Day 50

9.18am – The housemates are living on leftovers and basic provisions this week after they lost 100% of their shopping budget in the last task. Paul is commenting that they should make coffee flavoured stew to keep things going. Cath and Paul discuss tonight’s eviction.. Paul explains that at first he only planned to be in the house for the first few weeks, but is now happy to stay.

Wesley and Ash are getting up, asking each other how they slept. Cath comes over and gives Ash a big tackle hug. Wes asks for one too and Cath climbs onto his bed.

11.15am – Kane is going for a swim while the rest of the housemates get on with their boring sunbathing. Bree and Trevor are making bread in the kitchen and discuss food rationing – each housemate can only have one tomato for the week(?). Bree admits she hopes she survives eviction tonight, and would like a week off nominations.

Bree has found some fanta left in the fridge – they finsih it off without the other housemates knowing. Trevor gets rid of the evidence by trying to take the bottle inside, but is interupted by Ryan who enters the kitchen. Bree starts to laugh, but hides it. Ryan says he saw them sneak the last of the soft drink, and asks if there’s any more. He tells them to think about the other housemates.

Kane and Wes are talking eviction. They try to keep a positive spin… well Wesley does “the sun is shining and its great to be alive”… however Paul says a storm is brewing.


The housemates are getting ready for the eviction show. Bree is wondering if her body looks to big in Miriam’s dress that Miriam gave her. The boys still egg her on. Ryan starts to talk about the first time he will be nominated – will take off his shirt and oil up for the show… flexing his muscles and saying “hey take it easy”. Terri says her sheets and towels have been washed and organised – and she has a feeling its one of the girls who will be evicted.

8.06pm – It’s time to go… Terri. Ash looks really shocked, and gives her a hug “baby doll”. The housemates walk outside without her! Bree gets Terri’s face print in their pin toy. As the doors open, Terri jumps around in excitement, screaming.

After Terri leaves, Bree says “I can’t believe I’m here!” and begins hugging the housemates. “I was so ready to go”. Paul makes raspberry noises.

The HMs talk about how pumped Terri was to leave the house. Ash can’t believe she’s gone. The other girls say it’s like a dream to still be in the house. The divide in sexes is more obvious now than ever.


8.12pm – Bree has now notices there is a vacancy in nominations because Terri has been up every week. She says it can’t be Terri, so more people are going to be nominated. Kane says he will be up tomorrow. Bree says it’s more likely. Ryan says Mondays are getting harder and harder. Wes congratulates the surviving girls.

Ash is happy about being able to sleep in her BB bed again. Paul notices the space in the bedroom. He doesn’t know whether to move or move beds together or what. The girls tell him to move them together – but some beds have lights on them and can’t be moved. Paul eyes Terri’s clean sheets.

Ash doesn’t know who’s going to do her hair before eviction shows now – Bree doesn’t know who she will borrow makeup from.

9.44pm – Terri’s goodbye message. “first person along is chicken – to me you’re a really good buddy and um, I’ve just.. we’ve had some really good times and especially times I’ve felt worse you’ve been a good friend. You don’t realise how good it was to have that friendship in the beggining when I didn’t have that many friends.

Breezy I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you and I’ve left a present under your bed

Geeza? (Kane) The first time I got up for nomination you put your arm around me and it was the right time, perfect timing and I cheerish the thought.

Rysie.. I love to laugh and joke aound and you’re the best one at it and you might not think I’m listening to you when I absolutely kack myself.

This is the best experience I’ve had in my entire life. I’m glad I’ve been able to spend extra weeks in the house. I think we’ve gotten closer as a group.”

Bree goes to find her gift – it’s mascarra – “couldn’t have given me anything better”.


10.03pm – Ryan wants another rio week. Cath and Ash notice Kane has been quiet this morning. Ryan says he thinks Kane is finding nominations a bit hard. While the girls are in the kitchen, Kane walks around the house on his own. The girls are enjoying the last of the shopping.

In the living room Paul comments the HMs are now starting to eat their vegetables – because there’s nothing else! Paul says he will have a big cabbage stew with Trevor – but Ryan doesn’t want it one bit. Ryan jokes that he is the leader and they’re not having cabbage stew.

Meanwhile the girls are having toast and pulling strange faces at each other. They sing “last big of flavour for the week”. Bree says that this week she’s not going to show Paul nominations are killing her. Paul comes in and says “use it up girls, use it up.. I’m all for it”.

Kane is in bed already – awww. He’s looking at a photo of family and friends.

11.50pm – The houseamtes are starting to settle in. Paul finds Terri’s gold medal under his pillow – a gift. He says his kids are going to love it so much.

In the bathroom, trying to get her makeup off, Cath says “it takes ages to get the blackness off” – Trevor is right behind her! They all have a good laugh.

Ryan is in his boxers and jokes about posing on eviction night – Bree leaves the room (possible embarrased!?). Ryan gets into her bed and poses, waiting for her to come back. When she returns everyone starts laughing, with Bree falling to the ground in giggles.

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