Day 66 Uplate

At Midnight when we join the show, housemates are asleep. At 1:24am, Mike decides to roll the tape and give us some earlier footage. We see Ryan playing basketball by himself for a couple of minutes, before Trevor starts moving the outdoor table for some reason. Ryan stops the Basketball, and helps. After the table and chairs are in the new position, the barbecue goes for a bit of a walk too. After that, it’s time to move some pot plants. Bree comes out and wonders what they are doing. Trev says ‘something to do.’ Bree accepts this, but says it’s boring and she goes back to the living room with Ash. Mike cuts in with a comm break at this stage.

When we return to the action, Ryan and Trev have turned the kitchen table around the other way, and so it’s up against the window, and there is heaps of space from the kitchen bench to the table now. Bree and Ashalea are at the table, and so is Trev. Ryan is the waiter, pretending they are at a restaraunt. Bree is trying to order some spaghetti, but she wants it as Penne. Ryan has to go and check if they can do it. The imaginery guy behind the bench gets a “fuck you too” from Ryan. Bree asks for a lot of stuff which is difficult, and Ryan keeps going back to the bench and saying ‘fuck you too’ to the imaginary guy. Might not sound funny, but it is! Trev, down the other side of the table, then asks ‘are these cups bottomless.’ Ryan says sure are, but then says for 50 cents more, he can get the large instead of medium. Absolute classic! Trev and Ryan say the furniture will give them something to do in the morning , moving it back. Also they want to see the reaction of the other housemates. Comm break.

Krystal has been on the show tonight. She has revealed she’ll be selling the car, and putting it with the first home buyer’s grant she’ll get the deposit for a nice home. She plans to go back to Tafe to get her way into the police force in the future.

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Day 60 Uplate

We cross to the house straight away tonight and first thing we hear is Wes saying “….is fucking gay”. Interesting! Most laugh, Ryan says “thats a bit harsh Wes!” Bree says “Wes!” Wes can’t believe he said it either. They all have a laugh about it. Paul says he has heaps of surfing friends who are gay. Ryan asks how many, and Paul says 10. Ryan says he has a few, so does Bree. Ryan says “I’m not gay, but I’ve kissed a guy that was.” All are in bed waiting for the lights to turn off. Paul wonders how long the batteries last for. Not one minute later, Ash enquires about the same thing lol. Reggie is in the studio tonight with Mike, and he says that Ash has had a few arguments with people today. Bree and Ash said that they think that Monica has changed a bit since last night. When we return to the house, they are all saying goodnight to each other. 3 minutes later, Ash says “Who farted!?” Everyone says not me, but Wes doesn’t, so Bree says “oh Wes..”. Wes says “I think that Metamucil is cutting in”. Silence for a few minutes, before Mike comes back. Uplate update. Mike does a magic trick, then an Uplate update. Seeing all housemates are asleep, that’ll do it for tonight.

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Day 58 Uplate

Mike welcomes us to the show tonight. He introduces Kelly and Axel straight away into the show, from Australian Idol. He says “at least someone’s awake”, so it looks like a boring show. Finally into the house we go, they are awake. Looking as if it’s time to bed though. Ryan can’t believe that girls wear their hair up to bed. He thinks it would be uncomfortable. Ash asks if Ryan’s mum will buy him some new underpants when he gets out. Ryan says for sure. He says “$7.95 at Target, a 10 pack! Also throw in some singlets as well.” They just start saying some saying over and over again in a weird, deep voice. Well Trev and Ryan basically. Ash says Kane was great at it. Mike cuts in soon after and talks to the guests about their lives.

