Day 66 Uplate

At Midnight when we join the show, housemates are asleep. At 1:24am, Mike decides to roll the tape and give us some earlier footage. We see Ryan playing basketball by himself for a couple of minutes, before Trevor starts moving the outdoor table for some reason. Ryan stops the Basketball, and helps. After the table and chairs are in the new position, the barbecue goes for a bit of a walk too. After that, it’s time to move some pot plants. Bree comes out and wonders what they are doing. Trev says ‘something to do.’ Bree accepts this, but says it’s boring and she goes back to the living room with Ash. Mike cuts in with a comm break at this stage.

When we return to the action, Ryan and Trev have turned the kitchen table around the other way, and so it’s up against the window, and there is heaps of space from the kitchen bench to the table now. Bree and Ashalea are at the table, and so is Trev. Ryan is the waiter, pretending they are at a restaraunt. Bree is trying to order some spaghetti, but she wants it as Penne. Ryan has to go and check if they can do it. The imaginery guy behind the bench gets a “fuck you too” from Ryan. Bree asks for a lot of stuff which is difficult, and Ryan keeps going back to the bench and saying ‘fuck you too’ to the imaginary guy. Might not sound funny, but it is! Trev, down the other side of the table, then asks ‘are these cups bottomless.’ Ryan says sure are, but then says for 50 cents more, he can get the large instead of medium. Absolute classic! Trev and Ryan say the furniture will give them something to do in the morning , moving it back. Also they want to see the reaction of the other housemates. Comm break.

Krystal has been on the show tonight. She has revealed she’ll be selling the car, and putting it with the first home buyer’s grant she’ll get the deposit for a nice home. She plans to go back to Tafe to get her way into the police force in the future.

Where’s Warren,

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