Day 19

2.15am – Gianna and Hotdogs are up waiting for tonight’s task. Hotdogs says he really loves Friday nights (the tasks). Gianna is happy that she’s already won, but if she won again she would choose Hotdogs. Hotdogs says Gianna has already come close twice to win. Hotdogs has a good feeling about this week.

10.09am – Kate is up, and Tim is baking. Kate comments it looks delicious. Michelle explains a dream she had last night. She says it was pathetic – Glenn told her he was in love with Kate. They ask if Michelle has talked to Glenn about it – she won’t. Kate goes on to mention its complicated because no is telling anyone how they feel. They start bitching about Gianna and how she is acting like she’s in high school. Geneva comments Gianna does some very weird stuff. Kate says all she talks about is boys. Kate says she’s so cranky.

Inside the boys nudge Dean to go make the beds, so he does. Alarm sounds so Tim and Glenn run outside. The housemates have yet to use the emergancy stop button on the conveyor yet. They’re having a lot of problems with the task, as usual. Plates, paint, potatoes and potplants all come out – now with Garden Gnomes. Greg says “Good effort”. Tim is covered with paint and it looks like his microphone got wet.


2.44pm – The housemates awake from an afternoon nap to find the spa has a bar across it with a notice. Due to Dean’s poor housework the spa is now off limits to all housemates. Michael grabs the note while Hotdogs says “no, no no”. Dean joins them, not yet sure who is to blame. Hotdogs says “whoever is responsible…”. Gianna says yeah the house is dirty – the whole place is a pigsty. Christie agrees entirely. Back in the house Michelle is saying Dean shouldn’t have to go and clean everything. Hotdogs is playing middleman again saying it’s everyone’s reponsiblity. Michelle says it’s ridiculous Dean has to do everything. Dean is in the bathroom cleaning. Geneva is saying Dean should have done his job but Michael disagrees. Michael says Dean hasn’t been taking his job as seriously as possible but everyone has been trashing the house.

In the bedroom Christie tells Gianna that Michael is pissing her off. She wonders why Michael suddenly has authority over everyone in the house. Christie and Gianna go into the bathroom to shave. Gianna says she’s glad the spa barring has happened so cleaning will finally start happening again. Christie says Michael is being too harsh on everyone cleaning up. Gianna says Michael thinks he’s never wrong and always right. “Just because you’re the biggest doens’t mean you have the biggest brain”. Gianna says if she won FNL again she wonders if it’s possible to give up her award to some one else. Chrsitie says thats stupid – if she’s thinking to do that just for yourself thats ridiculous. Gianna knows if she took Hotdogs in she wouldn’t have as much fun as she would with Chrsitie. They both agree if either of them win they are going into the reward room and not coming out.


6.22pm – Housemates are all over the house, and Big Brother announces the result of this week’s task. They wagered 75% of the budget. A win is $336 to spend. A loss is $48. Punctuality was the key to sucess. On 5 occasions HMs arrived late, therefore you have failed this week’s task. Tim says they had to lose sooner or later. Gianna reminds them fines will be taken out of that $48. Outside Greg has already worked out they won’t get a shopping budget at all next week with the fines. Michael is joking about having no money. They work out they have $18. Dean jokes they get 18 cans of pringles. The girls are worried they won’t even be able to buy toilet paper.

In the bathroom Greg and Tim are talking about doing laps – but Greg isn’t wearing his microphone! $5000 fine, plus shopping fine. Now they have even less off the budget. The housemates stick their head in the bathroom to tell Greg off. In the bedroom Michelle is wrestling all over Glenn on the bed.

8.01pm – The boys are joking about Hotdogs getting with Christie. Hotdogs says none of the girls in the house are up to his standard. Tim says Kate is nice and intelligent, but he admits she is probably out of his league. Hotdogs says he hit the nail on the head. They wonder who Glenn will get with – they all agree MIchelle. In the bedroom Michelle is massaging Glenn and Greg is massaging Chrsitie. They ask Glenn what he would do on a first date. – flowers, a few drinks (lounge bar) and dinner.

10.29pm – Geneva and Hotdogs are having a chat on beanbags. Geneva says she’s toey but Hotdogs has never been less sexual in his life. Geneva suddenly leans over and plants a smooch on his lips. Hotdogs says she can’t do that he’s just using him. Hotdogs says if he won FNL he would take Geneva into the reward room because he can chat with her. They look at the nearly-full moon. Hotdogs says Geneva has nice lips.

Later in the night Christie, Glenn and Gianna are on the couch and ask if he likes Michelle. He says he does a little – he likes Michelle and Kate. Gianna says Michelle likes it that the boys like her but she doesn’t want anything more than that. Glen says he would rather it the other way round – with Michelle liking her. Christie says “the grass is always greener”. Outside Geneva says to Hotdogs he has changed a lot since joining the house – he’s a lot more quieter and she likes that better than the other Hotdogs. He seems more real. Inside Gianna leaves Chrsitie and Glenn to check her jeans. Glenn asks Christie what she’d do in his situation – she wouldn’t drive straight into it – act the way you are and see how it goes. Hotdogs says to Geneva having a good friend in here makes it easier – so lets just be good friends and nothing more. Deal.

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