Day 58 Uplate

Mike welcomes us to the show tonight. He introduces Kelly and Axel straight away into the show, from Australian Idol. He says “at least someone’s awake”, so it looks like a boring show. Finally into the house we go, they are awake. Looking as if it’s time to bed though. Ryan can’t believe that girls wear their hair up to bed. He thinks it would be uncomfortable. Ash asks if Ryan’s mum will buy him some new underpants when he gets out. Ryan says for sure. He says “$7.95 at Target, a 10 pack! Also throw in some singlets as well.” They just start saying some saying over and over again in a weird, deep voice. Well Trev and Ryan basically. Ash says Kane was great at it. Mike cuts in soon after and talks to the guests about their lives.

We get back to the room, and Violetta asks who wants to go this weekend. They all say they want to stay. Trev wouldn’t mind going. Violetta says it’s killing her not knowing what goes on in the outside world. Ash asks if Trev’s girl will be flown up. Trev says she lives half an hour away by car, but BB might get her a helicopter to fly up in, or send her to Brisbane so she can catch a plane. Ash laughs, then ask Wes. Wes says it takes his family 40 minutes by car to get here. Bree says to Trev that he won’t be going judging by the sign last night they saw in the crowd. Trev says ‘nah’, he paid a kid to have it there every week. He says he made the sign himself! Ash ask Trev if he has a photo of his mum, she hasn’t seen it for ages she reckons. Trev says “she’s hard to spot, she’s the black one in the middle of all the white people.” Ash then tells the house twice she needs to go to the toilet. Trev asks BB to turn the lights out so she can scare Ash, but BB doesn’t oblige. Ash brings up about how she was a cheerleader for Perth Wildcats. Bree and Trev didn’t know who she did it for. Mike pulls us away for an uplate update, then a comm break.

Someone wins the first lot of cash for the night. Then game two is commenced. Back to the house, Violetta is doing a battery change. Trev tells her to lick the old microphone. Ash also eggs her on. She finally agrees, and they both crack up. Violetta hits Trev and takes the batteries back. Ash and Trev continue to laugh for a minute, before just sitting in bed looking at their photos. That lasts till Mike cuts in, lets Axel and Kelly say goodbye, and cut to a break.

12:29am – Mike welcomes us back. He goes through the brainteaser, and gives the clue. Lights are out finally in the house. They run the first part of the interview with Kane. After that, an uplate update. Comm break time and that’ll do for the night seeing everyone is asleep.

Where’s Warren?

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