We get back to the room, and Violetta asks who wants to go this weekend. They all say they want to stay. Trev wouldn’t mind going. Violetta says it’s killing her not knowing what goes on in the outside world. Ash asks if Trev’s girl will be flown up. Trev says she lives half an hour away by car, but BB might get her a helicopter to fly up in, or send her to Brisbane so she can catch a plane. Ash laughs, then ask Wes. Wes says it takes his family 40 minutes by car to get here. Bree says to Trev that he won’t be going judging by the sign last night they saw in the crowd. Trev says ‘nah’, he paid a kid to have it there every week. He says he made the sign himself! Ash ask Trev if he has a photo of his mum, she hasn’t seen it for ages she reckons. Trev says “she’s hard to spot, she’s the black one in the middle of all the white people.” Ash then tells the house twice she needs to go to the toilet. Trev asks BB to turn the lights out so she can scare Ash, but BB doesn’t oblige. Ash brings up about how she was a cheerleader for Perth Wildcats. Bree and Trev didn’t know who she did it for. Mike pulls us away for an uplate update, then a comm break.

Someone wins the first lot of cash for the night. Then game two is commenced. Back to the house, Violetta is doing a battery change. Trev tells her to lick the old microphone. Ash also eggs her on. She finally agrees, and they both crack up. Violetta hits Trev and takes the batteries back. Ash and Trev continue to laugh for a minute, before just sitting in bed looking at their photos. That lasts till Mike cuts in, lets Axel and Kelly say goodbye, and cut to a break.

12:29am – Mike welcomes us back. He goes through the brainteaser, and gives the clue. Lights are out finally in the house. They run the first part of the interview with Kane. After that, an uplate update. Comm break time and that’ll do for the night seeing everyone is asleep.

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Day 55 Uplate

Intruder Night!

Credit’s roll at 12:04am. Mike welcomes us to the show tonight, promising that the show will be huge tonight. Reggie is around again for another night as well. He goes through the first brainteaser for the night. They seem to be playing truth or dare. Ash selects Truth. Kane asks if Merlin was attractive in her eyes. She says that she did think he was attractive, but she thought his personality wasn’t for her. She said that she wouldn’t have been able to talk to about many things. Ash turn now. She asks Ryan a truth. “Who would you go out on a date with out of all the females in the house, and what would be your first question.” He finally settles on Monica (it was out of Monica and Krystal), and he would say to her “You’ve got great Corn Beef.” Ryan goes to ask Violetta a question now. She chooses a truth. Ryan simply asks her if she could see herself staying with her man for the rest of her life. She says she could, because he puts up with a lot of crap. She says that she is unsure however, because everything in the future is unpredictable, saying that she was in love with her previous boyfriend. They get onto her heritage, and that it’s Macedonian. Ryan asks a coded question; “Would it be fair to say the Macedonian nightlife is really happening tonight.” Obviously there are trying to gage whether Igor mania is around. She won’t answer though. Now Mike cuts in, Reggie thinks Violetta is a bit of a firery housemate, but likes her. Gives the clue for the brainteaser. Back to the house. We go back to Wesley stating that his girl is the one for him. He thinks he will marry her, but not for 3-5 years. Paul says thats enough and to move on. Wes turns to Ash. He asks her if her boyfriend had cheated on her, what would she do. She says she would dump him quicker than anything. Ash goes onto Kane. She asks him if he had to sacrifice his relationship with Cindy, who would he get it onto with someone in the house, who would he choose. He says he would choose Ash! She gets embarassed. She keeps going on about it for a good 4 minutes. Kane finally turns to Catherine, and asks her to relive her last sexual encounter. She says she had invited a guy in for a coffee after a date, and then they were sitting at her ‘breakfast’ bar, but at this stage she decides not to proceed, only to say “and then we had sex.” At this stage, Bree and Monica come back into the kitchen. Don’t know what they were doing, but they seem to be getting on well. Mike cuts in and we’re off to our first comm break of the night.

