Days 13 and 14

Day 13

8.51pm – After Gianna won the friday night games, the housemates are changing into 50s gear for a 1950s themed party. Some of the housemates have “T-Birds” jackets ala Grease. Big Brother annouces the reward room is now open to Gianna and Christie only. The two go inside and giggle in excitement. They jump up and down and look at all the things in the rewards room – they look through the DVDs first, then read out the menu. Back in the house the HMs are collecting their party supplies from the store room – soft drink, hotdogs and ships. Dean comments that there is no alcohol. Meanwhile Christie is cracking open some champagne and the two reward girls toast to a weekend of luxury. The other housemates are now having dinner in the living room. The boys comment that Tim nearly had it, but Angela disagrees, saying he didn’t stand a chance against Gianna. Michael says its acceptable to be beaten by “G.I. Jane”.

In the rewards room Gianna tells Christie that in high school everyone hated her. She was payed out about her boobs and height all the time. They used to call her “bug eyes” because she had big eyes for her size at the time. Gianna is so happy that it happened though because it gave her confidence later on in life. The rest of the housemates are bowling while in the rewards room Gianna explains she can’t understand what David’s problem is – he still hasnt’ spoken to her. Christie says they have to talk tonight – she demands it. Outside David gets a strike on the bowling alley and starts humping the floor in celebration. Gianna says she likes Greg much better than Dave – he’s nice and in a way Gianna is attacted to him. However there is no way she’s go there because she knows Greg likes Christie. Gianna has noticed if Christie goes somewhere a little later on Greg will end up there too. Greg smiles with Christie but there is nothing between David and Gianna. David notices Michelle so much more.

In the living room the boys are planning a booby trap for the girls in the rewards room. Glenn starts piling cushions up by the reward room door. Gianna isnt’ surprised she won the task tonight – she is competitive. She then says she isnt’ good at bowling but she some how managed to come runner up state champion for South Australia. Gianna so wants to kiss Dave tonight. Christie teaches Gianna something about men: you never, ever, ever do what a man says. Tonight Christie wants Gianna to go up to David and say “this past week has been a bit crazy, I’m looking for fun” give him a hug and then kiss him. Gianna is worried about rejection though. Outside the boys have now completely covered the rewards room door with cushions, no one else seems to care. Gianna and Christie decide to leave the rewards room, and Christie walks straight into the cushions, knocking them all down just before she falls on them. All the other housemates laugh.


11.38pm – Christie is dancing over Greg on the couch, and gives him a big pash. Gianna says “woah, Christie!”. The couple have made a pact to kiss each other at random times, and Christie has gone first. Gianna is hovering around David as he bowls. She jokes “I don’t want you to win”. She pulls some flirty faces and touches his arm and stomach. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. In the living room some of the housemates request a song from Christie. Glenn does not want to hear it but Christie sings anyway. Chrsitie starts dancing around with a broom. Gianna goes outside to talk to the David who is standing by the spa, talking to Hotdogs, Michael, Geneva and Dean. Gianna is all smiles and starts rubbing Davids back. David has an uncomfortable look on his face. The boys in the spa all tell him to give her a kiss. He says he already did – but Gianna says no that didn’t count. David keeps resisting the pressure to give Gianna a kiss. Gianna says he’s being mean and has been ignoring her ever since she found out he was a twin. G starts grabbing at David’s nipple and he goes to walk away. The boys ask Gianna who she likes the least.. she ponders on the thought.

David goes inside and Angela asks him whats up. He explains Gianna wanted a kiss and she laughs. Back outside Michael jokes he only hangs around cool people – he can’t handle people like Gianna. He can’t stand that she acts like an idiot when she is smarter than that. Geneva doesn’t look very interested. Gianna is now back inside and asking for kisses and cuddles from David again. He keeps resisting. Michael continues talking about how Gianna is being a ditz on purpose. Hotdogs thinks “she is playing the game”. Michael says everyone is playing the game.

Gianna has been dared to wear her nurses outfit. She is getting changed in the bedroom while David explains to Angela he is not attracted to Gianna and she should just drop it. Gianna comes out of the bedroom in her outfit with Christie who is only wearing underwear. They start doing a strip dance in the living room. Angela doesn’t know why anyone would pack a nurses outfit like that. Glenn, Logans and Tim all sit down by the disco stage to watch Gianna and Christie dance around the strippers pole. Christie slips over onto the floor in a fit of laughter.


2.12am – Geneva is in the fitness area with Angela. She says she is “getting shitted” by Gianna constantly talking about how she likes David. The two thought Gianna had finally realised David has no interest in her, but obviously not. Geneva thinks Gianna is hiding behind her black hair. Angela says they should just sleep on it and they will feel better. The more Geneva stews on it the more she thinks she can’t wait to get out. “If she comes over here I swear to god I’m going to have to punch her in the face”. Gianna comes over, and asks if Geneva is cold. Geneva says she is just bored. Gianna starts talking about clothes and underwear. Geneva is silent. Eventually Angela and Gianna leave.

4.27am – Gianna is lying on the couch and Dave comes over to ask her whats up. She explains there are people in the diary room so she is just killing time. Dave says he has probably misled her the wrong way about a relelationship or having fun. He says he doesn’t want to cuddle and kiss. Gianna says thats ok… thats cool. Dave would have spoke to her last week but everyone was in the way. He was concerned Gianna looking like a fool. David didn’t want to make a big deal about it.


Day 14

1.18pm – Gianna emerges from the diary room with household chores.

Shopper/Chef – Angela
Baker – Tim
Kitchenhand – Logan
Farmhand – Herself
Housekeeper – Dean (they all laugh at him)
Gardener – Christie

Gianna explains she picked people who didn’t do anything last week. Hotdogs wanted to be breadmaker. Later on, David explains what he did last night with Christie. She thinks he did the right thing. David is not a clinger and Gianna wasn’t helping the situation by touching and hugging him. Angela is in the living room discussing eviction with Dean. He is feeling fine about evictions – “once you’re nominated, people don’t like you, and if you’re up for eviction, people don’t like you.. who cares?”. Tim says he probably wouldn’t lose sleep by being evicted – he would be emotional a little. Angela probably wouldn’t watch Big Brother after she was evicted. Dean’s point of view is that he doesn’t care when he goes – he only came onto the show to win stuff. He says Big Brother is like entering a raffle for a car. Dean expects to be nominated many times.

Meanwhile Geneva is in the bedroom lying with Michael. She doesn’t think she can stay this week and be up for nomination next week. Its too much for her – she probably will be nominated next week and Gianna won’t be taking any points of her. Michael says “yeah but you dont like her”. Geneva asks “why isn’t everyone like us?”. Michael answers: “because we’re too cool to be regular”. They hi-five each other.

In the sauna Kate is relaxing with Angela. Angela has a bad feeling she is going. Kate predicts Geneva to be evicted and/or Tim. Angela says they will probably keep Dean because he looks good on camera – and they need Angela because they “need mumsie”. Kate doesn’t think Angela will be going – she’s a great support base and friend.

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