Day 16 Uplate

11:46pm: A fair few housemates are playing cricket in the living room. Kate walks from the bathroom to the bedroom, and says goodnight. Christie is batting, but Dogs catches her. The bat is a wooden spoon. Glenn’s turn to bat, Hotdogs bowls to him. He hits a 6. Gianna is watching, perhaps fielding. Greg is also fielding. Glenn is out for 18. Into the bedroom, Kate, Michelle, Dean and Dave are in the bedroom. Dean keeps asking Dave if he could fall asleep, and he keeps saying yes. Dean, in a clever way, says to the others that perhaps personal tasks have started for some housemates in the house. No real reply from the others, so we go back to the cricket. Gianna is batting. But she’s out. Greg into bat, and he’s hit a six straight away. Christie says she is a bit keen on a spa. Gianna is back batting, and she gets 16 before she gets out. If you hit it, you get one run. However, hit it over a fielder and it’s six.

12:02am: We are greeted by Tim showering naked. Cut out to the living room, where Greg starts giving Christie a massage. Glenn gives them an idea though, and Christie grabs the flour and runs to Tim’s bed and puts flour in it everywhere. Dean says to Hotdogs “If she did that to me, I’d get her back so bad.” Hotdogs agrees. Tim is in the kitchen now, having a drink. Dean, Greg and Glenn are just chucking a ball back and forth.

12:16am: Christie is still playing catch with the guys, and almost knocks out a light. They all laugh about it. Geneva, Michael, Michelle seem like they are asleep. Perhaps even Dave. Lots of laughing going on in the room though. Tim has entered the room, and now goes to the toilet. Hasn’t got into bed or checked his bed yet. When Tim emerges, Christie comes over and says goodnight. He gets into bed, puts his feet right nito the bed and suddenly realises that something is wrong. He gets out and surveys the damage. He says “Who did this!?” Roar of laughter from everyone. Christie comes over and after Tim asks who did it, see simply laughs and says “Not me!” Everyone cracks up even more and starts repeating her “Not me!” line. After a bit more laughter, she decides she’ll help him clean it up. Although she gets bored very quickly and simply starts throwing it only him. Tim gets Christie on the floor and starts jumping on her. The guys are laughing and saying that poor Tim only just had a shower. Dean and Hotdogs say that he needs to start playing fire with fire. Tim just simply climbs into Christie’s bed and says ‘bedtime.’ Another roar of laughter from the boys. Christie says for Tim to get out, but to no avail.

12:28am: Back into the house and lights have been turned off. Christie comes into the bedroom and goes for the toilet. Silence elsewhere in the room. First night where everyone is in bed before the end of Uplate. Christie goes back to the couch and tries to get some sleep under the bright lights.

12:57am: Tim has got up and come out to lecture Christie about the earlier incident. He says he is not looking forward to clearing it up tomorrow. Christie says that she will do it. Tim reckons that the joke is really on her, and that while the others were laughing at Tim they were also laughing at her. Tim, in his lecturer voice, asks her what she has learnt from all this. Tim tells her to not do any other jokes like this again. Christie wonders whether Tim will talk to other practical jokers. Tim says he doesn’t mind that jokes just between the two, which are easy to clean up, are fine. It’s just when others are bought in it makes Tim a bit angry. Anyway, lecture is over and he is back off to sleep. Christie sits there in total amazement for a while, then rolls over and heads back to bed.

1:02am: Tim is back explaining himself again. Christie keeps trying to interrupt, and Tim says ‘shutup’ a couple of times. He’s not happy now. He repeats his earlier lecture. Greg is looking on also out on the couch. Tim says this is the end point – no more jokes. Christie seems to think she is taking the slack for everyone else. Greg thinks that the jokes have no gone too far.

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