Day 38

3.33am – Ashalea has been up half the night making her carnival costume for this week’s task. The glitter spray she is using becomes broken and won’t turn off. She’s covered in glitter.

9.36am – Wesley and Paul are up, and find building supplies outside for their float task. They note how big the task will be (they bet 100% on it!). Inside the girls are discussing the task – who can do what. Paul notices the glitter on the ground and says it’s disgraceful.

In the diary room Cath is saying she’s ready to leave the house this week, ready to face what she run away from by coming into the Big Brother house. She says that all her life guys have been making her decisions, but in here she’s been making her own – and in the case of nominations not allowed to talk about it. She feels very proud of herself. She thinks that her time in the house will make her a lot more patient with her own kids. Really appreciate the little things they do more.

Paul shows the other housemates his aqua star shirt. It’s VERY bright. Everyone says it looks good. Paul is happy because its the first tshirt he’s made.


12.10pm – Ash is explaining how she stayed up late for the task. Bree explains the canister to the other housemates. Ash was scared the canister would explode.

Wesley is called to the diary room – he knows why. Last night he and Merlin were talking about nominations and it could have broken the rules. BB told them he would review the tapes. Inside the diary room, Big Brother repeats their offending comment, and reaffirms the rules. Wesley contends, but BB interupts. Wesley is given one strike.

Merlin is called. Wesley can’t talk to him until Merlin comes out of the diary room. Wes tells the other housemates he doesn’t think it’s fair because the discussion was so open, and not specific enough to break the rules. Inside the diary room, Merlin is given one strike.

Pretty lenient!

Merlin comes out and jokes about his strike. Kane says “welcome to the club”. Merlin says it’s weird when BB repeats conversations back to them.

2.28pm – Ryan is showing off his pants, they are very baggy.. and red! Merlin has tight tight silver pants. Cath comments that Bree’s costume makes her look like a gypsy.. so Bree tells people’s fortunes. She says Ryan will join a gang that harrasses women.

Ryan shows off his pants outside… .as does Merlin. Ryan comments it didn’t take that long to sow them really.

Outside the float is coming along. Paul is making an Aboriginal flag for the float. Bree says there should be a commenwealth flag as well. Paul says “why should we serve the queen?”.


8.22pm – The housemates are being shown a salsa video for part of their task (they must learn it). The housemates laugh on at the video, especially the boys. Bree comments afterwards that it’s not an instructional video. The boys all agree that they won’t be able to do it, but Ryan gets up to dance with Bree. The video comes on again so Bree and Ryan follow along… as best they can! The rest of the housemates get up to follow along. Ash with Trev, Paul with Kane (reow!), Wes with Cath, Merlin with Terri.

Cath and Wesley really get into it! Merlin and Terri move outside to the try out dancing on the float.

Paul and Kane are now gossiping like school boys. Kane explains how he caught Ryan staring at Bree last night, looking her up and down.

Paul and Kane get dancing together.. kinky! All of the housemates stop and watch them. Serious repressed homoerotica going on here people!


10.06pm – Wesley made an Australian flag to go alongside the Aboriginal flag on the float. Paul doesn’t like how we have the english flag in the Australian one. Paul says that will change next vote. Ryan says there are still a lot of older traditional people who still have old roots. Wesley tries to calm things down by saying “you can’t say yes or no”. The talk turns to the middle east. Paul says it’s another Vietnam – they can’t get out of it. Kane makes a point that there shouldn’t be argument now.. there should just be support. Paul gets quite vocal on the subject.

The conversation is a little fast to follow on a keyboard, but basically Kane is supportive of the war, while Paul totally disagrees. Merlin agrees with Paul for once.

In the bathroom the girls are having a facial and sigh about the boys and their political discussion. “Boring!”.

11.31pm – The houseamates are slowly gonig to bed. Trevor jumps on Ryan as he emerges from the bathroom. The other housemates giggle in their beds. Bree says “alright you lot, goodnight!”.

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