Day 13 Uplate

So it’s an ridiculous hour for up late to commence tonight at 12:53 – Claire is in Uplate Studio, and asleep. Thats about the most excitement we’ll get tonight too. Run through trivia straight away, and then we are told some people are up! Yes, Merlin and Aphro are still up.

In the kitchen, we join them, and they are saying something about trying it twice….Aphro says so you would try heroin twice? With that, Mike joins us again! Excellent BB, just what we wanted. Cut to a Uplate update. Try again we will. Merlin says where he grew up he only got one station, the ABC. He says that she will have to watch all the BB eps on tape. I thought his mum died – second wife I am imagining. Aph asks what his dad does. His dad runs a recycling company or something. He employs 15 people or so, he gets like broken dishwashers and does them up and gives them to people with no money etc. Merlin is very proud of him. Mike cuts in again. For god sake Mike, you’ll make me turn off very soon. Clue for the trivia, and then comm break.

Back with Mike at 1:08am. Trivia again, then back to the kitchen. Merlin says he feels like love is an emotion that you feel deep down, and that you don’t feel that depth of emotion until someone dies. He reckons he’s been to that depth of emotion when his mum died. Fine line between love and hate. He says he knows himself as a person very well. He says thats why he has such high expectations. Mike cuts in again…c’mon guys, don’t do this. Another uplate update. They look at the bedroom on the TV in the studio. Seems pretty quiet in there at the moment. Then they read some emails. Getting mad Mike. Then they go to a break….

BB comes back on about 1:24am – they talk about the royal wedding which is on at the moment. Much better than what this show is tonight. Woman on the line wins the money. Second trivia game starts up. Back to the house. Terri has made her way to the kitchen. Aphro is talking about jeans and buying clothes. Aphro says if you have no money you just rob little kids in the carpark and then go and buy them. They quickly cut away from that feed, to the bedroom, and then they go back. Aphro was working for Darling Harbour Hotel, and around the corner and went out to the ATM…and Mike cuts in again. Oh my god…if you can’t tell I’m pissed at Channel 10 tonight, then I’m gonna tell you i’m pissed! Go through trivia and then launch into more emails. Comm break.

Back at 1:38am with Mike and Claire in the studio. Mike shows a clip of Claire from the house. Anything but the house guys, shock horror if we go there. Finally to the kitchen, Aphro says she has lost Merlin in her therapy session since Terri arrived. Aphro reckons that Merlin is mysterious. I think Terri has gone. Aphro asks “What are you scared of?” “This is BB – Terri to the DR.” Something about medicine. Aphro went on to say “are you scared of liking someone.” He says he will answer. Merlin says he can’t tell her without telling everyone (meaning Australia.) Aphro reckons that he scares people in here – cause he makes them feel guilty. Aphro says you make people feel guilty for not loving trees! Merlin says people haven’t figure him out yet. Aphro says they won’t, cause they won’t take the time to get to know him like she is. Mike interrupts, and some guy wins the money. Back to the kitchen. I think they are trying to impersonate Big Brother’s voice. Merlin says that Aphro is trying to find a quick fix so she can understand him properly. Merlin says he has no secret or anything like that. He says he can’t relax when he’s in here. Aph reckons he should just relax. Comm break…

1:53am and we’re back. Go through the brain teaser and give the clue. Go to footage on Claire in the house again. Back to house again to the kitchen. They are talking about a Tom Cruise movie. Merlin says the girl in it are drop dead gorgeous. He says most girls he’s attracted to are out of his league. Aphro asks why they are out of his league. Merlin says something…which I don’t understand, and Aphro doesn’t either! Aphro says she goes for the guys who don’t get attention in nightclubs. Merlin says that the girl who falls in love with home no matter what he looks like. It’s a weak point he’s trying to make – makes no point at all. If people fall in love they don’t care (to a degree) about what they look like. Merlin says he was intimidated when they had the group photo outside just prior to entering the house. Aphro was like ‘what a mix!’ Merlin says he doesn’t have a license. Neither does Aphro…interesting. Aph says she has worked everyone else out except Merlin. Merlin agrees that others were easy to work out. Merlin says he is going to go to the bathroom. He gets up, and Aphro sits there and waits for his return. Mike cuts in, comm break.

Back at 2:09am and they go to an uplate update. Steve wins the third $1000 for the night. Last $1000 is up for grabs now. Back to the house we go finally. Merlin says she is trying to crack him, but it’s turning him back into a 14 year old shy guy, he wants to be 24. He says if you just flirted with him normally it would be fine. Aphro says she is taking the piss out of him. Merlin asks her what her favourite ice cream fflavour is. She says Hokey Pokey. Aphro says she has been testing him everyday but he doesn’t realise it. At this point, Mike comes back on. That lasted 3 minutes that little clip. It’s 2:19…they crossed to the house from the break (2:09am) at 2:16am. This is crazy. Comm break.

At 2:24am we’re back. Brain teaser and clue. Email reading time again….No, back to the house. Aphro says that Merlin’s problem is that no one has ever paid him a complement. Merlin asks how close she is to her mother. Aphro says she has a funny relationship with her, she says that when they go out people think they are sisters. She says Mum has done some things that have made their lives…..and we cut away to the bedroom. That’s enough for me, I’ve had enough of this crap tonight.

Where’s Warren?

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