Day 18 Uplate

Uplate is on almost on time tonight, which is really strange! Straight to the house and we see Trev, Ryan and Merlin on the couch talking about Fast and the Furious movies on the couch. Earlier in the evening they all got to watch the premiere of “The Day After Tomorrow.” Cut to Mike for our first uplate update. Back from that, the first teaser is underway. From that, we’re off to the kitchen where Wesley and Igor are talking. They are talking about Aphro and that first week and how she left etc…Krystal makes her way over there, and Ashalea soon follows. They soon are talking about going into the house on the first night. Wesley says he was stoked to find out he was the first to be introduced that night. This leads to lucky numbers, Krystal’s is 4, Wes likes 4 as well, someone else likes 6…They then go on to talk about how 13 can be an unlucky number and a lot of offices don’t have a floor 13 and stuff like that. Cut to the clue. Back to the couch now, where Bree, Terri, Trevor, Ryan, Kane and Paul are. Elle is in the DR, she comes out and Terri goes in. Elle returns to the bedroom. They talk about how they will all have to rewatch the shows when they get out. Bree says that Krystal’s mum is taping everyshow onto DVD, because she bought a DVDR thing when they found out she was going in. Cut quickly to the bedroom where Merlin is chatting to Catherine and Elle, but comm break cuts in too quickly.

Mike is back at 12:04am and has Anthony on the phone to win the cash. Back to the house now. Bree has joined the bedroom conversation with Catherine, Merlin and Elle. Bree says that when she wants something she is so determined. Merlin says he has never really failed at anything he’s applied himself too. Merlin says his life is awesome at the moment. He says he didn’t have any conflict or big thing before he entered the house, ie compared to Elle and her relationship worries. Bree says she was asking someone for a sign (god, although she doesn’t know if she believes in religion etc) as to where her life might be going. Within two weeks she knew she was destined to come into the BB house. 2 past housemates of BB came into her work on the one day. She says that was her sign. Bree says she thought she stuffed her interview audition process. She says she hadn’t got enough sleep, and the carpet in the place felt like it was moving. Catherine also thought she had bummed out. Mike cuts in for the clue, and we’re out to a break.

Back with Mike now and it’s straight to an uplate update. He then reads out a few emails. After that, we get to the kitchen. Wesley, Ryan, Paul and Trevor are at the table. Paul says he would’ve been pissed if he missed out on tonight – he felt the whole day was great with the snow in the morning then the movie tonight. Bree comes in. They start talking about skin. Bree says that it stinks in here – Ryan admits to dropping a couple. Mike has Milan on the phone, and he wins some cash. Comm break.

Back at 12:29am. He puts the third brain teaser up and goes through it. Back to the house now. Igor has joined the crew in the kitchen. The boys are saying that they only wash there hair once or twice a week. They are talking about hair loss and Igor thought about going for treatment, but didn’t end up doing it. Ryan’s old man did get it done though. Ewwww cut to the bedroom, Bree is peeling off her skin off the face. Not a pretty sight. They are talking about hairdressers and where they go, but BB keeps beeping it out. She is still taking skin off her face. Mike cuts back in at 12:37 and runs through teaser and gives the clue. The kitchen we go back to. Igor is talking about someone losing their hair. The father didn’t believe that the kid would lose his hair, and said if he has no hair in a year, I’ll shave mine off. The father had to shave it all off after the year. Ryan starts talking about “Mad Monday” (when the season is over and you all go and get smashed) with the Swans, naming Plugger, but the comm break cuts in.

12:43am Mike is back, going through teaser again. Uncut update now. Back to the house now. Krystal is talking about buying more coke or something in the future. Bree is looking at Krystal’s photos. Not much talk in the bedroom though. Mike cuts back in and explains the prank of the storm, then talks about Uncut. Another uncut update and then to a break.

Another winner of the money now on. Start the final game, but it’s back to the house now, the bedroom. They are talking of hair brushes, riverting conversation in here. Some reckon people can have too much chocolate, but some suggest you can never have too much chocolate. Trevor is in bed now. Bree gets into bed too. Elle looks damn cute at the moment! Krystal starts telling Bree that she was trying to convince someone that it was harder for people who live closer to home to not get cravings to leave and go home. For example, her real bed is only half an hour away, whereas Paul would need a plane etc. Also, whoever she is complaining about thinks that she will be shocked when nominated. Krystal says she won’t be suprised at all. Comm break.

Back again with Mikey G at 1:09am, and it’s time for another uplate update. Back to the bedroom, someone has stunk the place out! Bree is not happy at all. Lights go out. Mike cuts in and we go to another uncut update. Comm break follows. Back at 1:22am, and someone wins the last $1000 of the night. Another uncut update….Cuts to a convo between Ryan and Elle about Ashalea. Elle thinks that she really likes him, and that Ryan needs to be careful around her. It was on up late a couple of nights ago I think. Mike then goes on about the “3” mobile phones and the Virtual BB comp. Cut to the house finally, and Igor is talking to Ashalea. Igor can’t sleep. Mike comes back on and reads a few emails. And then Dreamworld says Goodnight.

Where’s Warren?

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