Day 17 Uplate

12:06am: Hotdogs and Gianna are talking in the living area. They are talking about how they will have agents on the outside. Gianna says that they will do the best they can for all the housemates. A horn sounds in the house, and Hotdogs and Gianna are straight outside for the new task. It involves them clocking on, getting into a uniform, and then start collection pot plants and also ceramic frogs that move along a conveyor belt. The game is to catch as much as possible. It lasts for a good three minutes, and the rest of the housemates are all cheering them on, but laughing a heap of the time as well. Hotdogs and Gianna have to seperate the caught goods from the stuff that they didn’t get, and then set trays up (which they use to put the goods) for the next group whenever BB is ready to call them. The rest of the housemates go inside and talk about how hard it was. Greg & Christie is up next. The other guys are laughing because they think Christie will be crap at it. Christie reckons she’ll be great at it. It seems that Glenn has just had some a bit of hair chopped off from Christie and is carrying it around. He says it’ll be worth a lot soon. He says he’ll sell it on eBay. Greg and Christie decide to get closer to the task in case it starts. Oh geeez, just had a look at the back of Glenn’s head, and Christie has really taken a huge chunk out of it. Another horn sounds but no one reacts? I don’t understand. Maybe I was just hearing things! Anyway, Hotdogs and Gianna have finished cleaning up. Dogs says it was so much fun. Tim is giving Michelle a massage. Glenn looks like he’s had his red cordial tonight, he is dancing round the bedroom and full of live. Dean just wants to get some sleep. Gianna goes to the bathroom to wash her face and clean up a bit after the task.

12:33am: Glenn is surfing around the bedroom on a pillow. Kate is giving Dave a head massage. Glenn is talking about some rubbish with Dave about skating. Glenn says “geez I’m fu***** bored.” Glenn just goes outside and returns with a beer. Kate says it’s Gianna’s. Glenn doesn’t care, saying to take it off him on Friday. They start talking about how beer bottles aren’t always brown nowadays. Geneva starts planning to make porridge and asks who wants some. She has a few takers. Big Brother tells housemates to check the positions of their microphones. He comes back and tells them not half a minute later that Michelle is lying on her microphone.

12:48am: The housemates in the bedroom are talking about what alcohol the girls got given for their birthdays while in the house. Michael and Glenn start singing songs, so we go to the lving area. They are playing thinks that start with F in the room. “Freezer, F***wit, Fruit” etc etc etc. Such an exciting game.

12:59am: They seem to be up to S in the alphabet now. Greg continues to call out words. Big Brother again reminds Michelle to position her microphone correctly. The game goes on for the entire segment between Christie and Greg, but then they involve Michael and Geneva in the kitchen when they ‘phone a friend’ for a few answers.

1:14am: Hotdogs is talking about how the housemates can all go to Perth and he can hook them up with a huge weekend and all this. Dean is really getting mad that he can’t sleep. Dogs suggests that it’ll be easier when the lights go out. Hotdogs asks Tim, who is still massaging Michelle “Are you after a root there mate!?” Cut to the kitchen, where Kate is talking to Geneva and Michael. A fair bit of the conversation is beeped out though. She is talking about going to the ‘exchange’ when she was underage with friends. Down to the couch, or rather beside it, Greg & Christie are laughing a lot after Christie let out a smelly fart. They then pretend to call each other. Geez, a bit of flirting going on there.

1:30am: The lights are out in the bedroom. Dean says he has a house somewhere in Europe (I have already forgotten!), right by the sea. Straight out into the kitchen though where the same 3 are talking, but Tim has joined them now. They are talking about going down on girls and whether guys have to do it. Geneva tells some guys not to bother because they don’t know what they are doing. Michael loves it! Tim says “there is something about it”.

1:41am: Back to the living area with Christie and Greg, who are still doing the alphabet game. Christie says that she is going to eat cabbage tomorrow.

1:52am: Hotdogs is telling the group about how his 3 day trip to Bali became a nightmare when he tried to get on his flight to go back home. Initially it was delayed, and then they said that they would have to get a ‘new’ spare part. Hotdogs didn’t like this and was weighing up not to get on the plane. They finally got on the plane and the power for the TV’s and lights went off. They sat there for an hour, then the pilot told them that they would be put up in a hotel for the night before getting the plane the next day. Finally got away, and Hotdogs says that about a third into the flight he felt something wasn’t right. He finally said something to the girl next to him, who agreed. Pilot came on and told them that there was a problem with the fuel tanks and they would have to turn back. He finally did get back home to Perth that night. However, he says it made him realise how much he loves Perth and doesn’t really want to go anywhere anymore. Cut out to Greg and Christie laughing about farts, then they talk about having sex from behind. Greg has done it twice, he’s not too keen on it. Christie says that she wouldn’t let anyone do that to her. Greg says that he doesn’t like being a player, he says he feels bad if he picks up 2 different people on a weekend or something. Christie agrees. Greg says he doesn’t want to be known as someone who has done it heaps because he says one day he will meet a person he really likes.

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