Day 12 Uplate

A very dirty night in the BB house!

I join Uplate at 11.56pm, and Mike tells me I’ve missed out on a lot of interesting stuff – doh! Anwyay Geneva and Christie are in the kitchen having a late night snack. They plan to get Glenn to kiss Christie by initiating a game of spin the bottle, but Christie says she’s not feeling anything from any of the guys. Geneva says they’re all randy and want vagina but they don’t go anywhere near it (her mould). Christie wonders why they can’t be “hey babeh” and sleazy. They say Glenn is up for it but Glenn is not Christie’s type of boy.. and Hotodgs is just crap… just a player. They agree he doesn’t want some girl to fall in love with him. Christie says all the boys are probably scared of Gianna because she’d fall in love with them… and Gianna couldn’t join this conversation because she doesn’t do random hookups – well only once and she felt guilty about it. Christie and Geneva have no setbacks, and Mike interups the conversation.

Mike tells us the reason for the up late auction is so people in WA, SA and NT can play something via SMS… yeah right. $$$ ding ding ding $$$

12.05am – Mike reminds us that when Geneva first entered the house she said she found Christie the hottest. Meanwhile Christie is on to something about Glenn and him being “on a break” with his girlfriend. The girls sit quietly for a moment before Geneva suggests Christie corners a guy – but not Greg, because apparently Greg doesn’t like her. They agree Dave would be up for it – they shouldn’t go for the innocent ones – for the ones who would. Hotdogs would do it but Christie wouldn’t kiss Hotdogs. Geneva thinks its funny if she hooked up tonight. Geneva suggests they use the excuse “it was a dare” to kiss one of the boys. They both go to the toilet at the same time. Meanwhile in the spa the other housemates are chatting – it’s hard to hear over the spa motor. They are doing a bit of singing. Is Hotdogs wearing a wig? His hair is out of control. Each of the HMs are taking turns singing a song.

12.11am – The talk in the spa turns to masturbating. Greg certainly has opened up on the subject – he talks of the shock of moving into the house and sleeping (in the same room) with a whole lot of other people. We cut back to Geneva and Christie in the lounge room, who are still talking about hook up personalities and dynamics in the house. Geneva says she might be going on Sunday she needs to make the most of it – Christie says they will have a wild friday and saturday night. Geneva is angry about the kissing thing now – she feels there are boundaries but there aren’t supposed to be any. Christie thinks they don’t need to worry about it.

12.19am – The girls are discussing whether Greg is gay. They say he never talks about girls like David does. They go to check if he is sitting next to another guy in the spa. The girls go outside to see everyone. Christie says quite loudly – are you gay!? No one hears but Geneva who cracks up. They announce their plan to divide the alcohol up and do shots to get real drunk – if the chicks don’t drink all day they can get really hammered. The spa housemates aren’t too keen on the idea. The girls eventually go inside and inspect the model they have made for this week’s task. The toe has come off. We move now to the sauna where most of the girls are… and Greg joins them, only for 10 minute he assures them. Glenn joins them shortly after. Mike tells us the girls were talking about Greg just as he walked in. They notice Glenn does his hair just like Greg and he does a weird face when he brushes his hair. They say it’s his grease face (John Travolta). Glenn starts talking about how its easier for guys in the house to masturbate.

12.33am – The HMs in the sauna are talking about random things. Glenn splashes some water around, to the annoyance of Kate. They are all looking foward to music when they leave the house. Back in the lounge room Hotdogs is saying he can’t wait to spoon or have a root. Chrsitie says she’s been trying to find some one to spoon with but no one! She says it doesn’t matter if she finds them attractive in the house – because she’s not attracted to anybody. Hotdogs says he is the same, but Christie doesn’t believe him. Hotdogs says there are parts of people he’s attracted to. Christie says “are you attracted to my parts?”, Geneva cracks up. Hotdogs says there is a girl in Perth he likes and he’s glad he “has her” (is anyone in this house single?). Christie hopes she has a fanbase outside of the house – hot little guys. Christie wants a spooning competition/companion. Chrsitie strips off to do her legs. They talk about who showers naked, Christie checks and David still has his pants on in the shower, much to her dissapointment.

12.45am- Geneva asks Angela if she’d kiss her. Angela says no but Geneva begs for a kiss. Angela is worried she’s becoming too conservative. Glenn would have liked them to kiss. Meanwhile in the bedroom Geneva is telling Hotdogs how she’s trying to get a score happening. Christie, now topless, asks Geneva if she wants to have a wet tshirt contest. Michelle says Hotdogs has been spanking her ass as she walks by now. Geneva asks Michelel “would you kiss me if I asked you to”. Gianna says its a competition but Christie says it’s just facts – they want to know who would kiss Geneva. Michelle says maybe if she was in the moment but not right now.

