Day 19 Uplate

11.57pm – I join Up late with Christie and Gianna on the couch in the living room. Gianna is fanning a fart away from her with a pillow. The girls think the bamboo pots and plants in the house look good. Christie says it’s so funny they put a pole in the house – it’s been great fun. We get some nice pans of the living room. Gianna says on the first night she thought “wow a pole, fun”. Christie asks if Gianna will wear her nurses outfit – she will – they look foward to a friday party. They also wonder what the theme will be for FNL. They joke it would be funny if a theme was doctors and nurses for the party – or Playboy mansion or Austin Powers. The girls are faily silent and look quite tired. Gianna can’t believe she’s the only one in the house from South Australia. There are 4 Sydney people in the house. Gianna says “its not like there are people from each state”. Christie says it’s funny the other housemates talking about nightclubs they have been to.

Mike Goldman jumps in and shows us a cut to the bedroom: Michael is spooning with Geneva. After the ad break Mike Goldman makes a joke about how much the camera men make, and a guy in the background yells out “yeah right!” Haha.

12.06am – Glenn has joined Christie and Gianna on the couch now. Christie is talking about his Dad having a vision while driving a motorcycle, which resulted in a bad accident with an oncoming car. Chrsitie mentions her Dad’s friend was killed before Mike Goldman cuts in with old nominations footage.

12.11am – Gianna is talking about other housemates gossiping about Glenn and Michelle. Gianna says Michelle was talking about various people liking Glenn. The terminology gets very mixed up – quite hard to follow. Basically Michelle said she was jealous because Glenn likes Kate. Gianna: “Michelle likes it that the boys like her, but she doesn’t want anything, she just wants to flirt with them all”. Christie reminds Glenn that Kate likes him – Gianna agrees. They think it will come out tomorrow night if she gets drunk. Kate made headlines yesterday when she showered without a top. Gianna says she’s the only one now who hasn’t showered topless. Christie wonders why Gianna doesn’t just get her tits out – “I reckon you’d have great tits”. Gianna says she doesn’t feel comfortable enough with everyone yet. Christie felt comfortable from day one. Glenn says he’d rather it “were the other way round” – if Michelle like him. Glenn says he will wait and see what happens tomorrow. Christie wonders if Dave likes Michelle.

12.21am – Christie is sick of farting, it’s really taking a lot out of her. Gianna laughs and says “literally”. Gianna is glad we don’t have “smell TV”. They wonder if TV had the power of smell. Glenn says they could share the smell around. Christie reckons Smell TV will be invented soon. Gianna imagines if you were watching porn: “oh smells like porn”… because people sometimes say “smells like sex”. Glenn says its very musky. Christie hates the smell of sex. She says on schoolies she was in a cabin with 4 people and they were like “whats that smell”. Glenn says her schoolies sounds fun – on a cruise. Christie says it was the best cruise she ever had – 2000 people all aged 18 years, all drunk all the time with one thing on their mind. Christie says she was still 17. It cost $1100. The food was amazing and the cruise went for 11 days ($100 a day). She says breakfast and lunch were buffet. There was a tropicana deck with all pizza. There was a 24/7 pizzeria and room service. Gianna never had a schoolies. Christie says sometimes girls on the cruise would get jealous of each other. She was sick for 3 months after the cruise. Gianna has never been on a cruise. Glenn says he’s going on the schoolies cruise with all the young chickees – the girls say he could get away with it being 21. Except after this everyone will know who he is – but that means more chicks. The girls says after this he will get heaps of chicks. He says he doesn’t want heaps he just wants one good one. Gianna says thats what she wants in a guy. Christie just wants to have fun.

Gianna wonders what the range of the microphones are. Apparently the mics cost a couple of grand. She says her mic was being tossed around during FNL. Gianna is looking at the different parts of the mic – one part is made in Germany and one part is made in the US.

12.37am – Christie says she would be lost without her tits(?), and wonders if Glenn would be lost without his balls. He says you don’t get that much enjoyment from your balls, more like your penis. Christie farts right near Glenn. Christie says it doesn’t smell but Glenn takes his chances and holds his nose. Gianna, who is several metres away starts to smell it and fan it with her pillow. Christie giggles. They blame the farts on Yakult drinks. Glenn wonders what BB is trying to do with the Yakult – stink up the house? Gianna says she has them normally because they are a very healthy thing to have. She says at the moment their diets aren’t too good so every thing helps. Gianna loves drinking yogurt. Christie loves drinking alcohol. The all love yogurt and drinking it. Gianna says she always gets a shock in the shower when some one peers in.

12.38am – Christie is talking about her friend doing crazy things, like running naked down the kingsway. Gianna has decided to go to bed now, she says she doesn’t know if she has to get up to do the animals anymore. Glenn doubts it. She hopes to see the animals again before she leaves. She would prefer to think she’s going and be releaved she’s staying later. Christie giggles saying “the future is bright”. Michael is up rummaging in the fridge. Chrsitie says “would you like a beer?”. Michael says he can’t sleep and its caving his fucking head in just lying there. Christie asks if anyone is snoring. Gianna grabs a drink and an orange. (Is it me or is Michael looking a lot more buff now?). Michael joins Christie and Glenn on the couch. Michael talks about how he’d tease his mum about everything. Michael says his mum said their relationship would never be repaired if Michael mentioned she farts. “Sorry mum but you’re a stinker”. Gianna collects her pillows and moves into the bedroom. Michael is cutting an orange and says it’s really bright out in the lounge room. Gianna says tonight they will probably do maintenance tonight – changing bulbs etc. Michael says they might be doing a completely new house. Michael wonders what would happen if the crew came in and said “haha this is a fake house, no one has been watching you”. Christie says it would mentally scar her – Michael would just laugh but he’d need a beer.

12.52am – Christie has been giving Glenn a line from a movie for him to guess “I told you.. I don’t know.. Oh jesus Wayne”. He can’t get it, and asks for another clue. The movie is Strictly Ballroom.

1.01am – Michael is in the bathroom watching his mouth out, and snorting out a lot of phlem (ew!). Christie is trying to find her bed and walks into it, almost falling over. She pulls the sheets and Gianna says “goodnight sweetie”. Michael returns to the bed not long after.

It doesn’t look like anything else is going to happen, apart from daily updates, so I say an early goodnight to Dreamworld.

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