Day 10 Uplate

Before credits start for the night, we are shown quick clips of who got evicted and their way out of the house. It’s just hit 12, and we are taken straight to the house, with Mike just talking to us over the vision. It’s Kate birthday party, but it just seems like any other night. They are however all sitting on the couch area. Mike tells us that Constance & Nelson will be joining him soon. Glenn seems to be talking to a few people about going hunting and killing animals. He loves it. He gets annoyed though when you try to shoot something and it’s not totally killed, and you have to ‘finish it off.’ Meanwhile, Kate looks bored out of her mind. Gianna looks like she’s ready to kill someone. She is away from the main group, but still on the couch. Mike interrupts and he has Nelson and Constance. They seem thrilled to be out of the house! They say they didn’t like very many of the people in there, including Gianna, Michelle, Michael. Mike pulls out Constance’s suitcase and plays around with it for a while. He then asks who she reckons voted for her not to get the suitcase. She picks two of them, but is suprised that Christe and Logan voted for her. They get sent away and they go back to the house for a little bit before the comm break.

12:24am: Clue, and then into the house. “This is BB. Christie to the diary room.” Christie gets her dressed back from BB, she is very happy. She comes and says to the others that it was very quick. She feels bad she had to ask for it back. Angela is still wondering if they are actually evicted. Logan says absolutely. He says when they have Gretel saying “It’s time to go…” you know it’s real. Move talks to Geneva, and how she has gone to bed early. Logan says shes a little upset over who went tonight. Angela says she doesn’t think it’s sunk in yet for her. Mike cuts in, and we’re off to a break.

12:33am: Veronica wins the cash. Christie is talking about her supposed future. Dogs says that he isn’t liking Christie tonight, she’s nasty. Christie assures him she isn’t. Dave is lying on Christie’s lap. Hotdogs says that they look good together. Christie says anyone looks better with her. Christie is playing with Dave’s hair – she says it’s yucky. He says no wonder, he had it dyed 3 times within 90 minutes. She says that he should let her wash it when he does next. He agrees. Angela asks Dave what the weather will be tomorrow. He reckons overcast. Angela wonders what she’ll do if she can’t sunbake. Back to talking about the colour of Dave’s hair. Hotsogs says remember that Christie thought that it was your real hair coloir “Why are your eyebrows black!?” Mike, clue, break.

12:46am: Back to the couch again, Christie is talking about some place in Queensland. Angela wonders how the Qld government can advertise for everyone to come and swim when you have sharks and crocs all over the place. Gianna has joined Hotdogs for a cuddle, and she doesn’t look very happy still. They keep talking about either expensive houses or boats, known as millionaire’s row. Gianna says to dogs that everyone seems to have brand names for clothes and perfume etc. Gianna says she justs no name stuff all the time, she doesn’t spend much on clothes. Dogs says that she still looks like it’s brand name, she looks good. Hotdogs talks about a friend who loves the brand “Diesel”, and will spend any amount to get all the stuff. Gianna says she likes their watches. During this convo, Dogs is just giving her a rub on her back. Comm break

12:59am: In the bedroom, Kate is giving Greg a back massage. Glenn and Michelle are watching on from across the room in bed. The are trying to tease Greg about his supposed sexuality, and how Michael might like to give him a whack with a paddle…I think! Not quite sure. Greg says he would love to get out and pose nude for Black & White magazine. Kate says it’s ok if it’s tasteful art, which is what B&W sort of is. A aerial shot of the bedroom sees Michael & Geneva asleep. Well they were until the loudest laughter from Michelle and Glenn which could be heard from miles away. Hotdogs, Gianna and also Christie have now come into the room. Hotdogs is wondering, since he is going to help look after the animals in the morning, whether you have to spend the same time with them in the afternoon. I think Glenn says it’s about the same. Mike cuts in, Simone wins the $1000, and the third starts. Comm break.

1:12am: Mike tells us that on FNL this week, one or more housemates will receive a strike. Strange. Uplate update now. In the bathroom we are with Dave, Angela and Tim. Dave says that he isn’t into Gianna at all – he just likes to run with the joke a bit. He quickly turns it over to Tim about Kate. Angela asks what about Greg then. Dave says “He’s gy, I’ve told you that.” Angela says that he has said that numerous times and it’s not working. Dave says Greg probably says it about him. They think that Greg is into Michelle a bit though, because he was a bit flirty with her in the spa earlier tonight after he got a few beers into him. Tim starts doing some stretches, and the other two think he’s about to bat off or something. Comm break.

1:25am: Christie is giving Gianna a massage in the bedroom. Hotdogs is talking to Glenn about how much they drank in the reward room. Thye agree that there is plently in there to get hammered. They make fun of Michelle and her pig type laugh. Someone farts, and they all blame MIchelle. Michelle thinks it was Dogs, and they argue for a god couple of minutes. Christie then farts while she is on top of Gianna giving her a massage. It must be really bad. Christie says it smells like cabbage. Thye are talking about whether tonight’s evictees would have got the stage and the crowd and all that. They then talk about Rove. Hotdogs says that he bets Rove hates the show! Mike cuts in and we cut to a break.

1:38am: Dianna is on the line, and wins the third $1000 of the night. Last of the night commences. Back to the bathroom now, where Dave, Greg, Tim and Angela are. Gianna was in there for a second but went out again. David is laughing at what Tim does with his toothbrush. He takes it out of the original packet to brush his teeth, then puts it back in the packet. Hotdogs comes in and laughs as well. Tim starts telling a story about smoking or doing drugs with one of his friends, and in a really funny voice Tim takes off his old friend and says “Oh dude, don’t tell me Dad dude…” Dave & Greg think it’s like Burns, one of their old friends from school too. Back in the bedroom, Christie, Michelle, Gianna and Glenn are talking. Gianna says that there are still a lot of personalities in the house. Glenn says that one is the strongest, looking over at Michael I think. I haven’t seen Dean at all tonight, so I’m assuming he is asleep somewhere over there. Comm break.

1:51am: Last segment of the night. Clue for the last time. Back to the bathroom, still same crew there, and Hotdogs as well. Mike cuts in after less than a minute, and starts crapping on about mBlogging. A trip to the website we go now…how fun. ACTUALLY IT IS! What’s the first link at the top of the browser at the computer they use to show us about mBlogging. BBBA of course! We get to go back to the house. Dave & Greg are having an argument over who bought a loufer into the house. They discuss about whether an intruder will come in soon. They say that when they next talk to Gretel, they should all do something funny. Tim, Dave & Greg are all fans of “The Office” and keep cracking gags about the show. MIke cuts in and tells us that Dean is in the diary room. He says that he was trying to sleep earlier but can’t get to sleep. He is complaining to BB now about how the house seem to be ignoring him now and that no one likes him. Someone from VIC wins the last $1000 for the night. Mike says goodnight, and sends us back to the house for a few minutes. They are still talking about “The Office”. Angela has left, and they look like they are educating Hotdogs about the show. At 2:04am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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