Back from the break, Reggie says that Monica and Ryan won’t get it on. She says she is high maintenence. “You can tell just by her teeth.” Someone wins the first cash of the night. Set up the second game, and give the clue right from the start. We go back toeh house, where Bree blurts out rather loudly to Violetta “you will never meet nicer guys than those in here.” Ryan is upto truth and dare, and asks Bree. Bree says Truth. Ryan asks her that if when she got out, her old boyfriend, Dom, came to her and said take away all the shit that has happened between us, I’ll be more of a nice guy, I won’t go out as much, would you take him back. She thinks about it a fair bit. All the housemates know more than we do about it, Dom hasn’t been the best boyfriend in the past by the sound of it. They are all telling her to say no. But she says “Honestly….Yes.” Awwww. Mike cuts in, and we cut to a break.

12:50am – Back to the house. Violetta is talking about previous BB series. She said after watching BB the first time, she told her man that she wanted to apply. Her boyfriend said that it would be wrong. She says she applied for BB3 and got a fair way, but not all the way. She says no one can keep her in line, even her family can’t control her. She says it’s a challenge to her to try to keep the rules in the house. Kane is in the bedroom, and most go to check on him. Paul tells him to get back up. Rootman is alive and well again! He explains to the intruders that when people say things like “Who do I have to root to get a beer/taxi etc”, he is the person to root. Thus Rootman. He and Trev go through Monica’s clothes. They like them a lot. Monica is confused as to why BB didn’t give her the pajama top though. Comm break.

1:03am – Alicia is the next one to win some cash. They start the next, third brainteaser. Gives the clue straight away again. Back to the house now. All the guys have their costume on now. Was Wes ever a superhero? He’s still at the table in normal attire. Actually it might only be Trev and Ryan in costume! We’re in the kitchen by the way. Cath, Monica and Wes are talking at the table. Cross back to the house proper. Bree and Ash are putting costumes on too! Violetta asks why they are doing it. Bree says it what they do when they get pissed. Ravegirl is almost ready to re enter the kitchen. Kane is still on the bed. Ryan has borrowed Monica’s wig. He loves it. It’s a light brown colour. Paul is eating Raw cabbage on toast. Yuk. Ravegirl enters the kitchen! Wes trys the wig on now. Ryan says he looks like a poof. Bree asks Paul if he’s eating cabbage on toast! Ryan tells the others that Kane isn’t tired, but he says he was spinning out a bit and needs to lie down. Comm break.

1:16am – Uplate update. Get to the house, and the superhero “Maltese Milf” enters, aka Cath. She explains to Monica about the Olympic task last week and how she and Terri kept getting National Anthems confused. Ryan is licking the last of the margarine in the tub, while having bread and butter. Trev says three or four times “rootman, there’s two bucks on the ground there!” It’s aimed for him to bend over and show his crack. He does it a few times to great applause. Comm break.

1:29am – Diana wins the next $1000 of the night. Last chance for the week to win cash now, as they start the last one. Bree is back to Bree in the kitchen. She, Paul and Violetta are talking about how BB can be boring. Bree says she can go to the DR and have the biggest D&M, and he will just go “is there anything else.” Violetta doesn’t like that. We cross to the bedroom, where Trev, Ryan and Ash are seeing if Kano is alright. Back to the kitchen though, Bree speculates that they will be immune from eviction, but wonders if they will nominate. Bree says thats what she loves about this place. She loves that anything can happen at any time. They go back and say that Gretel came earlier this week. Bree says she can say now that this week has been boring until tonight. Bree tells the new girls that some of the guys stole all their makeup at one point. Mike comes on and gives the clue for the last brainteaser, then cuts to a break.

1:42am – Mike goes through the brainteaser one last time. Uplate update now. They are talking about how this week they haven’t really been on staples this week because they have had leftovers from previous weeks. But this coming week they have nothing but staples. Bree says the task was never ‘passable’ however. She ask Monica what the time is. She says she came in at 8:25pm, and so she reckons it’s about 11pm now. LOL. Yeh she would be really good at the task. They talk about what is on ths shopping list. Mike comes on and gives us the VBB question for the day. Comm break.

