Day 17

We get a “previously on Big Brother” tonight, showing all the pranks against Tim in the house. First time I’ve seen BB do this.

8.57am – Christie is up from the lounge, to find Tim is in the kitchen. Tim is ignoring her now. Christie goes back into the bedroom without speaking to Tim, and gets back into her own bed. Tim is making the bread in silent anger. Michael is up now and talking to Tim about the power band in the house – it’s the Twins, Glenn and Michelle without a doubt. Tim says he’s frustrated because of where he sits in the house. Michael has issues with the constantly picking on Tim because he’s small. Tim says he enjoys it? Maybe. Tim says last night it went too far with the milk in his bed. Tim says he’s going to pull the moral highground tactic today and make everyone feel bad. BB calls housemates outside, where a packing machine has been set up with conveyor belts.

The factory floor packing plant recieves goods 24 hours a day and housemates must take shifts packing gear that comes from the conveyor belts into crates. The conveyor belts a linked to the outside. The housemate decide to bet 75% on the task based on a majority vote. They then go on to team up Michael and Kate. Michelle and Hotdogs (no making out on the job). Tim is up and Dave says sorry about last night. Tim says it should stop because Christie was being used. The other HMs say it was her idea. Meanwhile inside Christie is telling Gianna Tim made her feel so degraded last night. Outside Greg says they should go easy on Glenn from now on. Christie is feeling worthless.


12.14pm – Michael is telling Kate and Geneva this thing with Tim is wrong – it’s unjustified. He says he’s been big enough to bully before and he says if it gets bad enough he will “lay the smack down” and it will stop. Michael says bullying never starts as pranks. He says if Tim came to him, he would help. The whistle comes on alerting the housemates that goods are coming into the house. Dean and Kate run out and dress in their gear. They collect potplants and plates from the conveyors and pack them in the crates. They are losing quite a few pot plants. The other housemates watch on and laugh. Dean is doing well with the plates.

12.48pm – Christie is hanging out with Gianna on the bean bags. Inside Michelle is hanging out with Glenn as per usual. Christie and Gianna are talking about how Michelle flirts with every single guy in the house – they think its getting too full on. Gianna: fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair… what else is fake? Christie laughs on and says “that was good”. Gianna says if she was stuck on an island with nothing, what do you think she’s look like? The hair would fall out because it only lasts a short time, the nails would fall off… her hair is only there (at her shoulders). Her face is alright but its the hair that makes her face… otherwise her face is very pointy. She can be very nice but there are certain things that are just… yeah.


1.24pm – Tim is cleaning his bed. Chrsitie said she would do it last night, but Christie hasn’t done it. Michael isn’t happy about this. Just at this moment Christie comes in in her bikini. Tim says he’s got his bedding here and Chrsitie says she’ll do it later. He says “can you do it now”. Christie says “no I will do it later”. Tim goes on to explain how she should wash it and that she should do it now because they don’t know where the sun will be later. Tim walks outside burping. Chrsitie grabs the sheets saying “I feel like a tool doing this”. She shakes the milk powder off and hoses the sheets down with a hose. Hotdogs is telling Tim he had every right to kick Christie out of his bed. Tim would rather talk abotu how everyone else was coaching her on to do it. Hotdogs flat out points the blame at the logans and says he only wanted to get to sleep.

4.08pm – Michelle is saying to Christie not to do pranks on people if you couldn’t handle them himself. Christie says she would take it as a joke. Hotdogs says she totally deserved everything she got. They HMs say at least Tim didn’t talk to her infront of everyone else. Michael says he’s been picked on for 3 days now and he’s had enough.

5.09pm – Tim and Chrsitie are talking outside. Christie is crying and saying he made her feel like a fool. Tim doesn’t really want to hear it. She felt embarrassed by the group. Tim says he accepts her apology… but Christie didn’t say sorry. Tim says he’s sorry about bashing her up. Chrsitie is now taking the view it was her fault. They end the conversation with a hug. He says she’s a very special girl.


9.32pm – The alarm sounds and it’s Dave and Michelle’s turn to clock in, put on their clothes and receive goods . They get ther just to pick up cans of paint. There’s paint spilling all over the grass while the housemates laugh and cheer them on. Dave drops a crate of paint. Out comes plates from the conveyor belt. When it all finishes the HMs clap and Michelel says “that was ridiculous”.

Later in the bathroom Dave recieves a microphone fine. Outside Gianna is telling Hotdogs and Christie she doesn’t want to go. Hotdogs says he wouldn’t mind going. He says Michael and Geneva are stressed out about it. Gianna says she always sets goals for herself and she’s not playing this game very well – otherwise she would saved. Hotdogs says he’s being true to himself by being nominated (ahuh).

In the bedroom Dave is having a go at his brother. Greg says “I got you on this show, man”. Greg tells Dave to shut his mouth. Greg goes to say something but stops. Dave says to spit it out, you should say stuff. Greg says Dave is actually adopted. Dave says “good I’m not your brother”. Dave goes on to explain their parents named him after King David but when Greg came out they just said “googly eyed Greg”.

2.41am – Chrsitie is in bed and Dave comes out of the toilet and scares her. She burst out laughing and goes to jump on him in bed. They wrestle around in bed while the other HMs watch on and laugh.

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