Day 19 Uplate

Was back at work late, so this is only from then on (about 12:30am or so). Igor has come into the kitchen complaining how he can’t sleep – he doesn’t want to take the pills he has to help him sleep though, so he wants to get a drink. What does he reach for? Coke of course! Elle highlights this and tells him that there will be heaps of caffiene in his system and he’ll never get to sleep. they start talking about Ryan’s injury today (did something to his nose). They say that he is the kind of guy to not talk about it because it’ll get everyone else down. Back from Mike and the ‘crew member of the week’ segment it’s back to the house where they are talking about Bali. Merlin is saying that when he was with his dad he got ripped off by a tuk-tuk driver. He went into his home to get ‘change’ but never came back out, so they decided to take the tuk-tuk!

At 12:42am we’re back from a break, go through the teaser, and then it’s back to the kitchen. I wasn’t really listening to be quite honest, and before I’m actually listening it’s back to Mike who goes to a Uplate Update. Then it’s time to read emails and then to a break. (I’ll actually listen from now on!)

12:55am and Mike is back. Third brainteaser is closed. They are talking in the kitchen (Igsy, Elle, Merlin and Kane) about diseases or some crap. AIDS is mentioned, then BB cuts away to the bedroom. Nothing going on in there with the lights out. Mike cuts in and tells us that “SuperDave’s” (producer of Uplate I suppose) wife has just had a baby. He moves onto some emails. Winner is Amy for the cash. Ooah she sounded cute! Finally back to the kitchen. Merlin says he finds it funny when people say “oh you reckon they’ll show the funny thing we did before.” Kane doesn’t think anyone has really changed when they came into the house. They all say they will sit down and watch every episode. Merlin says he should have got someone to buy all the magazines while he was out. Comm break.

Mikey is back at 1:08am. He gives a clue for the last brain teaser. Back to the kitchen we go. They decide it’s time for bed. They make their way across to the bedroom, and silence once in the bedroom to try not to wake anyone. Mikey comes back and shows us a photo of Ryan with his broken nose. Mike reads some emails now. Comm break.

John is on the phone for the last $1000 of the night at 1:21am. He wins the cash. Mike runs a BBUncut clip. After that Mike says goodnight, Dreamworlds says goodnight, so I’ll spose I’ll stop writing!

Where’s Warren?

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