Day 38 Uplate

Because of our good mate Rove, BB Uplate is starting a bit behid schedule tonight. It’s 11:52pm when Mike welcomes us for another night. We join the boys and they are talking politics in the kitchen. Merlin, Wesley and Paul are there at least. Wesley saying that people won’t like the HEC’s fees going up (young people at least.) Merlin goes on about how the GST is bad because it affects low income earners moreso than high income earners. Wesley says that in the US they have lower tax rates, with 33% being the highest bracket, and thats for over half a million dollars. We could move there I suppose. Merlin cuts in and tells them that if they don’t have health insurance though surgeons will leave you to die on the side of the road and not help you. Paul says it’s how the world is going to become. Mike cuts in, and when we return, Paul is in the bathroom getting ready for bed by doing his teeth. In fact, Merlin and Wes are there too. Merlin says that that was a great conversation, and that they learnt a lot about people during it. They say they even learnt stuff about people who decided not to participate. Merls says that they could have heaps of cool conversations about religion. Paul says he wants to be left out of that one. Although he goes on to say he doesn’t believe in anything like that.When Wes asks what about his kids, he says that they go along with him now because they are young, but when they are older, he will let them make up his own mind. Paul later says “Thats what I like about you. Your educated and open minded.” Mike cuts in again, and tells us that they are going to go to footage from earlier in the evening shortly. But it’s onto the brain teaser first. They run the first uplate update. They go to earlier footage.

Can’t be bothered recapping that. I’ll write if something really exciting something. Otherwise, I’m studying for my exam! OK, Ryan says that there were many people protesting against the war in Iraq. He believe that there were twice as many who wanted to go to war. Merlin looks a bit stunned by that call, but doesn’t say much. Paul reckons had we voted on it, we wouldn’t have gone to war (Australia.) And just when it gets interesting, Comm break! Back finally to the discussion. Ryan says that the US would have voted to go to war. Ryan says that they got the man they wanted, Saddam. Paul says they didn’t, that the were after Bin Laden (OBL) and not Saddam. Merls says that OBL is a big person who was responsible for 9/11 and that the US glorified him too much, but Saddam was just a person that the US used as an excuse for a war for profit and oil. Paul says George Bush is a war criminal. Ryan says he thought they would find chemical weapens. Bree doesn’t understand what George Bush senior has to do with it, she thought that Saddam killed him. Paul says nah, he says that Senior couldn’t get rid of Saddam. He then say that Senior is probably still running the country. He asks Merls what he reckons, and he says he doesn’t think any of the Bush’s are running the country. He doesn’t know who is running it. Mike cuts in and they do the brain teaser. The guy got it wrong LOL. But Mike re-read the clue, then he got it, and they gave him the cash. Comm break.

Back again we go. Paul explains about the Bush family history with Saddam. Ryan says he had to be caught, and the only way to do that was to go to war. Paul says if the UN backed the war, he would back the war. He says thats why the UN was set up. He says if they had found chemical weapons, the UN would have supported it, and the world would have been behind the US. Ryan changes his tune and says they should have held off till the inspectors found something. Paul says that Iraq could turn into Vietnam. He thinks that the US can’t get out of there. He says they promised to restore calm to the nation, a promise they can’t keep because calm will never come over that country. He says they have no escape plan. Merls and Paul are very much together in their views on Iraq tonight, which doesn’t normally happen. Comm break. Interesting to also note that everytime Mike returns to the footage, he disclaims that these are the HM’s thoughts, and do not represent the 10 network in any way. Back from the break Ryan says it means soo much for our economy and to be an ally of the US. I think Paul was about to agree with Ryan on that point, but Mike cuts in after one minute….grr, comm break. Yes, Paul does agree, but he says if we had the balls to pull out he doesn’t think it would effect our relationship too much. Merls says that because each country are having elections later in the year, incoming presidents/prime ministers might have completely different views and the relationship could well crumble.

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