Day 41 Uplate

So, I’m back after exams (well in my case, exam) and all that, ready to rock the house with Miriam….not literally, but you know! Starting later than scheduled tonight, because the earlier Miriam entering the house show ran late.

It’s 11:58pm as the credits roll. They seem to be in Miriam’s bedroom. Kane is putting makeup on Bree on the bed. Ash is around. Cut to outside, Ryan is over with the basketball with Merlin I think. Mike cuts in. He’s wearing basically nothing. He explains that Ryan is very confused at the moment! He starts the brain teaser. Back to the house we travel now. Cath is putting nail polish on someone’s toes. That would be Ryan. Maria is now helping Bree out with makeup. They seem to all be in there. Not good for listening because of so many people talking. Kane is doing Merlin now. Although it’s not really makeup, he’s drawing lines on him. Mike interrupts yet again. Comm break.

1:10am – Bree has just been in the bathroom and seen something on the toilet seat, Mike tells us. We go back to the action. Paul is having a great look through all her makeup lol. Half of them aren’t in the bedroom anymore. It seems only Ash, Terri, Catherine, Kane and Paul are around. Merlin wants to say something but is afraid cause he has two strikes. They have all come back in now. Ryan stole Bree’s drink. Here we go. Merls ask if she’s famous. She says she doesn’t now. Ryan asks if people in Australia know her. She says they do now. They move onto talk about Sarah Michelle Geller. Miriam knows her apparently. It seems they’ve dropped the other convo. Kane says they will leave if she wants to go to sleep. Half of them leave so she can sleep. Ryan is one of the first to leave. Wes is about to go too. Mike cuts in again, and tells us that we have a winner of the trivia after the break.

12:23am – Mike is back with Kylie who wins the cash. Second one commences. Back in the bedroom, Terri is in bed with her. Paul says goodnight. Bree has all these spots painted on her face, she doesn’t look as gorgeous as usual. Paul leaves the room. Bree asks what star sign she is, to which she replies Aquaries (spelling!). Kane comes back and says goodnight. They start talking about astrologicial calendars, and how they only go up until 2020 something. All rubbish if you ask me. Miriam starts talking about 9/11 or something and trying to link it to the bible and start signs. She’s got a strong accent this Miriam. Mike cuts in again, gives a clue, and it’s a comm break.

12:36am – Mike comes back on, and talks crap, and we go back to the house. Merls leave the kitchen. Trevor doesn’t think it’s a guy. Cut to Wes and Kane in the bedroom. Ryan joins them. Kane says it was funny when he farted. She shit herself Wes says. Ryan’s highlight was just the element of suprise. Ryan says if it isn’t, there has been an operation. Cut back to the girls, who are telling Miriam about the animals we have here. Merls has rejoined the girls. Merls asks her what she knew of Australia before she came here. Before she can answer, we go back to the boys. They say something is up because she went from Mexico to New York. They wonder where Merls is. Kane says he is going to sleep so well tonight. They say they’ve had 5 nights of drinking in a row, it’s been good. Kane says he doesn’t care that they have none for tomorrow. Mike says he’ll do something after the break, but I tuned out.

12:50am – Kim wins the next $1000. 3rd one is started. All the girls have come back to the main bedroom. Someone says she’s famous. Ash now believes that she is a guy. Merls says that he feels mean that they are talking about this or something. They say they won’t talk to her about it because she is only in her for one day. Bree says that for the task, she is marking it. She is going to tell BB the results. Ash says that she told her that she had a good body. Ash says she would love to have that much makeup. Ryan says there is a present under her pillow. Ash goes over and sees the other part of a head. I think it’s one of those things u hit and you have chocolate in it. Ryan says that in the diary room when they were all in there, you could hear the studio audience laughing. He says he hopes that everyone is not taking the piss out of them on the outside. He then says at least he has thought that she was a he from the very start. The girls say that she didn’t even salsa though. Mike cuts in with a clue. Comm break.

1:02am – Mike talks crap, and then we go to the bathroom. Bree says it makes no difference either way, but yeh. Terri has only just been told what the others all think. She says she would never have thought about it. Cath can’t believe that BB would put a trannie in the house. Bree says “Why has she got her own room.” Terri hits the nail on the head, but she is talking about someone in the hospital as a patient. She says she had a female body, but had male parts below. Bree says it would never be an issue, but they wonder why she is in here. They again say she hasn’t taught them any salsa. Bree says she thought it was Courtney Act from Australian Idol LOL, when she came through the door. Merlin comes in and asks them if his boxer shorts sit a little high. They say that they are. He can’t believe it! Kane gets up from bed and his boxers are up as high as anything! They start talking about how half her makeup is testers, Bree is getting more convinced by the second! Comm break.

1:16am – Mike is back. Patrick wins the third $1000 of the night. They cut to an interview with Miriam a little bit earlier. Back to the house finally. Bree says they are specualting cause they have nothing better to do. Merlin says he is finally committed, he believes she’s a he. They all say they will not say anything to her about it. Merlin says that he asked BB while he was in the DR doing his diary room. BB didn’t say anything. Ryan says that if they hadn’t have said anything to Merlin, he’d be none the wiser. Ryan says that he is just making the point that as soon as she walked in, he told the boys she is a bloke. Bree says she told Cath straight away as well. Comm break.

1:29am – Mike gives the clue for the last brain teaser of the night. Uplate update time. Back to the house we go. Lights are out. Trevor gets into bed, and so does Bree. It’s all very quiet in there. A few say goodnight. Someone farted, Ash wants to know who. Mike cuts in again, and although there is about 20 minutes left, I have to get some sleep, gotta be at work at 8am.

Where’s Warren?

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