Day 37

Paul is up, making a little nick in his engraved calendar. He documents the departure of Elle, and makes a note that it’s been 37 days. Paul is exercising it up, and Bree is interested to see what will happen tonight at nominations. She says she doesn’t care whether she’s nominated tonight. “Nothings bothered me… bring it on. I like the surprises because it’s something different”. Bree is annoyed that the three closest peopel to her in the house have been girls.

5.23pm – Wow that was a fast day! Everyone is preparing dinner and Trev tells Ash why they’re called “chickpeas”. Merlin comes screaming out of the diary room with “we’ve got something to do”. It’s carnival week in Rio for the Big Brother housemates – and BB will provide all the necessities for a Rio task. A few housemates suggest a 100% wager for their shopping. A few of the housemates called to the diary room – they joke about microphone fines.

Inside the diary room there are materials to make costumes and a float. Later the boys joke about the tight pants they have been given to wear.


8.27pm – Nomination announcement time. Merlin, Catherine, Bree, Terri and Paul. Paul quickly does his lame grain of salt thing. Merlin looks really bummed out. Ryan invites the ladies to come have some wine in the kitchen.

Later Merlin gets hugs from the other housemates. Merlin says he’s shocked Bree was nominated, but Bree says at least the two nomination virgins can go through it together. Catherine is happy that he children will be up on stage this week during the eviction show. The housemates still comfort Merlin, asking if he is alright. There is discussion about how the votes will be spread out when there are a lot of nominees.

The boys have a heart-to-heart.. literally. They talk about when they last had a cry. Trevor says it’s been about a week – he had sunglasses on and was thinking about his girlfriend. Paul says it was before they moved into the house. Wesley said at begining of 2002 when his dog was put down. The others are shocked it’s been 2 weeks. Ryan says he’s a weak crier and cries in his car all the time – his last time was the weekend before he entered the house. He explains he loves good love songs and they make him cry… awww!


9.07pm – In the bedroom Merlin confides in Wesley: he says that he’s glad Bree and Cath are nominated too. Wesley nominated both of them.

Later Merlin tells Cath he’s scared – he’s not ready to go. Cath tells him not to worry about it, but Merlin seems a bit paranoid. Cath says “you’ll be fine” but Merlin said that to all the previous evictees.

BAck in the kitchen Ryan is saying all the girls he got close to left the house. It’s uninspired gabble.


11.08pm – Merlin tells the boys he looks foward to sitting down with a beer and putting it all out as it was – he is of course reffering to his dealings with Paul. He says that Paul and him know each other well but Paul disagrees “massively”. Bree says they are the two most stubborn people she’s met in her life.

Paul says Bree is “mother hen”. Bree says Cath is mother hen. Talk moves to Terri about how she’s a “boys girl”. Bree explains that Terri had a bad past with other girls and connects better with blokes.

Back in the house Terri is making costumes with the other girls. There is talk about petruding hip bones and skinny legs.

As usual the boys are in the kitchen discussing nominations, and the reasons behind their votes. Merlin is obviously drunk but Paul not so much. Paul just seems to be nodding along.

1.02pm – Merlin still can’t get over nominations. He can’t wait to find out who nominated him. Wesley says he can’t picture any girls voting for him, but Paul definately. Immediately Big Brother calls them to the diary room and says they have been asking about nominations a lot in the last few hours. Both Merlin and Wesley contest, and BB says he will look into the footage.

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