1:55am – Mike gives VBB players a random task. Answer is Reggie. James from Vic is the last winner of the night. 4 Vic winners for the night. He wins the cash. Almost time to say goodnight. The last Uplate update for the night. We go back to the kitchen for a minute. They are trying to convince Trevor to sing, but he’s not into it tonight. Thats it, Dreamworld says goodnight at 2:04am.

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Day 53 Uplate

Mike welcomes us to the show, starts off with the usual stuff. Still only 4 people know the secret. We finally cross over to the house. Cath reckons it’s half past 12. Paul agrees saying it’s near midnight. Current time is actually 11:37pm. Ryan is watching Paul and Catherine who are on duty for the task. We cut to the kitchen and Ash and Bree are trying to find something nice to eat. They can’t. They talk about eating some rice. They look back to the house to see Ryan dancing, but Mike cuts away so we don’t see it. He starts the first brain teaser. The task is that they have a clock in the house, which doesn’t work. Whenever BB asks for a time check, they must be within a 10 minute window. BB told them the correct time when they started the task. Back to the house, with Ryan, Trev, Paul and Catherine in the living area. Ryan is dissapointed he showed a cigarette trick to people in the house. Ryan asks Paul if he fishes. He says he has rods, but doesn’t ever go. He can’t sit there unless their biting. Ryan says he’s the same. They realise the girls are eating the last of the fried rice. Ryan complains about the oil in the food. They say it’s good for the bowels though. Ryan says nothing comes out in here. They say it’s because of the bread. No fibre in it or something. Paul says he didn’t eat any bread today. It seems that Wes and Kane are in bed. Ryan reckons he has lost weight. Everyone else thinks they have put some on. Ryan decides to go to the diary room. Paul jokes to ask BB for a time check. He reckons it must be quarter past 12 by now. It’s 11:48pm. Paul sits on the couch and calculates how much food they need to keep. He and Cath talk about what they’ve eaten today. They realise Wes has snuck off to bed. Mike tells us about the brain teaser, then back to the house. They go back to talking about how many times they sit on the chair a day (toilet). Lovely chat. Bree joins Paul and Cath, with Ryan and Ash around with Trev saying that they haven’t been purely on staples this week because they had nice food left over from weeks past. They think next week will be a killer. Ryan starts talking about what he eats away from the BB house. He eats a heap. Ash can’t believe it. Ryan says he doesn’t eat a heap of Macca’s. But he will eat and still geel like more just after he’s eaten it, but half an hour later, the stomach feels terrible. Paul and Cath think it must be 20 past 12. Ryan suggests everyone goes to bed, but then realise two people must be there all the time. Mike cuts in again, and we go to a comm break.

12:07am – Rhonda wins the first cash of the night. Second game starts. Back to the house. Think they are talking about Survivor now. They reckon it’s about half past 12. Wes is up! They wonder if BB would have a seperate account for electricity or whether Dreamworld would pay it. They set it up so they can all hang around in the living room together. Mike cuts in, tells us the clue. Back after the break.

12:20am – Bree, Trev and Ryan are in the kitchen. Think Ash is there too. Ryan is eating away. They are wondering how long that only 4 will know the secret. Ryan starts talking about his flatmate. He sees a fair bit of him, he has become friends with the blokes at the footy club, and he seems to have a different girl home every Sat night-Sun morning. Ryan doesn’t mind though! Bree wonders if Ryan has a spare room! We cut back to the clock watchers. Wes decides to go back to bed, while Paul and Cath continue to sit in silence. Comm break.

12:33am – Leslie wins the second round of cash. Oh no, actually she has hung up LOL. They are going to try to get her back. Back to the house, because BB is about to ask for a time check. Paul and Cath are talking about the cuckoo clocks. Cath says she gets used to it, but if someone stays over they wonder how the hell they can sleep through it. Mike comes back cause Leslie is back on the line. She wins the cash this time round. Game three commences. Back to the house, it’s time for a time check! They decide that they will go for 1am. Only 20 minutes out. They lose! Paul, Wes and Cath go off to bed, leaving Ryan and Bree to take over. Trev is around to keep them company. Ryan says that he lost his mates $800 digital camera just before he came into the house. His mate was really good about it though, saying he liked a $400 one and just to get him that. Comm break.

