Day 33

Ryan and Paul are up doing a morning workout. Paul is clocking up a few kays walking around the pool. He refuses to walk the boundaries because he feels like he’s trapped. Terri says “jeez you boys have good bodies – quite lovely”. Paul says “I don’t know about Ryan, he’s not very toned.. pretty underdeveloped” (jokingly, of course).

Bree and Cath have found a new hangout – just outside the kitchen overlooking the pool. Kane calls it the new posse.

Paul and Ryan are now sunbathing talking about how the eviction will be interesting. Their talk is quite boring actually. Paul says he’s either made it or break’ed it – but he’s ready for anything. His family would have been watching these last few days thinking “here he goes!”. Kane is now cleaning the pool. Paul says “open up the gates of hell.. if you get rid of me, everyone will be free, and that will be the end, of reality”.

2.15pm – Kane is giving Merlin a sexy new ‘do. Kane is talking quite passionately about hair dos and how he would wear Merlin’s hair.

Trevor comes out from the diary room after being told about house duties. He picks up an old envelope and takes it out to pretend they have a proper message. Trevor reads out: “Dear housemates, after tea tonight there will be a visitor, please make sure that everything is cleaned up and everything is in order”. Merlin notices that there’s a list of names on the letter, rather than the message, and all the girls call out in dissapointed. Trevor can’t stop laughing. “How excited did we all get then”.

Kane is back to doing Merlin’s hair. Merlin says it’s perfect. Kane you metrosexual you.


3.54pm – Ashalea goes into the diary room to say hello because she’s a bit bored. Ash says she didn’t do much today because she had a sore tooth. Big Brother says there is a vacuum in the diary room, for use on the bedroom carpet. She wheels it out and emerges with her vacuum. Ash has a bit of trouble with the extension cord “this thing is alive!”, and not being able to find wall outlets to plug it in. Meanwhile the housemates in the kitchen discuss whether Ash will know how to operate a vacuum cleaner.

4.02pm – Ash is cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is upside down.

4.22pm – More cleaning, she’s sucked up some one’s scrunchy.

4.55pm – Finished now! “That was fun”.

Trevor takes the housemates outside to look at what looks like a snake on the wall. It’s obviously fake but the housemates keep talking. They decide it’s a bluetonge lizard… now it’s a snake. They prod it with the pool cleaner. Kane and Merlin can tell it’s fake and start yelling out how poisonous it is. Ash and Bree are ecstatic. Eventually they realise it’s fake – Big Brother put it there to scare the kukaburras.

Later, Ash and Merlin are discussing the possibility of another group of housemates living upstairs. Merlin doesn’t think so and says “you are niave of your innocence”. Ash doesn’t know what the word means. Merlin does his best to explain it… a little clueless. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Merlin says he rests his case.


7.37pm – Trevor has been called to the diary room to collect a letter – he’s being escorted by the girls. They chant “we want something to do”. Trevor hides the letter under his shirt – but the housemates are wiser than that. The girls and Merlin now chant “we have something to do”.

“Big Brother believes each housemate has kept something from the other housemates. Tonight you must reveal your best hidden talent”

8.07pm – Trev: I can sing a bit. it’s called singing. He sings part of “the lion sleeps tonight”. After a nervous pause he gets going – very loud and high pitched. The housemates cheer on.

Kane: he does some robot dancing, it’s a bit tame compared to Trev’s performance.

Elle: She gargles the Australian national anthem! The housemates clap on.

Ash: She twists her double jointed arm.. there is a quiet cracking noise.

Wes: Shows his mental powers.. he can make Ash say carrot. He fails!


11.11pm – The girls are in the kitchen entertaining each other. Cath makes an Adam’s family “it” out of Bree’s hair. Meanwhile Trev plots a joke on the girls – he gets some guys to keep the girls occupied while they get the fake snake down. Ryan picks it up and pretends to be attacked – the boys put it in Bree’s bed.

Ash is discussing how they seperate from the boys. Cath gets some advice: are you scared of going through the pain of breakups again? Bree says she was like that in the past. Elle reminds her that she’s been in a marriage of 12 years, and that’s quite serious. Terri says she will go into relationships and try to make it work and then end up wasting her life. Ash says they are all really strong, and she has always had her girl time, and he boyfriend is the only one she can go back to. Cath says there will be guys lining up. Ash says she feels like a bonehead.

11.54pm – The boys are in the lounge, and Kane goes into the bedroom only to be attacked with a pillow gauntlet. All the boys move in and suggest they go to bed.

Eventually Bree opens up her bed, doesn’t see the snake at first, then makes a huge gasp and screams out “AAH!”.

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