Later, the girls are still on their competition to get as many people as possible. Geneva is eager to win and wants a kiss from Gianna. Gianna is all giggles but is giving it a pass. Geneva says if she’s not good enough for Gianna she’s not good enough for anyone. Hotdogs is making himself a coffee while the girls debate the progress of the competition. Geneva goes out to the spa and asks the boys in the spa. David is telling some blokey story about getting drunk with his mates. Dean tells a story about his friend who phones up random people to talk to them while he’s drunk. Back in the house, Christie explains it’s not a competition, they are just testing how the boys in the house are trying to hook up in the house – only when they have alcohol in them.

In the middle of the breainteaser Christie starts pashing Greg!!! Doh, adbreak.

12.57am- We find out Hotdogs pashed Geneva and Geneva kissed Kate during the break. FFS Channel 10! Apparently Greg kisses the best in the house. Geneva scored 4 and Chrsitie scored 2. 2 of Geneva’s were boys though. Christie says she’d rather not kiss Michael, and bangs her arm on the side of the couch. Hotdogs is enjoying his coffee. They wonder where Big Brother is – he’s having a break, he’s having a kit kat. Hotdogs really wants some chocolate and thinks everyone will be surprised at his shopping. Greg says his shopping will be really crap. They discuss what money they have for alcohol in the budget. Greg wonders if they have an RSA on the housemates (responsible service of alcohol). He thinks maybe BB isn’t giving them much alcohol because they “win” it – also if they give too much alcohol the HMs could possible sue BB? Geneva thinks its because when they are drunk they don’t respect Big Brother. Greg is making bread, meanwhile. Talk moves back to the girl’s experiment and Greg thinks it went well. Greg explains he doesn’t mind kissing on the spot like that if it was to make a point – but in different context it would be different.

Sigh, during the ad break we missed a whole lot of full frontal nudity.

1.17am – Kate is lying in a precarious position in the sauna with Angela over the top of her. Angela is plucking Kate’s bikini line. They discuss the whole Michelle, Gianna, every other girl in the hosue situation (again!). Kate thinks about Tim again but Angela is concerned about Tim’s views on things like unions – he’s very defined by it. Kate says its interesting to hear about it. Angela says we could all read a book and be educated it but she’s more interested in people who have done it and have physical experiences on it.

1.24am – In the lounge room Glenn and Michael are talking about “masturbation courtesy” – ie. a guy masturbating in a shared bed with another guy. Michael says he was going to bring a doo-rag in for it. They talk about the musky smell in one of the toilets from one of the guys masturbating in there. Michael says he’s the “money shot expert”. They say its been 11 days. David says he didn’t masturbate in the twin holding room either – much to the confusion of Greg. They joke about putting a towel over your head and going into the toilet to masturbate. Glenn leaves apparently to jerk off, Michael says there is lube in the top draw of some dresser in the bedroom. Glenn gets some of the lub and moves into the toilet. Who knows what he’s doing in there! The boys are plotting something to do to him… but it doesn’t seem they are going to go through with it. Michael says 2 weeks will be a good run with him. Greg says he’s comfortable with it right now. Hotdogs says if there was a girl he liked and wasn’t getting anything back he’d jerk off. Some one fats, and they all fan it out with pillows.

The girls emerge from the diary room. Glenn returns and says it didn’t happen – he was “under too much pressure”. Everyone starts talking over each other. The girls say they can offer visual aid to Glenn if he wants to jerk off. Glenn says he was thinking pure filth but nothing happened… he was half way through and had to have a piss… thats how much dedication there was. They ask what he was thinking about but Mike butts in.

1.34am – They are all discussing their wanking technique. Glenn says he’s a good wanker but not a fast wanker. Geneva says she’d fully visualise a situation. Michelle wonders how Glenn could just instantly start having a wank. Michael is talking about having his microphone on while masturbating – he didn’t want the squish noises. Hotdogs reminds them they can’t show a hard penis on TV – but he’d rather do it infront of the camera instead of the camera showing it from behind. Michael asks why can’t the girls just “double click”, but Michelle says the whole excitment would make it a lot more noticable. The boys start mimicing orgasm noises. They ask Glenn if there is some one in the house he would especially like to get with – they would be the visual aid.

Talk moves onto various items like feeding the animals. Michael says he needs to “get one out” so he doens’t wake up having sex with his mattress again. He says it’s not like at home where he has the lube on one side and the rag on the other. He says he likes watching sports while masturbating. David says he likes porn. And on that image in your mind at 1.42am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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