Day 9

9.00am – The hot water is now on, and Trevor is um.. getting ready imaginarily(?).

10.36am – The housemates all gather outside to organise their weekly shopping. They have one hour. Krystal has some quick ideas about how to organise th shopping list. Some housemates think they should pre-organise a weekly menu, but eventually end up going through each item one by one.

In the kitchen, Krystal is annoyed at buying so much cereal when they can’t eat it without milk. She explains how much cereal Merlin eats in the morning (which apparently, is a lot). There is talk of drinking too much milk before the discussion is quickly moved onto toilet paper, and how much people are using. They work out they are using about 6 rolls of toilet paper every day.

Wes goes to talk to Big Brother. He says he knows he blew up at Bree about each items and he feels it’s a good way to fuel the fire for tonight’s nominations. He says that Krystal was annoying him a lot and making smartass comments. Later he apologises to Bree.


3.26pm – In the kitchen Merlin is telling Trevor he finds Ashalea’s attention a little too much. He thinks she doesn’t understand the parameters of their friendship. He said that last night in bed he had to pretend to roll over and fall asleep. Ashalea comes in, and Merlin leaves without saying much.

Bree is reading out their task – the housemates are to get married to each other! The girls select their partners. The couples are:

Elle and Paul
Terri and Trevor
Bree and Wesley
Ashalea and Ryan
Catherine and Merlin
Aphro and Kane
Bree and Igor

Each time Big Brother plays the wedding music for a particular couple they must dress up and walk down the isle in 90 seconds.


8.17pm – Nominees are to be announced. They are Terri, Igor and Aphrodite. Bree is shocked at Aphro’s nomination. Igor says he’s fine to no one in particular (they didn’t ask at all). Terri is comforted by Catherine, but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it: “It’s like being on death row”. Catherine says “we’re all going to have our turn Terri, it’s inevitable”.

In the kitchen Merlin says to Aphro “there is no way in the world you will be nominated, I promise”. They then talk about the ‘obvious’ person to go (of course, Igor). Igor comes over to hug Aphro and Merlin is quick to leave (hah).

Back in the house Ash hits Merlin with a pillow, when he asks what that was for, she says “because you love me”. She then says he hates her because he never talks to her anymore and gives her weird looks. He makes an explosion sound. They have a pillow fight and Merlin leaves. Ash says “you better run”.

Suddenly Bree and Wesley’s marriage song is played, they quickly get dressed, with the help of the other housemates. The all run outside to the wedding isle, and fleefully walk down to Trevor, who is the minister. All the other housemates are in their seats cheering on the couple. Wesley thanks everyone for coming to their wedding. He picks Bree up and twirls her around, falling down. Big Brother pronounces them husband and wife.


8.10pm – Kane is doing some sweeping in his boxer shorts. Merlin and Aphro walk into the kitchen. They talk about what type of girls Merlin likes. Aphro says that he likes blondes, and Merlin says he likes princesses. Aphro wants to help Merlin determine what type of girl he likes. Aphro says she has to work him out before she leaves.

Later in the bedroom, Terri announces to everyone that she will now be showering in her bikini, just incase it was something making the other housemates uncomfortable. With the lights out, Terri tells Elle that she is quietly confident Igor will be evicted.

In the kitchen Ashalea is telling Igor off for picking his teeth in the kitchen. She says he needs to be more hygienic. After he leaves, she says “my god, what a pig.. thats disgusting”.

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