Day 15

It’s Sunday morning, and the housemates are preparing for the first eviction last night. Paul comments that the house is like a bit of a morgue. He tells Trevor they need to revitalise the house.

Igor is complaining about not being able to sleep – he says that if he’s not evicted he’ll be leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday. Aphro reminds him that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Igor says he doesn’t care – and will just walk out if it’s any worse.

In the kitchen Terri gives some commentary on what the other housemates are doing. She agrees to do the washing, while Krystal stands there, silent.

Back inside, Aphro and Ashalea can’t get over how Igor wants to go. Merlin says it’s just a defence mechanism because he thinks he is leaving tonight. Igor is telling Terri his problem. She says she’d prefer him in the house compared to the other housemates – she can’t talk about why, cos “you know”.

12.49pm – The girls are singing over lunch and it’s driving Paul and Kane nuts. “I hate it when the girls sing, it’s so gay”. Kane and Paul both agree they are embarrased to be in the house when the girls sing: “ahh, they’re so crap, their song choice is dispicable, it’s probably the most uncomfortablest moment, it’s gotta stop”. Ryan says there are a few girls who really put effort into it, and it’s terrible.


3.02pm – Terri is explaining that she’d be annoyed if she was evicted when another housemate really wants to go (ie. Igor). Terri quickly says that if she had it her way it would be her and Igor who stay, — BITCHY!!!! THe boys ask for clarification but she won’t repeat it.

The boys go on to discuss the girls. Ryan and Trevor say Aphro is a lunatic. Merlin joins them and they are all looking jaded and sorry for themselves (or sleep deprived!).

Aphro is leaving kisses on the one way glass as her mark incase she leaves tonight. Paul is counting the number of knotches he’s left on the wooden patio – 15 days.

Later, Paul is telling the other guys that Merlin will put on a little show tonight and start punching the punching bag when some one is evicted – he says it’s good for comedy.

Paul is becoming quite the bitch.

Later, Aphro takes Merlin into the kitchen and gives him a “goodbye”. She says she feels close to Merlin because he understands her and she wishes she was a girlie girl. She really wants to hang with him when they’re both out of the house and hopes it’s not just words. Merlin says he admires her.


8.09pm – It’s time to go… Aphrodite. Everyone is in shock and Kane can’t stop saying “it’s all good”. After Aphro leaves, Ashalea, Elle and Merlin are especially upset. Merlin walks straight over to the punching back and starts kicking it. Paul (being the super cool social commentator he is) starts yelling “go for it”. Not funny. The boys are outside the kitchen. The girls are on the other side of the pool. Igor shows no emotion. Catherine mentions that Krystal will be surprised that she didn’t nominate her (is that against the rules?).

Later in the bedroom Igor says he’s shocked and wanted her to stay – he was the one to go not her. In the kitchen Merlin says that Aphro and he will be good mates, but he doesn’t think the other housemates believe him.

Ashalea is alone in the bedroom, crying: “I love you Aph”. Merlin is still talking about Aphro – about how some housemates are good with her. Paul is being a loudmouth tiwt again trying to remind Merlin of the short time he was annoyed at Aphro.


10.03pm – Kane and Paul are talking about how they don’t want Igor to leave (PUH-LEEZ!). They agree he’s not trying hard enough to get past his sleeping problem.

Aphro’s goodbye message is played to the housemates. She says it’s difficult for her, and will miss the people she’s grown close with. Look after Ashalea and Merlin for me. Merlin is upset, and starts crying Cath and Elle comfort him.

Igor is whinging about his damn sleeping problem again. Krystal says he needs to put a positive spin on things for once rather than lying around complaining about how he can’t sleep. In the bedroom Merlin is comforted by Bree. He can’t believe that she was evicted out of the total three. He says he feels like such an idiot and all of the other girls are quick to tell him he doesn’t.

Igor is sleeping – is this a metaphore? Wesley is sleeping in Aphrodite’s bed. Merlin gives Aphro’s window kiss a little kiss of his own.

1.05am – Igor is snoring and it’s keeping Ryan awake. He moves to another bed.

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