Day 16

9.21am – Paul comments on how clear the poor is looking this morning. The weather is a lot better than previous days. Paul is carving his calendar into the wooden patio around the pool.

There’s friction over what to include in the shopping list. They have more money to spend around. Paul butts in again saying they should buy a lot of softdrink because it will last with the alcohol consumption. Bree stays away and sings a little song about not wanting to deal with it. Paul says the girls are taking it too seriously (ahem… look who’s talking!).

Krystal and Paul exchanged heated words. Krystal goes to tell Bree what happens. Bree says that she doesn’t want to be seen discussing this… but too late! Loudmouth Paul comes over and starts spurting sarcastic remarks about how this is sooo adult like and you are what you eat (just shut up, K).


2.28pm – Task time. The housemates must complete an obstacle course set up in the backyard. They must practice and be marked at the end of the week.

Paul says he wants to bet 100% to see what will happen if they lose. SHUTUP PAUL! Paul starts making chicken noises to Ryan who doesn’t want to bet so much. SHUTUP PAUL!

Bree says a valid comment about becoming over-confident, Paul tries to but in but Bree snaps back at him (go girl!).

5.58pm – They all go outside and marvel at the course. Shortly after they go back into the bedroom and Wesley finds Aphrodite has left some undies under her (now his) bed. Merlin suggests they all wear undies on their heads for tonight’s nominations – Aphro would love if they did that.

Bree goes to tell the other housemates about the undies idea. Igor refuses, saying his head is too big (sheesh!). Bree tells him it will be fun. Paul said nothing about it excited him: “I think she was a lovely girl, but I’m not going to wear undies on my head”. SHUTUP PAUL!

Igor says to Paul they have so much in comon. Paul says the girls are suddenly changing their tune about Aphrodite. He says it’s called two faces. Kane nods along trying to be part of the group by agreeing.


Igor, Terri and Elle are nominated. Some shock over Elle’s nomination this week. It seems Igor has a new threesome – Paul and his little sheep Kane. They all go to the kitchen.

Elle goes to the bathroom, upset about her nomination. Bree and Ash comfort her but Elle would rather they didn’t.

Krystal has a glass of soft drink – as authorised by Catherine. Igor says she’s not allowed. SHUTUP IGOR! Talk soon goes to Elle in the bathroom upset about nominations. Throughout the conversation Paul is making sarcastic comments but no one pays any notice.

Igor goes into the house, suddenly empowered by his new bitching partner, acting all cheerful to Elle and saying “welcome to the party”. Igor seems to think he will survive this Sunday – HAH. Trevor and Ryan joke about Igor’s confidence.


8.56pm – Elle is having troubles coming to terms with it. She comments on how Igor patronised her before about being nominated.

Now Igor and Terri are talking about how they were quiet in the house and basically… how everyone hates them. Terri says she thinks she can trust all of the guys, but Igor disagrees.

Ash goes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother she had a really fun day today – she had her nails done, and had fun this morning with the shopping. She then says she feels guilty because she nominated Elle. If it was her choice everyone would stay together in the house forever because it’s fun.

Later in bed, Krystal and Bree are discussing the nominations. They can’t believe Elle puts herself down so much – “so insecure”.

Back in the kitchen, Terri is talking about how no one can argue in this house because they are so young. Merlin hits the nail right on the head and says it creates conflict by saying things like that. Terri disagrees.

Merlin says it’s the easy way out to say it’s only age differences causing conflict.

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