Day 12

8.11am – Glenn is up with Christie to feed the animals. Christie wonders if pigs eat through their nose. Glenn says “I think they use their mouth mate, good question though”. Christie jokes she’s being observant. Inside Kate is cleaning in the kitchen. Tim is up with very bad bed hair. He asks if it’s bikini housekeeping (Kate is in her bikini) – he says she could make a million doing that. Meanwhile the piglets are attacking Christie for food, pulling her pants down while she giggles. The piglets settle down once they get some food. Tim is watering the garden without the help of the hose – he’s having trouble carrying around the buckets or water. Chrsitie says she doesn’t think she wants kids anymore, after feeding the baby animals – she might as well sleep in. Tim is slopping water on the plants.

Glenn has gone into the diary room. Mike Goldman reminds us Glenn has only chosen females to feed the animals this week. Glenn tells BB he’s been trying to get more friendly with the girls in the house. He’s trying to spend more time with them. “If I’m in here for 3 months it’d be good um… to have at night… to have a chick mate to cuddle and stuff”. The boys are working out a workout routine – led by Greg. They are doing pushups. Meanwhile Christie is doing stuff to David’s hair. Christie says David is out there and Greg is more reserved. Chrsitie jokes to set Greg up with Glenn or Michael. Angela calls Kate to play volleyball but she still has a lot of cleaning to do today. Kate is dissapointed to learn the house chores last until Sunday rather than Friday.


1.09pm – Tim and Angela are team captains for FNL this week. They move out of the diary room and work out a joke to play on the other housemates. They make the housemates move into a two very straight lines, telling them it’s part of this week’s challenge. Angela and Tim make them do star jumps in a line… all in unison. Faster, faster, faster. The lines are then merged and they form a conga line, running around the backyard. Angela lead, followed by Tim. There is confusion as the girls scream and laugh. They quickly work out its a joke and Geneva jokes “you cheeky bitch!”.

4.38pm – Michelle is trying to make some yeast free bread as she is allergic to yeast. The boys keep telling her she’s doing it wrong. The bread has not turned out very well – it’s like a brick. Tim is concerned about the model now – he wants it to be perfect because they bet so much money on it. He’s not trying to be vain, but Michelle disagrees – Tim says “excuse me I’m not the one who had her breasts done”. Geneva says thats a derogatory comment. Tim says he wasn’t trying to have a go at them. Michelle says she got chose for it she didn’t volunteer. Tim says he wasn’t trying to be rude to her. There’s an ackward silence for a moment before Michelle and Greg try the bread. Hotdogs has some as well. Greg thinks it’s alright bread.


7.32pm – The finished moulds have been put together for the housemates to do the final touches. They all admire it. The housemates must give the model a name, personality and look. Asheley… Jesse? 26. Likes working out, not into bitching (Angela notes she doesn’t bitch, she talks). Tim asks if Angela is bitching about the bitching thing. Michael adds “likes intelligent conversation”. Mission statement: “I will do everything the housemates tell me to do, try to be a working part of the team”.. the HMs say that is boring. “I will stay true to my ideals”. They eventually work one out, so they move on to doing the finishing touches with clothing – and they have a time limit. They go onto painting the skin while some HMs stich up some clothing. The model ends up looking like a drag queen. Anyway later on Big Brother announces they have won the task – so their budget is now $420 – despite BB saying their initial description would not have let Jesse through the audition process.

10.17pm – NOTE: This is NOT the correct time, this happened around 3am last night Christie asks Greg if he’s gay. He nervously laughs and says “I think I do have some gay features every bloke does”. Geneva says Greg has Christie in his bed and hasn’t pulled any move. No resolution.


11.54pm – Geneva and Christie are talking about the boys in the house. They agree Hotdogs is crap and is a player. They girls agree that the boys must be petrified of Gianna beacuse she might fall in love with them, because one night stands are not for her. Christie and Geneva decide to “test” the boys by asking them for a kiss. In the sauna Angela is asking Glenn if the house has an ideal chick for him – he answers no. He would have a lot of fun in this house but not the ideal chick. Christie asks Greg if he’ll give her a kiss, he says “depends what for”, and he wants to know what type of kiss. Geneva and Christie giggle. Hotdogs says “they’re really showing their age tonight”. Geneva goes to ask Angela for a kiss in the sauna – she says no. Glenn says she should have kissed her.

In the kitchen Christie explains her theory an gets a 10 second pash out of Greg. He doesn’t seem too wrapped. Geneva runs into the sauna to get a kiss from Kate and Glenn. She then gets one from Hotdogs in the lounge room – he is all smiles. Geneva wins their competition. Greg says “she (Christie) could do the whole spa then”. Meanwhile Christie IS doing the whole spa!… well.. David. Dean asks which twin kisses better.. she says Greg .. unless Daniel wants to make it better. Inside Greg hears Chrsitie thinks he’s better and she asks “how does that make you feel”. They think it should be a daily routine… after teeth cleaning.

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