Day 6 Uplate

Evening All,

That time of the night again folks. The last for a week. I’ve had a sneak peak at the feeds, and half of them are turning in for the night, but we’ll manage I think. Credits roll, and we’re into the house. Lights are out in the bedroom, so Mike pops up and welcomes us to BB Uplate. Switch to outside, and they are talking out there while playing B’Ball. It seems that Aphro has been contemplating leaving throughout the day, although tonight Mike tells us that she is leaning towards staying tonight. He says that last night was the best UpLate ever. And we run the first update.

Back from the update, Mike sends us back to the house, out to the BBall court. Merlin, Wesley, Aphro and Ashalea are outside still. 10 people inside trying to get to sleep, and Wesley wasn’t tired, so he has come outside. Aphro says she doesn’t eat a lot of chocolate outside the house, but she is in here, and thus she is getting pimples. Aphro says her whole frame of mind has changed – she says if people are pissed off because she is loud she is happy, because she is being herself. Merlin says it would be bad if she got chosen for her loudness, and then come in and be the quiet one. Aphro says that she is not going to tone it down for anyone. The boys make a plug for the beer – James Boags and Sons. Mike cuts in and goes trough the trivia for the night, but quickly are sent back to the house.

Back inside, they are still talking about beer. It’s been 6 days in there, and they’ve had beer 5 nights so far. Tonight is the first without it. They are making jokes about BB turning them into alocoholics. Aphro says she wants to make a Channel 10 ad, the one where you press the button. They all do a ‘seriously’ ad for the camera. Merlin wasn’t too far away from the perfect shot, in the middle and everything. Merlin tells everyone he has to go to the bathroom. Aphro says “isn’t this better than sleeping.” Wesley says he’ll regret it in the morning. Wesley says that he has been sleeping like a log. Ashalea doen’t like Igor sleeping where he is sleeping. Aphro suggest they move him to her bed. Why I wonder!? The others say ‘nah don’t worry about.’ Aphro says she loves talking to people, if they hadn’t noticed! They are talking about Merlin, and then he soons reappears. They say they’ve been talking about how shit he is at basketball, so he shoots, and scores! Merlin says they are all dead in the bedroom. Merlin says that they will have to adjust to their routine sooner or later, talking about going to sleep. Aphro doesn’t think so. Mike reappears and says stay awake! Then he’s gone. Aphro says there is a group thats gets up really early and go to bed early, then there is the group that gets up early, but stay up fairly late, then the group (them) that get up a bit late, and go to bed very late. Mike reappears, and gives us a clue for the trivia. Back to the house though now. The boys start a competition with the BBall, the most shots in, in a row. The girls have gone. Cut to the girls in the kitchen. They want a microwave in the kitchen. They are talking like Big Brother would. Ashalea says the hottest guy is Wesley, then Ryan, then Merlin, Kane, then Paul and poor Trev last. She can’t even remember the poor guys name! First brain teaser is closed. Back to the kitchen we go. Ashalea says she has to stop eating barbecue food. Mike is back with Steve from NSW on the phone. He wins the cash, and then throws to our first commercial break.

Back from the break, Mike comes on ands goes through the trivia before we are sent to the kitchen where Aphro is telling Ashalea to not expect her boyfriend to have been faithful. Weird conversation going on here! Ashalea explains they have been together for 2 and a half years, but they’ve broken up about 5 times. Because they are talking about outside people, they cut the feed and head for the silence of the bedroom. Mike comes on and talks in the corner for a bit, then he gets some emails out to read. He then goes through the brain teaser. Mike then goes on to say he was reading some unofficial sites today, namely BBBA, and he was looking at the forums and saw a drinking game for BB Uplate. It made people have a drink if Mike said um, was looking at a wrong camera, or if he snores as if he’s asleep etc. Mike goes on to say that a few people at BBBA think that Big Brother hates the site. Mike says that they love the site. (We know you like it Mike, but Channel 10 aren’t our best friends, lets be serious!) He adds as the last comment that ‘we do deserve a little spank’ because we go to far sometimes. Oh well :) Go back to the house now, and it’s only the bedroom, so we get to the break very quickly.