12:46am – Brain teaser time, well the clue anyway. Uplate update. Cut back to the house. Bree wonders how often Ryan takes girls out on dates. He says hardly ever. He says since he’s been back in Adelaide, 2 and a half years, he’s been on a handful of dates but no one has ever been serious. Bree reveals that her first date ever was only a month before she came into the BB house. She says it went downhill when Bree ordered a vodka and the guy stuck with Coke. Comm break.

12:57am – Someone wins the third lot of cash. Last game starts up. Back to the house now. Bree is explaining how she went out with this guy for only a couple of ‘minutes’, and she thought he was mature, but then realised he was that up himself he wasn’t for her. Mike cuts in very quickly though and we go to another uplate update. Comm break.

Awesome conversation in the house between Ryan, Trev and Bree. Trev is saying that his mum doesn’t drink, and when they get blind, her mum used to take care of them and put his friends in the livingroom and tell them that they ‘will pay for getting drunk in the morning!’ Ryan says his folks like brandy. When he goes to visit, he often joins them drinking that. At Christmas, he says he’ll have a few beers, but his folks would have never seen him acting like ‘rootman’ or anything like that. Bree also agrees, saying that they will have never seen her like she has been when drunk. Bree’s mum has recently seperated from her husband of 35 years, and while Bree says that she has got her sense of humour back, she is heartbroken. Ryan asks why they split up, but she doesn’t want to talk about it in there. She says she’ll tell him one day. Ryan asks if she saw it coming. Bree says no. Mike cuts us away for a comm break.

1:25am – Natalie is the last winner of the cash for the night. Back to the house. They are talking about how they had the plan to try to get the other housemates to think that Bree and Ryan were really keen on each other. Trev says he totally had Cath. Even afterwards, she kept saying to Bree ‘you would be happy with each other.’ Ryan says she said that to him too. Trev kept stiring her saying “You never know Cath, after a few drinks!” Priceless! Uplate update though now. Then he reads out some emails. Ooah thats it actually. Goodnight Mike & gang.

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Day 46 Uplate

After Mike preaches the usual, we’re into Up Late for a Wednesday night. Ash, Terri and Bree are doing neck exercises. They go for quite a while. Ash gets bored and goes over to Ryan, who is walking around the living area playing with his gymnastics thing he used in the mini task today. Ash decides to go over and get something to eat. Wes, Paul and Kane are over there. Paul is making Wes a pizza. Apparently Paul and Ryan had a little argument earlier this evening. Ryan comes over and tries to steal the Pizza that Paul is making – he has no hope though. Paul and Ryan are saying how much they love each other. Wes says he tried to help them sort their argument out earlier, and simply got yelled at himself!

Back to the girls, Cath has joined them. They are talking. They are saying that they have to save the cleanses for special occassions. They seem to have a fair few of them. Bree is going to bed, and Terri looks like she is doing the same. Bree needs to go and get some water. Ohhh, Terri’s anthem plays into the house. Good timing that! She easily makes it on time. Paul didn’t even bother leaving the kitchen. Bree hasn’t gone to bed yet! Paul is dishing out little bits of Pizza for everyone, well the girls at least. Catherine is in the kitchen now and says goodnight to everyone. Bree interrupts everyone and says that she is filling a bottle of water up in case she needs to pour water onto someone tonight to wake them up for the task. Wesley says that he’s got another 3 or 4 hours left in him. Paul agrees. Wes suggests they need another 6 pack. Ryan says nah, save it for Friday night. Ryan goes to bed now. Ash is saying in the bedroom how her boyfriend didn’t now she was going on BB, but had an idea. Ash never told him, she said she was going somewhere for the weekend. Cut back to the kitchen, Wes reckons it’s about midnight, and the start of the late night crew ‘represent!’. They say poor Merls has gone. Wes says if they had a bit of Vodka and rum etc, they could stay up till the cows get up. Mike cuts in and we head to the first comm break of the night.

