have a week to go. Wouldn’t that be good?” Paul says “hmmm”. Paul says “You would have to doubt that they would both still be here next Monday.” Bree comes to the diary room. She tells BB she has been laughing and giggling to herself for the last hour, because she is godsmacked at how the last week or so has played out. Bree says she is honoured to have made it at least till the stage where only 8 days are left. Little does Bree know, she’ll be there for up until at least 3 days from the end. She does say however that she feels the final three will be the boys.

11:51pm – Housemates watch their video clip of the song they made over the weekend. They show the whole clip, switching from the videoclip to the housemates laughing watching it. When it ends, they beg for it to be played again. Apparently it was played 3 times into the house.

12:21am – Ryan comes to the diary room. Ryan talks about how he’s realised that as soon as he’s left the house, he get a heap of questions regarding Monica. He says that he was flattered with her comments, but he goes onto say that he was also dissapointed. He says that Monica has the flaw of being ‘brutally honest.’ BB asks if there is anything else. Ryan says “There isn’t. Have a good sleep.” BB replies, “Thankyou Ryan.” Cue credits.

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