Day 13 Uplate

11:40: Most housemates are gathered around the new bowling alley, which has been opened tonight for the housemates to enjoy, but only for 2 hours. Glenn says that it seems to have been more than two hours, and that Big Brother must be giving them longer because the swearing in the live task was a lot better this week. Cut to Gianna and Christie who are talking about boys in the reward room. Gianna says she pinched Dave’s bum earlier. Christie says she wants to jump Greg. Apparently Christie has already kissed Dave tonight. Gianna says that she bets he has a hard on. The girls go on to complain about some lollies that their eating. Christie is complaining about the wine, so is Gianna. Christie is also stuffing her face with watermelon. They decide to head back out to the main house. Kate has emerged from the diary room where she has been treated for a sore foot. I don’t know what happened, but Christie is apologising. Kate says that it’s not her fault however. They all just continue to bowl, not talking in much depth at all. Out in the spa, Hotdogs, Dean and Geneva are in there. Dean is complaining about how people who watch vote out the ones that provide a bit of conflict. He can’t understand it and is saying it aloud. Geneva asks them, if she’s still here, to remind her on Wednesday of a family birthday she would like to remember. Gianna comes out and sings “I’m so drunk” or something to that affect. Gianna says she loves it when Geneva laughs with her/at her. Inside, Tim is being beaten up by the “T Birds”, who include Greg, Dave and Glenn. It’s all in good fun, and Gianna comes and tries to help Tim out. In fighting, Tim kicks some furniture around, prompting Big Brother to come over and suggest they don’t throw furniture as the nurse would rather not see any other patients for the night. Back out to the spa, Christie has now come to talk to the boys. Michael, who has joined the boys, says to her she looks great in that top. Christie says she knows, and says it’s cause she has great tits. “There’s no denying it…” Gianna comes and cuddles Hotdogs again. Dean pronounces that he had a great night’s sleep last night. Hotdogs says he had a shocker.

12:12am: Gianna gives Dave a cuddle while he waits for his bowl. She keeps trying to touch him, get close to him, and he’s having NOTHING of it. It’s classic television. Gianna tells the guys that AMF stands for “Always Means Fun”. Oh dear, she must be plastered! Christie gets a strike. Tim goes for a bowl with his pants down. Christie races after him and tries to bring his boxers down too. Big Brother announces the bowling area is no closed, and the roller door comes down. Christie starts singing a song which makes absolutely no sense.

12:28am: A heap of housemates are cleaning up the kitchen. They are saying that the food wasn’t really hot. Christie goes on to grab the trophy, and gives a fake speech full of rubbish. Gianna enters the lounge and Christie tells her not to interput, but Gianna fires back “I don’t give a f***”. Lovely. Gianna is trying to get Greg’s attention for Christie, but he’s ignoring them. She runs back and says to Dave she only wants a kiss and a cuddle. Dave says “Yeh”, not confidently, and basically runs down to the couch! Gianna does a little high school laugh. The girls (Christie and Gianna) suddenly disapear, and Dave dives for the couch and makes a point to sit inbetween other housemates. Angela starts telling him ‘not to be suprised if she comes out’, but we are taken to a comm break.

12:38am: Gianna has changed into a nurses outfit. Oh dear. Christie is walking round in underwear. I wonder what she’ll change into. Great, she comes out in nothing else but her underwear. They tell them to go out and show the spa boys. As they go, Dave says to Angela “Oh no. My mates are going to be laughing so hard at me.” Gianna decides to do a pole dance. To be clear, the nurse outfit is FAR too short, and she really bends over, and the couch are heard to yell out “I think we saw a bit too much there.” Gianna keeps saying “I am so drunk.” Dave says again to Angela “I would never let my misses do that.” The T Birds and Tim get up and start making music for the girls to dance too. Gianna decides she needs to go to the toilet. Christie does a big runup, and then falls down completely.

12:52am: They are still dancing, and the couch aren’t evening watching anymore. Gianna goes “Oh my god, this is on television.” Christie gives Glenn a nice close up show. Gianna comes over and does likewise. THey then both play with him at the same time. Glenn tells her to just relax and take her bra off. BB calls Kate into the diary room. Gianna is craving for attention here, saying she is feeling a bit silly in this outfit, but if someone said she looked sexy she will be fine. Tim comes back from the spa, after getting kicked in the balls from Christie accidently. Christie asks him to give her a look. He declines, but says it wasn’t just the one, it was the twins as well.

1:05am: Gianna is leaving the spa area now and heads back inside. Dean recalls that when she first entered the house, Dean told her he had a girlfriend, and so Gianna replied “Oh, I won’t flirt with you then!” Gold! They go onto discuss how many weeks are left, and thus how many intruders etc will come in. Michael says that he was very suprised to hear Dean’s name read out when Nelson and Constance also got banished to the punishment. Dean says that he was as suprised as anyone.

1:17am: Gianna is saying she might change back into her normal clothes. Angela reckons that she has worn that before. Gianna says she hasn’t! Dave tells her that she revealed a bit tonight. She says “Did I!” It seems Christie has got changed into her nightgear. Dave says he’s no fun cause he’s sober. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, if that, and says “Yeh thats alright”. He says he doesn’t want to lead her on. She says he’s not leading her on, she’s doing it to him. Kate comes out of the diary room with her foot straped I think, and Dave says “Wasn’t it your right foot, not your left?” Gets a few laughs. Christie wonders how much the microphone is worth. Angela says some reckon $7K, otherwise several thousand. Tim says he’s given his a name, Susie. This gets a great laugh from the people seated. BB comes on and says that Gianna and Michelle are not wearing their microphone, a $5000 fine is given between the two. Christie comes in and asks what Dave said to her earlier.

1:31am: The girls are now both dressed for bed. On her way out of the bedroom, Gianna apologises to Michelle for talking to her while they had their mics off. She then goes outside and apologises to everyone. Gianna and Christie wonder if they will nude up in the reward room. Giana then says “I know who I want to get nude with, but he doesn’t want to”. She goes out to the spa, and the camera zooms in on Dave and then he says “Whats everyone looking at me for!” Gianna outside is discussing who to give the chores to who. Hotdogs wonders if giving Angela the shopper/chef is the best idea. Hotdogs says that she won’t buy any booze. Dean keeps saying he would hate the housekeeper job. She then apologises for the fine out to the people in the spa, then heads back inside. Tim decides he’s going to have to check his balls to see if everything is ok. Glenn tells Christie that he likes Kate, but then says “thats a secret.” Yeh, it’ll be out within an hour. Out at the spa, Greg approaches, and so they start talking about him in a negative tone. He doesn’t even realise! They have to tell him the joke. Glenn jumps into the spa and joins Dean and Michael. Christie comes over and says goodnight to them. Angela takes all the costumes that they were provided with back to the diary room for BB. Hotdogs is wishing Constance was still in the house so she could cut his hair. At 1:47am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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