12:10am – Mike gives someone the first cash of the night. Second game is started. Bree is talking about how she reckons she has put on a bit of weight since she has been in the house. She says that her mum told her not to eat the bread in the house, but because the gym is there, she has been able to eat bread and do exercise to burn it off. She also talks about her hair. It used to be straight, and went curly at age 18. She says she used to not eat much at all. She would wake up at 11 or so (work till 1am) and then not eat lunch till about 2pm and then go to work at 4. Since she has stopped smoking, she says she has a heaps bigger appetite. In the middle of this, we cut to Wes, Paul and Ryan, trying to talk in code, but I don’t understand at all. Wes is confused as well, then gets it, but Paul, who did understand, is confused after Ryan’s latest code word. Ryan says goodnight to the guys and leaves the kitchen. Comm break.

12:24am – Mike gives us a clue that everyone might be doing the olympic task very soon. He also hints that they have already failed the task. Cut to the kitchen, Wes and Paul still up. Wes is saying that he got along with Igor fine. They talk about why Paul got a bit heated this evening. He said he told BB he didn’t want to do it and something like that, and BB accepted that. I have no idea what the heck they are talking about actually. They decide to head over to bed. The Olympic task will soon wake everyone up though no doubt :) In the bedroom, Kane is talking to Ryan about how JJJ play music, then the mainstream stations get on board with it. It shits him. Comm break.

12:37am – Someone wins the second $1000. 3rd teaser goes up. Mike again tells us that music could be beamed into the house at any moment. Everyone is almost in bed. Terri is over talking to Ryan and Kane, but Paul is telling her to come back and talk to him. She eventually does when Ryan and Kane start singing something she doesn’t understand. When she gets into bed, Paul reckons BB should play Chariots of Fire (the song where everyone must get up.) He says he would be first ready. Terri reckons she could beat him. They say that BB will play it for sure now. But they don’t before the break, after Mike says some rubbish.

12:50am – Emails, then uplate update. We return to the house to see the end of a Terri – Paul playfight. Terri, while chucking a cushion at him in bed, knocked down the photo’s of Pauls family. Thats a no no! Paul says that if she ever does it again, she’ll be in the pool. Terri says that if she was going in, he couldn’t chuck her in without him going in as well. There seems to be water everywhere also. Terri must have squirted it at him. Terri changes out of her black night gear, into a dry red one. Comm break.

1:03am – Veronica wins the cash. Uplate update. Back to the house, the lights are out now. Terri and Paul are having an argument about how many words are in a sentence. Paul says she said “I am”, while Terri insists she said “I’m”. Kane and Ryan start saying ‘build a bridge’ to try to get them to get over it, and Paul joins in. Terri gets a bit peeved, and Kane goes on to say “Build a f***ing tunnel, just get over it!” All goes quiet, although 2 minutes later, Paul laughs again. Comm break.

1:16am – Anna wins the cash. Although it was strange. They didn’t even give a clue after the first time showing it after the last caller. Oh well, not gonna leave sleep over it! Now, we’re about to get everyone up. But before, another uplate update. Alright, here we go. Will Terri or Paul get to the podium first? They lie…they lie!!! Instead of going back to the house, we get an Uncut clip…but it was the Rootman adventures, and seeing I haven’t watched Uncut, I’m happy! Comm break.

1:29am – Mike’s chair collapses or something. Missed it. Now, Mike again tells us that we are gonna get some action very soon. Damn well hurry up people! Here we go! Terri beats Paul, because he gets out there and forgets his hat. Ash puts her tracksuit top on backwards. Only about 3 or 4 make it in time they reckon. Bree is last. They had to fail that one. They all reckon they have failed the task. As soon as it’s over, Mike says goodnight. Seems silly that they waited so long, because I’m sure they would still be talking at the moment. Oh well.

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