Day 37 Uplate

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Uplate recaps might be a bit slim this week, Uni exam I’m studying for on Friday. But I’ll try my best.

Starts off with the guys in the kitchen dressed up like superheros. The task involves making Mardi-Gras type costumes for Friday, but the boys have decided they have plenty of time to make them, so they have just got the superhero costumes together for a bit of fun. Merls is asking if they reckon Aphro will be at the eviction on Sunday. None of the guys think so. Merls say Aphro said she would be at all of his possible evictions. He hopes she will be. The guys say if she promised, she’ll be there. Mike cuts in for the first time tonight, tells us who is nominated, whats going on with the task etc, before we head back to the house. Bree comes over and has her outfit almost finished. She looks AWESOME! The guys are very impressed. But still Merls wants to talk about Aphro. He says that perhaps Ryan nominated her in the first week. While not answering, Merls see’s the look, and starts laughing. Suddenly a few of them are saying ‘cut’, trying to move the conversation onto a different tangent. Not 2 minutes later, BB’s voice booms over. Merls panics, but it’s simply “Bree, your microphone!”. $10 down the drain, no one cares though, and Merls is relieved. Mike cuts in soon after, and goes through the brainteaser.

Back to the house, Merls asked the guys who out of people evicted would they like to see the most. Merls says Aph. Paul says Igor. Some of the guys are a bit suprised, but Igor it is. They say Ryan’s would be Elle. Ryan goes onto say that he only really liked Aphro near the end. Kane says it’s the same for him, he liked her in week one, but week two he really liked her.

Back from Anthony winning the cash, the boys are still discussing relationships in the house. Ryan says that the first week everyone thought that Ash and Merls would hook up. But Ryan says after a week he knew that Ash had no hopes. Merlin says he did nothing to egg her on. Ryan says that the guys in this house are so close. He says going into BB, he thought if he made a good friend or so out of this, he’d be happy. But he says the guys are all so close, he’ll be keeping in contact with everyone in the room at least. The boys agree. Ryan goes onto say that he reckons he’s not on the daily show that often, because Trev does the pranks etc, but he reckons that Merls, who he says has D&M’s with every housemate, will feature a lot in the daily show. Merls is a bit worried about this, being nominated this week. Bree comes in and has a white aphro on her head. She looks good. She says she is going to use it. Ryan asks if “Rootman” (his superhero) can wear it. Ryan gives us a hot tip! He says that the girls have nearly finished their costumes, while none of the boys have really started. Mike cuts in and gives us a clue for the brain teaser. Comm break.

Back now will Elle in the studio, but it looks very recorded earlier. Back to the house now, only Bree, Trev, Merls and Wesley are the only ones left in the kitchen. Bree is having some toast, and they talk about how the vegemite has gone down so quickly. They all suspect Paul. Bree says she hardly has any margarine, only on toast and mashed potatoes. Merls and Bree leave the kitchen, and Wes and Trev are there. Trev says he is humbled to have stayed in here so long. He says he can’t wait to leave now though, cause he misses so many people. They agree to take it as it comes. They realise they will be nominated at some stage. They say they will make week eight at least. Mike cuts in and tells people to stop calling. Back from the break, they’ll have someone on the phone.

12:32am – Marie is the second winner of the night. Back to the house, Merls is back in the kitchen. He says that one of the people nominated is the best person, he can’t believe they were nominated (I imagine Cath or Bree), and that if they are up, he understands how he can be up. Bree explains that it could only have been 1 point, because they have 5 people up. They say it’s no good thinking about it who nominated who. Merls says that people should vote according to who people nominate, they should vote out who the house want out. LOL. Bree says no way. They vote on simply what they see. Merls is implying that Terri and Paul should be well and truly gone. Merls asks whether they have wanted to take any nominations back. Bree says todays nominations she would like to erase. Trev says he would take them all back. He says he has only disliked one person in his life, he’s not been bought up to believe that they have to find faults in people. Mike cuts in with a clue for the brain teaser. Comm break.

12:45am – Now back to part two of the interview of Elle. Mike runs through some appearances the evicted housemates are making this week. Oh Aphro is in Sydney on Sunday night! Now back to the kitchen. Ash has joined them in the kitchen now. Bree and Trev have gone now. Merls asks Wesley how he would feel being the only guy nominated. Dunno what they are getting at, because Paul is also up. I dunno. They go through the girls, they can’t see anyone voting for Catherine. Merls says that she can’t believe she got nominated. Wesley says Terri has her b’day this week, so she will be happy a lot in the footage. And then they have Bree, Merls says she won’t go. Merls says he would be stunned if she went. Trev comes back and says he has visions and have got the last 4 right. Merls says has he got his vision for this week yet. Trev says he doesn’t know yet. Merls makes him shake on telling him if it’s him, or whenever he gets his vision. Trev says it’s normally the day or the night before. Trev says nite ladies, as he leave the kitchen. Wes says that Terri might survive again this week. Merls says that he can’t understand why the public haven’t voted her out, if she has been nominated 5 weeks in a row. Comm break.

Back again, and Mike is introducing the VBB weekly task for that comp. Now Marilyn is on the phone for the third $1000 of the night. The last game has started. Back to the house we go, and still the boys, Merls and Wes are there. Wes is going through everyone in the house wondering who the heck has voted for him. Apparently he got 8 votes! LOL. Haven’t watched the show yet. He says that he reckons 2 people have voted for him. He says if thats not the case, vote him out. Now he says 3 people max voted for him. Mike cuts in and tells us 4 people voted for him. Merls says he would hope that 2 people nominated you would be enough to get u up for eviction. But they say ‘we just don’t know.’ Merls says BB seems to be a lot strickter this week. Merls says that he is one of the last 4 not to be nominated. He says he is humbled, but he’s aware that he hasn’t been tested yet. He could go up next week and be gone straight away. Mike comes on and tells us that Merlin is ahead on the Internet eviction poll. But that poll has been wrong a couple of times now. Comm break.

1:12am – Mike goes through the clue for the final brain teaser. Now time for an uplate update. Mike tells us that during away, BB has told Wes and Merlin in the diary room that he will be reviewing the tape of their convo just before, and will get back to them.Back to the house, Merlin is making himself a drink in the kitchen. No one else seems to be there. In the bedroom, Kane goes to the toilet. Now Wes has joined Merls back in the kitchen. Wes says that he is fine with BB reviewing the tape. Merls says he would rather get a strike then a fine for this. Wes says that BB is fair, and they’ll be fine. Merls doesn’t think they were breaking the rules. Wes agrees. Mike cuts in and tells no one else to call, back after the break.

1:25am – Donna is the last winner of the night for the cash. The third and final uplate update now. Back to the living room, Terri has finished her costume. Looks ok. Ashalea is still there, although it doesn’t seem like she has done much. The guys (Wes and Merls) have joined them. They all think Terri’s is awesome. Terri asks the guys how much she needs to take her dress thing up. She gets them to safety pin it up or something. Wes says her Milo is still there. Ash says again that it looks wicked. Ash says she’s not tired at all. Mike comes on and says goodnight. Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:34am.

Where’s Warren?

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