Day 8

9.52am – The housemates are wishing Cath a happy Mothers Day. Krystal, Wesley and Ashalea are the last to get up. Krystal explains that Igor is so not on her Christmas card list. Meanwhile Aphro is teaching Kane to walk in her high-heel shoes. Kane has a bit of difficulty at first, but quickly gets the hang of it, struting his stuff down the pool side.

Merlin and Ashalea are having an “intimate” conversation in the bedroom, and Merlin jokes that he spent the night snuggling with Terri. Ash is not impressed, but Merlin is entertained by how gullable she is. They thumb wrestle to pass the time. Aphro and Elle are stressing about nominations, particularly Elle. They wonder if crying is a good enough excuse for nominating or being nominated.

With all the housemates in cleaning mode, Ryan does a good job of cleaning the house rugs. Igor is trying to help out more now, helping cool a bbq – perhaps because nominations are later today?


1.28pm – Lunchtime. As the housemates eat, Aphro confronts Igor about his lack of participation in house activities. Later, it’s cleaning time, with most of the housemates cleaning the house mirrors. Cut to some footage of Igor sleeping on the couch – can we be certain this is happening at the same time? I suspect sneaky editing by Big Brother.

4.31pm – Terri is explaining the financial problems of the past. She was in a lot of debt trying to repeat her TEE exams after high school and during university. Her worst day of her life was when she spent her last $10 on petrol, and some one had stolen the petrol out of her tank. She ended up going to the Salvation Army for goods. Ashalea gets confused with shopping at op shops, but soon realises they are talking about food shortages.


8.42pm – Catherine is called to the diary room, all the housemates singing “Happy Mothers Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday. Catherine is given a phone that’s deactivated, can’t send or recieve calls, but can play an existing video. All the housemates huddle around the phone in the bedroom. It’s a message from her children, saying they miss her and hope she gets to the end. Catherine is brought to tears, but says they don’t look like they miss her all that much. Bree suggests a group facial session. The boys are quick to join in.

Ryan, Trevor and Aphrodite aren’t too hot about facials, and Trevor starts yelling about not liking them. Aphro says she’s probably the blokiest guy in the house. All the blokes who had facials start “rough-housing” on Trevor (more homoexoritca!).

Later at dinner, Ryan tells Merlin that he really likes Bree, and Krystal is totally not his type of girl. Merlin explains what happened earlier with his joke on Ashalea.


11.13pm – Merlin comfronts Igor about how he speaks to women. Igor says that that he’s just joking, but Merlin says he needs to be careful because some jokes can be taken the wrong way. Igor brushes it off and suggests they all go have a beer. Later Merlin discusses what happened with Ryan.

Kane, Paul and Igor are called to the diary room. They are warned about nomination colluding.

Later Ryan is talking about Bree again, this time to Merlin and Trevor. He says they are really similar and he would like to get close to them in that kind of sense to see where they are both coming from. The overall concensus is “not now, but you never know”.

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