Days 20 and 21

Again we are greeted with a “Previously on Big Brother” segment at the start of the show before the credits, showing the Friday Night Live task, Michelle winning, choosing Kate to share the reward room with her, as well as showing Tim receiving a $5000 fine from Big Brother for poor sportsmanship during the games. Roll credits.

Day 20, 9:04pm: Kate and Michelle are in the reward room commenting how nice the room is while they eat some food provided for them by Big Brother. Michelle says she would have been ‘spewing’ had Gianna won the room again this week. Kate goes on to say that she isn’t ‘her’ kind of girl, because she is smart and yet she plays dumb. Kate says she hates it when people act dumb. Kate gets to her feet to demonstrate to Michelle how Gianna walks the Al-pacha when it needs to be walked. She says that they both are staring at the mirror the whole time they walk around the arena. Out at the dinning room table, Gianna is telling anyone that will listen that she loves ‘sparring against fourth and fifth degree black belts.’ Christie tells Gianna she looks hot. Gianna goes on to say loudly that they both have great boobs. She adds a whispered “and they’re real too” to Christie. Back in the reward room, Kate is saying that she hates it how Christie is always asking her who she likes. She says, that if she was attracted to anyone that it would be Greg. MIchelle says she has found him looking pretty ‘hot’ the past few days, but she wouldn’t try because Christie has claims on him. Back at the table, Christie proposes a toast, and Hotdogs yells out “Here’s to Christie getting nude tonight.” Gianna cuts in and says she’ll get down to her nursing uniform and thats it.

Back in the reward room, Michelle tells Kate that she adores Sheerer, but he’s not her kind of guy. She says it’s got to the point where she needs to tell him. Tim comes to the diary room and apologises to Big Brother for his antics during FNL earlier in the evening. He says that he looks forward to the competition, and that next week he’ll be restraining his temper. BB accepts Tim’s apology.

11:33pm: Gianna is in the bedroom, having just changed into her nurses uniform, saying that ‘they asked me to do it’ repeatedbly. She goes over to the pole and does a quick routine to the delight of the boys. However, soon after, it’s Glenn’s turn and he gets straightt into it with just underwear on. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Michelle can’t believe that Gianna did that. Michelle comes out to the living room with a drink from the reward room, and Gianna says “you can’t come out here with that.” Michelle doesn’t hear, or ignores her, until BB tells both Kate and Michelle to return the drinks to the reward room. It’s now Tim’s turn on the pole, fully clothed however. Back in the Reward Room, Michelle says that Gianna was telling her to get back into the reward room so she could have all the attention.

Outside, Christie has decided to have a swim. Greg comes to tell her to get out. He brings a towel over and then tells her it’s alright and that she can swim if she wants to. She gets out and has a quick pash with him. Greg tells her to put her microphone on, but they can’t find it, so Greg tells her to get back in the pool. At the dinner table, Glenn asks Geneva “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much respect do you have for Gianna.” Geneva says 3, and Glenn says he has “1. I hate her.” Geneva asks how much respect Glenn has for her, and he says about 8. Out at the pool, Greg, who also looks like he has drunk enough, has finally found the mic. Tim comes out to check on Christie. Big Brother then asks her to come to the diary room. Gianna comes in with her. While this is occuring, Glenn and Geneva have a little wrestle and end up on the floor, where they start kissing. In the diary room, BB “insists” that Christie goes and lies down. BB tells them that if she doesn’t, BB will remove all alcohol from the house for everyone. Christie says “yep. Totally agree.”

1:09am: Christie is running across all the beds in the bedroom in her underwear. BB calls her to the diary room again. BB issues her a fine of $5000 because she didn’t follow Big Brother’s instructions. BB says that if she insists with her behaviour, all alcohol will be taken away. Out at the spa, Glenn has jumped in to join Geneva. They start kissing again.

1:51am: Christie is running around the bedroom again. BB yells “Christie, put on some clothes and come to the diary room.” She was wearing underwear. BB locks Christie is the gateway to the diary room in the interest of her safety. Geneva comes to talk to her. She repeatedbly calls BB names that are beeped out. When she finally is allowed back into the diary room, Big Brother awards Christie a strike for abusing Big Brother.

3:48am: Glenn pulls a rug or something over himself and Michelle and pulls her to the ground. They share a kiss under the cover. Michelle says he just pashes whatever he can get. Glenn doesn’t agree, saying he has wanted Michelle since Day 1. Michelle asks if he’s been with Geneva, and he says never. In the bedroom, Greg and Christie share a cuddle in bed. Back in the kitchen, Michelle lets Kate know that Glenn tried to kiss her 3 times, and she kissed him on one occassion. She demonstrates how she kissed him on Kate, and Kate, laughing, says “that was open mouth.” They then go through the difference of a peck and an open mouth kiss, then both start laughing.

Day 21, 11:33am: Christie is on her bed looking sorry for herself. She says sorry to everyone for last night. Dave says she doesn’t have to be sorry. Geneva says it’s alright because she didn’t hurt anyone, and it wasn’t like ‘everyone got strikes.’ Christie is once again called to the diary room. BB says that he would like to talk about last night. Christie says she is completely sorry for the way she acted. She says it won’t happen again. BB tells her that because of her actions last night, BB will now restrict the amount of alcohol that enters the house. BB asks her to inform the other housemates. She comes out to the kitchen and says “oh, he hates me.” She tells Dean, Geneva and David who are standing by about the alcohol restrictions, and Dean says it’s ok.

3:49pm: Gianna is taking the Al-pacha for a walk/run and seems to enjoy it. Michelle and Kate are playing with the other animals. Gianna brings the Al-pacha up close to Kate and scares the crap out of her. Glenn and Michelle leave, and Kate wants to get out too but must walk through the Al-pacha’s pen to get out. She asks Gianna to walk through with her, but then says she might be right. She runs the last bit through and they have a glare at each other and Kate screams a “Ohhh.” She thinks she might have scared it now and feels bad. Kate leaves, and Gianna spends some more time with her new friend, giving it a bit of a hug.

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