Day 17 Uplate

This recap is purely from memory, as I felt sick last night and watched up late from bed. Plus this way, we can cut out all the references to the damn brainteasers etc :)

We go into the house and they are all in the bedroom; light is on. We soon find out that BB has told them that there is a severe weather warning issued for the local area and that they are being confined to the bedroom for their own ‘safety’. Bree is getting scared because her budgie is out on a balcony and might get blown away at her real home (lives on Gold Coast.)

Paul over the other side of the room doesn’t believe it from the start however. Actually none of the boys really do. Kane does a bit because he’s a local and he realises that it can be really calm up here and then banh, the weather changes very quickly. Krystal is a bit concerned about it as well, and well, Ashalea will believe anything.

While all this is going on, Paul talks to Krystal about how he thought she was a bit two faced the previous night when Aphro left because she started crying. Paul says to Krystal that she couldn’t stand her either half the time. Paul says he didn’t hate the girl, but he didn’t like her either, so why would someone cry? Krystal says she got caught up in the emotion of it all; all the girls cried, she felt she had too. She says quietly that they were put on a bit. Paul says he needs to talk to Elle about this as well.

During the middle of all this, BB plays some wind tracks and small thunder sounds into the house. This spooks the crap out of the girls. They get up to look at a skylight in the toilet to see if they can see any lightning. They can’t however. Lots of wind suddenly around now. Paul is absolutely loving it – you have to watch the daily show tonight, it’ll be very funny. Ashalea, Bree and Krystal are all in bed together now – I could say so much about that but I won’t.

Elle talks to Paul about her tears after the eviction last night now. She says they weren’t put on – she was genuinely upset that she had left. Paul says he could tell they really bonded within the last 24 hours, so he feels that the tears could have been real.

Lights go off now and everyone trys to get to sleep. Suddenly a huge thunder noise goes into the bedroom and absolutely scares the crap out of Ashalea. She says she has tears going down her face. Bree says that this isn’t funny. Paul is still laughing. The 3 girls cuddle up even more, but thats the end of fun and games from BB, and the rest of the show is filled with Mike reading emails, uplate updates and brain teasers.

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