Day 23 Uplate

Up Late is back for another week! It’s a later start tonight, 12:19am and the lights are out in the bedroom, but a fair bit of chat going on. Bree explaining something in a movie I think. Mike welcomes us. He says Igor will be on the show later on. He says that Bree and Terri have realised that they don’t like each other tonight. Apparently a task today has split the group. One group is sleeping in a different place tonight. Cue the first brain teaser of the night. Back to the bedroom we go though. Bree, Trevor, Krystal, Ryan are in the room for sure. Not sure who else. Wesley and Ashalea also by the look of it. Still they are talking about horror movies. Gruesome stuff as Trevor is explaining people getting their heads cut off! Now they move onto Final Destination 2. Now onto Jack The Ripper. Good to see Trevor talking a lot here. Ryan seems pretty quiet though. Mike comes back on and we go to the first Uplate Update for the night. Comm break.

12:34am – Mike comes back and tells us who is nominated this week. The awesome foursome. Run through the brain teaser, this time with a clue. Back to the house finally. Stil in the bedroom, still talking. Ashalea is talking about her friends back at high school who were gothic and liked to cut themselves as if they were trying to commit sucicide. Mike decides that the convo isn’t what we should be watching, so part one of the interview with Igor. Again, not going to bother recapping their convo. Didn’t go for very long…actually perhaps that was the whole convo. Now back to the house again and now over to the losers group (losers of the task!). They are all asleep. Can’t make out where they actually are in the house though. It does seem to be inside somewhere. Ah ok, it’s the secret room. God that was sooo exciting….what a waste. They could have hyped it up a bit more or something. Nevermind. Mike is back on now and is talking about Virtual BB. It’s just a competition. Katrina is the first winner of the money tonight. The 2nd brain teaser starts and we have a comm break.

12:49am – Mike is back as per usual. Goes through the brain teaser with a clue. We will get part two of the Igor interview shortly. Mike stays on the audio while we see the housemates. They seem to have all drifted off to sleep in the main bedroom. Cut to our first nomination package for the night. Sleep email time now. During this Merlin gets up and uses the toilet. Mike keeps reading emails till the break, just as Merlin gets back into bed.

1:04am – Second brain teaser game is closed, and now it’s time to check on the housemates. Silence is deafening. Back to Mike who throws to the second part of the interview with Igor. Damn boring interview. Starts going on about the damn VBB comp again. Amanda is the second winner of the cash. Mike tells Amanda about SuperDave’s (the Uplate producer) wife having a baby last week. Amanda wants Paul to win BB4. Game 3 commences. Sleep emails now. Comm break.

1:21am – Mike gives us a clue for the third teaser. Now to earlier vision. Krystal and Ashalea are talking after both getting nominated. Ashalea looks upset. Krystal says that everyone was bought in here to clash – not to be a happy family. Ryan comes in and asks if Ashalea is ok. He says not to take it to heart. He moves on. Krystal goes ‘hey what about me!’. Ryan says Krystal is taking it very well. Krystal says that Ash needs to talk to BB about her upset stomach. She decides to go talk to BB. Now, onto Bree talking to Ryan. Bree says it hasn’t been a big shock who has gone so far, but this week whoever goes will be a shock. Merlin and Ash cuddle in the living room. Merlin says that being nominated doesn’t mean she is bad etc – he says he connected with Aph the best and she was the first to go. Mike cuts in and pauses the stream. Uplate update number 2. Goes through the brain teaser again now. Now onto an email. Comm break.

1:36am – Clue time for the brain teaser. More nomination package footage now. Now onto the 3 phone little plug. This is riverting TV folks. Someone is winning the third $1000 for the night. Missed his name. That’s the 64th winner of the cash this year. The last game for the night commences. Back to earlier footage. Bree says to her teammates that it was a great team effort in the task today. They think that they have the whole shopping budget amongst themselves – they don’t think they can share with the other group. Bree puts an awesome cute beanie on her head. Krystal says that she looks stupid in them – “I look like a boy.” Comm break.

1:51am – Mike says he just got an sms from Igor saying to say thanks to the car supplier – absolute load of rubbish, he’s been plugging Mitsubishi all night. Brain teaser with clue again. Another uplate update now. Back to the earlier footage. Bree and Krystal bitching about Terri. Krystal has told Bree than Terri is bitching about her behind her back. Bree says “and she wonders why she’s always nominated!” Krystal says she feels like she has to give Terri extra consideration. Bree says she is ‘sooo Primary School.” Bree has never met anyone like her before. Bree says “I think she’s got a screw loose.” She says her ‘apology’ the other night was just a show for the cameras. Bree says she has done nothing but put up with her whinging. Krystal says she is intimidated by the younger people in the house. Bree says she is not good at being two faced. Krystal says that she walks straight past her most of the time. Bree says “I’m gonna go to her twelfth birthday when we get out of here!” Krystal says that Terri said tonight after nominations that she would have liked a week off. Comm break.

No clock when we come back, so can’t tell you the BB time. Nomination package now. Winner is Alison for the last money for the night. Onto some sleep emails now. Mike says goodnight, and we go back to the earlier footage. In the new room they are. They have hot water! They are whispering so no one knows lol. Catherine decides to have a quick shower. Krystal is in the room, she says she was shocked she wasn’t nominated last week. She predicted only 2 last week, and 2 this week. Dreamworld says goodnight.

Where’s Warren?

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