Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 11

18 May 2005

Posted by Tim

9:32am: David & Greg are both up, and making bread in the kitchen. Greg is unsure exactly how to go about it. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Kate is talking to Gianna while they both brush their teeth. MIchael is also in shot having a shower. Gianna tells Kate that apparently Christie had a word to David yesterday about his thoughts on Gianna, and he said that he was going to have to a word to Gianna but was waiting for the ‘hype’ to settle down. Gianna goes onto say that she doesn’t think there is much to talk about however, saying she did like him before but she thinks his personality is a little different at the moment. Kate says maybe it was Greg that she liked then. Gianna says that Christie likes Greg. This is all complicated by the fact that Kate also likes Greg. She says “Oh does she…”

12:08pm: Michelle comes out of the diary room with instructions involving this weeks task, which involves building the perfect housemate. She gathers them all on the couch. She explains that all housemates must have at least one part of their body moulded in order to create the perfect housemate. They decide to bet 100% on the task – although Michelle doesn’t think it’s a great idea. The boys go and collect the materials while others discuss which people should mould which parts. Later, they are trying to figure out who has the best face. They narrow it down to Kate and Geneva. They decide to vote, and Kate wins out. Next it’s time for people’s backs, and after a few of the guys take their tops off, Shearer (Glenn) wins the female vote. They decide Christie can do the bottom. And everyone has something apparently. They reel off what everyone has, including Gianna the stomach and Michelle the chest region, before they are happy and get started on the task.

1:03pm: The housemates are having a snack of bread and jam it looks like. However, Michelle can’t eat bread and is therefore eating nothing. Gianna says to her “You alright sweetheart.” Michelle says she’s hungry too. Michael suggests looking for leftovers, but Michelle tells him that there was some rice but someone’s eaten it. She gets up and goes to the bedroom. They decide to all discuss some more stuff, but we are then taken to the bedroom, where Michelle and Kate are talking. Kate says she doesn’t know how she would survive generally without bread, not even talking about in the BB environment. Michelle says that bread is so important in this place, and thats why she is hesitant to bet 100% on tasks because if they lose it’s staples and staples is basically bread and not much else. Michael calls the two girls to rejoin them in the living area. Kate says she can’t because she has to make people’s beds because they are too lazy to do it themselves. (Kate is the housekeeper, and must have all beds made before lunchtime? That time is now past however…) This gets most off the couch and making their bed. Christie remains on the couch and complains of everyone’s attitude today. She says it’s pissing her off.

Later, Kate is helping Greg to prepare for moulding his arm. They seem to be joking around with so much. She says “Mate, your hot…”, and keeps repeating it and Greg keeps saying What!?”. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Christie asks whats on the menu tonight. Michael, the chef, says Fish and vegies. Christie says she doesn’t eat fish. Michael, a bit peeved, says she can have vegies and rice. Christie says she doesn’t eat rice. Cut back to Greg who has now got the two arms fully cast, and Hotdogs saying “You couldn’t get it any harder than this.”Back in the kitchen, Angela asks what Christie’s problem is. He explains that she won’t eat rice. Michael says he’ll have to make pasta as well. Geneva says others will want pasta too. Michael says they won’t know. Michael says you could divide the house in two; those considerate and those that aren’t. Geneva says they wouldn’t be even groups. Michael agrees.

Later on the couch, the girls are discussing Michael’s behavoiur change over the past few days. Angela seems to be leading the discussion, and Christie agrees, and then blurts it out to Michael. Michael replies by simply saying “I spose now I know you all, and don’t like you all, there is no need to impress.”

7:45pm: It’s the night for the family dinner, which gives housemates the chance to address any topics on their mind. Michael reads a comment out by Christie, which suggests that there is too much bitchiness in the house. Christie goes onto say that people should be straight forward. Geneva and Dean don’t agree, saying that bitchiness could be seen from two people talking generally, when they are absolutely not. Tim says that there shouldn’t be that much bitching in the house because Monday nights offer the perfect oppourtunity for housemates to vent frustration through nominations. Michael offers the last word by saying that simply you should behave like adults and not to be cruel.

8:33pm: Kate and Angela are now alone at the table, and Angela expresses concerns she has that she might be evicted this weekend. Kate doesn’t think she will be. Angela says she would be gutted if it was her, because she reckons that everything in the house is starting to come together now. Kate suggests she try not to think about it till Sunday, but Angela explains that it’s really hard to just ignore it. She goes onto say that she couldn’t sleep last night because of it. She says she’s only pissed off about it because of the way it happened. Christie comes to the diary room and tells BB that she is a bit peeved at the way her discussion went down at the table. She says that the bitchy people, the ones she was complaining about, Angela and Geneva, were the ones really disagreeing with her tonight at the table. She ends the convo saying “I don’t think I can trust these housemates.” Meanwhile, Gianna and Geneva are in the bedroom. Gianna says that Christie is in the diary room and that she looks a bit upset. Geneva thinks it’s because of the dinner conversation, but Gianna thought she was a bit distant prior to dinner also. Christie joins them in the bedroom and complains once again that the bitchy people were the ones opposed to her discussion topic. She says her main point that perhaps didn’t get across was that she wanted people to talk to her about anything, not go around talking about her behind her back.

10:53pm: Angela and Kate are talking in the kitchen. Angela enquires whether Kate has feelings for Greg. She deny’s it with a smile! She says she think he’s nice.

11:36pm: Hotdogs is the first to bed, and after getting in, BB shows us that he prays before calling it a night. Over the other side of the room, Gianna and Christie are talking. Gianna is hoping that more boys come into the house. She says she has gone completely off Dave. They say that he’s gone all weird. In the spa, Tim, Dave and Michael are talking about Gianna. Dave says that he liked her in the beginning, but has come to realise he’s not for her. He says the last thing he wants is to lead her on when he doesn’t feel anything for her now. Back in the bedroom, both girls now decide that Greg is the nicer one.