Back from the break, we go through thr trivia again, and then go to the second BB Uplate Update. He’s padding time here, something interesting is going on in the kitchen for sure! Moves onto more emails. God this is exciting. They are quite happy to show the guys in the bedroom, but surely they could easily tell us the truth – that they can’t show the convo in the kitchen. #bigbrother got a mention this time round. He then goes on to say that the OS of Big Brother is great this year. Brain teaser game is closed, and they will check out the OS now. Another commercial break now.

At 12:31am it’s Mike again, who is giving Carol some money now. He trys to keep her on the line for a while. She thinks Trevor will win. She thinks Aphro will go. Mike finally lets her go the poor girl! Another game of brain teasers is up and away now. Finally, we are back to the kitchen. No we’re not. In the bedroom where everyone is asleep. Ooah yeh now we are! Aphro is saying she was so relieved that she got an easy question in the quiz. They start talking about Merlin’s answer. Wesley’s question they all thought was the easiest. The other easy one was Krystal. Aphro says the next task will probably be hard. Ashalea says that when this is all over she is going to hook up with Wesley’s girlfriend, cause she has contacts in the model industry. Aphro says that she won’t need contacts when she gets out, she’ll be huge. Comm break.

12:44am and Mike comes back on again. Fancy that! He tells us again that Sara Marie will be back on UpLate next week. It’s money time. Mike tells us that he just did sme push ups on the floor. He goes through the trivia, and gives a clue. Finally sends us back to the house. They are eating a bit of food, having a few laughs still. They wonder whether they would be on TV now. Aphro says it’s late but it’s on early. They all think that they wouldn’t be on right now. Ashalea asks if there is a show on every night. Aphro says this is Big Brother, not Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She starts doing the intro of Days of Our Lives….weird girl. She says “How can I help it if Centrelink pays me for watching the Bold and the Beautiful.”. Hmm, my opinion just went down of her, even lower. The game is closed for trivia. Mike is talking, but back we are in the kitchen. Ohhhh, thats yuk. She’s speaking with half an banana in her mouth. They decide to hide all the food from everyone asleep. Mike cuts in again, Darren in Victoria is the winner this time round. last game is started, and then we get a comm break. It’s 12:54am.

Mikey G is back again. He says if your playing the BB Game talked about earlier, they would be plastered! We go to the bedroom, where Paul is asleep. Time for emails. He goes onto talk about SuperDave who does all the technical aspects of BB Uplate. Back to some more emails. Back to the kitchen we travel now. They have planned a joke to pull on the other housemates, but we’ve come in too late. Mike can’t understand it, so he pops his head up and gives us a clue. They are going to hide the chocolates though. Merlin suggest they say that todays challenge is to not pick up anything in there right hand, and if they do, fines are attracted. LOL. They are hiding them, and they say if something goes wrong, they would be screwed. They decide to leave it after all that, and wait for a different time. They all decide it’s time to hit the hay. They change there mind and hide the chocolates now. They put them in doors in the kitchen – “no one will look in there!” Aphro is going to do something to the toilet or something. I don’t understand. Merlin tries to talk her out of it, but Aphro says she is doing it. Wesley gives Ashalea a kiss, and the boys are outta there. So are we, cause it’s a comm break.

Back at 1:10am, Mikey runs through the last brain teaser of the night. He makes a new clue up because “he’s so clever” Mike is in fine form tonight! Now it’s time to go through the last uplate update. Back with Mike, who runs through how they have 3 updates per night etc. Oh dear, Aphro has put glad wrap over the toilet. Can’t wait for someone to get up and go to the toilet. They are laughing, but at the same time, trying to stay quiet. Aphro says “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Ashalea says that she hopes someone doesn’t get the runs in the middle of the night. Mike fills us in that there is a boys and a girls toilet – they are putting it over the guys. Mike then sends us to a break.

It’s 1:23am and Mike is standing up. Shane is on the phone and wins the money. back in the house, the girls are going ready to sleep. Mike is just mucking around now, he’s really funny tonight. He reads some emails now. He then cuts to a heap of video messages that are sent through via the 3 mobile network. Aphro still hasn’t gone to bed. Mike wraps it up for the week. At 1:33am, Dreamworld says goodnight!

Where’s Warren?

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