Day 16 Uplate

We join the house straight from the credits, and Terri asks Elle who will be there on Sunday evening. She says she put down her family first, then some friends. She talks about some friends who live in Victoria and WA, before Mike comes on and says that Aphro will be on later. He runs through the brainteaser, and we go back to the house. Kane is saying that his family a regular churchgoers. He doesn’t go as often anymore because he tends to surf or stuff. However, he says he fully intends to go back to church when he gets a bit older. He says he prays everynight though. Kane talks about how he could go very well on the surfing tour, but he decided he didn’t want to do it. He says he played hockey a fair bit as well, as too running. He did a lot of sports. He is talking to Merlin thoughout this conversation by the way. Mike cuts in and plays the uplate update. Runs through the brain teaser after that, giving the clue, but then it’s back to the bedroom. Catherine is talking to Elle about her ex-husbands attitude to going into the house. She says he was good about it. She says that she wants to remain friends with him. She says to Elle that she doesn’t know about her relationship with her boy. A lot of beeps in this conversation to protect names I think, not swearing. Elle says that she told her man that she was going to go into the house no matter what he thought about it. Mike cuts in and goes to a pre recorded interview with Aphrodite. I’m sure we’ve heard it all before so I’ll bypass this. Halfway through they cut to a commercial break.

Back with Mike at 12:20am. Brain teaser is closed. Back to house, Bree, Ashalea, Trevor, Ryan and Igor are talking about how when they told a few peeps they were going into the house, everyone wanted to take photos of them just before they went in so they could tell everyone they knew them! Ryan says that Ashalea’s brother and sisters would be very popular in their school. Mike cuts in to give some woman the $1000 and they move on. Ashalea says she will be 20 in January next year. They cut away to the girls, Catherine, Terri and Elle. Elle says that Trev said that she is going to make her laugh. Elle says she is not ready to end – her personal journey isn’t over in here yet. Terri was so excited on Sunday night because of the crowd. She says she didn’t want to go, but she’s looking forward to seeing the crowd when she finally leaves. Voiceover cuts in with Elle’s eviction phone number. Comm break.

Mike is on at 12:33am. He’s about to launch Virtual Big Brother. You can register at the site. You need a 3 phone to enter I think….I dunno, go to the website for details. Back to the house now. Paul and Kane are talking about a local surf shop or something. They both know the same people or something. Again a lot of beeping through this trying not to get the people’s name. Cut to Krystal and there is a beep in the first 3 seconds, so Mike cuts in! He throws to an uplate update. Cut back to house but vision is on Elle and Wesley who say nothing before the comm break cuts in.

12:46 it’s Uplate back. Brain teaser #2 is closed. Now it’s the second part of Aphro’s interview. After that it’s Matthew from Victoria wins the cash. Game 3 starts now. Back to the house finally. Kane and Ryan don’t like the task. It involves a boat I think. Ryan says they’ll get the hang of it, but it’s very boring. Krystal and Bree are talking in bed next to each other. They are talking about pillows haha. BB decides wisely to cut to a break!

1am and we’re back. Runs through the brain teaser and gives us a clue. Back to the house. In the kitchen now, Trevor is over there, with Merlin, Elle and Ashalea. Ashalea pours the coffee or whatever it is. Merlin and Trevor have made themselves a late night snack. Elle says “Australia…please love me..” in a cheesy voice. Trev has 3 sugars in his milo haha. Mike comes in and they run a nomination highlights package. Back to the kitchen. Talking about something I have absolutely no idea….and one minute later it’s a break.

Mike is back at 1:13am and Jessica is on the line to win the cash. Back to the house now. Lights are out in the bedroom now, we’re with Bree and Krystal who are whispering. They are talking about the possibility of thermal camera’s I think. They say that it would only pick up 3 guys getting off. Bree says she is going to go to sleep, so they say goodnight and have a little kiss. Mike comes back on to throw to more of the nomination package. Run through the final teaser and we are back to the kitchen. Ashalea talks in Japanese and then says “Oooh I can’t do that!” Comm break.

Back again at 1:26am and back to the kitchen straight away. They are trying to find words with the most syllabels. Trevor has 2 words with 8. Ashalea has one at 8. Merlin has got one at 8 now, he’s excited. He goes for a walk around the garden. Merlin promises he will get one more before he goes to bed. Elle says that he’ll still be up when the water goes on. Trevor says he thinks he’ll go to bed. Ashalea gives another word with 9, but it’s not a word! Mike cuts in and goes through the trivia one last time. Cut to another uplate update. Trevor has gone from the kitchen, but Terri has arrived. Merlin is still trying to get another word. Elle is giving up it seems. Comm break.

Tanya calls in for the last $1000 cash for the night. She wins. Cut to another nomination package. Back to the house, Terri is saying it’s good to know that there are actually people watching the show (the cheers). She says she wanted a week off, but she didn’t get it. They talk about how people forget to not change the toilet roll. Merlin, Terri and Elle have all been on the toilet and noticed that there is no toilet roll. Mike cuts in and rounds up the show. Nite Mike, better tonight you were! Dreamworld says goodnight.

Where’s Warren?

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