Day 24 Uplate

Tuesday night uplate. Hopefully get some people talking tonight! Anyway, roll credits. Not a good start, Mike joins us in the studio and starts talking about the Virtual Big Brother (VBB) competition. He says that it was exciting earlier tonight. Wow they are awake! Now into the kitchen we go. Krystal and Ashalea are talking about Ryan. Krystal reckons that he thinks of her as a loud obnoxious person. Ashalea changes topic and suggests that BB will reverse the sides, meaning the winners will become losers. Krystal doesn’t think that will happen. Krystal says that the only way that will happen is if they have another task. They reckon it will only last till the end of the week. Back to the Ryan topic, she says she has the same problem with many males like Ryan on the outside. She says it’s mainly Australian guys who she has the same problem with her – judging her before they really get to know her. Mike cuts in now. First brain teaser is open now. Now to the living room we go. Bree is talking about Ashalea and the truth game they played back in week one. She says she pulled her aside and told her that she didn’t need to tell the truth all the time. By the way, Merlin ( a loser) is on the other side of a clear fence by himself joining in the conversation. Trevor, Wesley Bree and Ryan are on the winners side of the fence. Merls and Ryan are saying they are fine giving the girl a hug if she is down, but thats it. She needs to understand this they say. Bree and Trev are talking as well, so it’s a bit hard to understand. Trevor reckons they put Krystal in the house to be the blonde bombshell. He says he wants to compare her to someone…they all get it and say yeh (Joanne). Bree says well she must be the reject them. Bree says that all Gold Coast girls are very similar to Krystal though. Bree says she knows 90% of Krystal’s friends. Bree says that Krystal is very similar to her ex boyfriend – when they tru to walk to a different nightclub 3 doors down, it’ll take an hour to get there because they will stop and talk to everyone on the way. Ryan complements Bree saying that at 21 she is soo mature. Bree says that she has matured because of things that she won’t talk about – and many housemates have a story they won’t say – but perhaps there are some (implying Krystal) that there is no story. Ryan says that if Aphro lived on the Gold Coast, he thinks that Bree would spend more time with her than Krystal. Bree says she might, but she says she loves Krystal to death. Mike cuts in and gives us a clue. Back to the house. Back with the convo, Ryan says he doesn’t think the problem will be here for long (I can only assume it’s Terri). Merlin says he has been eating away at himself, wondering if he has said something wrong inside the house. Bree reckons she hasn’t said anything that would perceive her in a bad light. The guys agree (she is an absolutely beautiful person in my opinion). Bree says she wouldn’t change a thing. Merlin says he would not worry as much if he came in again. He said he wouldn’t have got so worked up the other night with Paul. Ryan says he is really looking forward, and hoping he is there, when there are only 6 people in the house, because people won’t interrupt. Mike comes in and switches us back to the kitchen. Krystal says that in the house, there is only one person who can fill each role, ie leader, funny person etc. Krystal says because there are soo many people there are people fighting for each of these roles. Ashalea is just saying yeh a lot. Krystal says that people fighting each other for these roles is entertaining to watch for the general public. Ashalea says she is scared when she goes out what people will think of her. HAHA. Ashalea says she only just figured out it’s like the Rich and the Poor in this house divide in the moment. Oh dear, hope you people have that on tape, it’s priceless. Mike cuts in for a comm break. Phew! (Nah, really this is what uplate should be like. Just nice little chats and not much interrupting).

Mike is back at 12:25am. Ray is on the phone for the cash first up tonight. Cue the second game. Back to the living room I think. Bree says she went into the DR for a tablet, and she said that BB asked her heaps of questions. Ryan says the same. Merlin confesses it’s been the best day for him in the house so far. He hasn’t worried about a thing. He says he is feeling like he is coming into his zone. Ryan says he is worried that the losers will become jealous and little arguments will develop. Merlin says that he woke up this morning and told Ashalea that they get to relax today while all their friends go to work etc. He says that the guys should enjoy whatever comes to them. Ryan says he is nearly ready for bed. Bree is back and they are talking about of pubic wigs. She says you can get them in heaps of styles. They start talking about a word “Merkin.” Merlin says that someone in the house on the couch today started talking about waxing in graphic detail, and he had to get up and leave! Mike cuts in and gives the clue for the second brain teaser. Comm break.

12:38am – Mike goes through the brain teaser and clue once more. Now back to the house. Bree wonders what Australian magazines show full frontal nudity. Ryan nows the two of them. She goes to get some water. Krystal leaves and it’s just Merlin and Ashalea are left – so they hug over the fence. Ashalea apologises for hurting him earlier. He says it’s fine. Ash says she is worried about the amount of makeup she is wearing (not enough!) Merlin says “are you serious!?” Merlin says that she looks better with less on. Wesley, who normally sleeps early, wonders if this is the normal nightly chat. He is impressed with how good it was. They talk about the fence (it’s only a metre high). Merlin says it’s purely a mental thing. Wesley says he will try to make a point to stay up. Merlin says his chat with Igor the night before he left (or on Friday perhaps) was an awesome chat, and he tried to make a point of that at dinner the next evening. Mike comes on, and we throw to a break.

12:51am – Lydia wins the second lot of cash for the night. Game #3 is up and running now. Now to the first uplate update. Back to the house, and into the real bedroom now. Krystal is in bed. Ryan says his jocks may be a bit big, and yeh he’s right. He decides to put something down the front of them and walk out and see what Merlin says. Ashalea decides to follow him out there! Merlin, Trevor and Ryan are in the living room laughing themselves silly, when BB cuts to a break.

1:04am – Mike runs through the brain teaser. Back to the bedroom now. They are wondering whether they can have an extra hour of lights out because they are winners. They convince Ashalea to go in and ask BB, but just as she is about to, the lights go out so they don’t. Ryan asks Bree if she reckons BB would give them an extra hour sleep. She says she doesn’t think so – but she says if you really try, you can get back to sleep after the lights go on. They start talking about food tomorrow. They decide that Bacon and Eggs will be for lunch. They discuss having potato chips sandwiches. Ashalea says they are great. Comm break.

1:17am – Jaime is on the phone and wins the cash. Back to the house we go. They are talking about how they must get hot water everynight now. BB tells Bree to come to the DR. Mike comes on and tells us that Bree’s microphone has just given up, and thus she needs a new one. Krystal wonders what it might be – she says “I can’t think of anything she has just said…” meaning if she is getting told off. Trevor suggests that she got a letter, but when asked if he is joking he says ‘yeh!”. Mike comes on and uplate update number #2. Run through the clue for the brain teaser then. Comm break.

1:30am – Mike reminds us that Uncut is on tomorrow night. I think Jo is on tomorrow night’s uplate? He hasn’t mentioned it though. Back to the house we go. We get back and they talking about why Bree’s mic went dead. She said BB advised that she wears the mic under her clothes – she says how when she has a bikini on. Bree says goodnight to all, but they keep talking! Bree says the day was shit during the day, but the night was good in her opinion. They wonder if one of these nights they will get something special and the others miss out. Mike cuts in again though. They roll the footage of Trevor trying to smuggle items across to the others at the loser camp. He got busted by BB though! Back into the house though, they say that if they have to go over to the loser side, they should try and stay inside the room for the entire day and not go out. LOL. Bree is really up for this! They start talking about their last names, so a lot of beeps all of a sudden, so Mike decides to come back on. Mike throws us to a break after a bit of crap.

1:43am – Must be close to the end of the program. Someone wins the last cash for the night (Val). Back to the house we go, they are still talking, but not very loudly I don’t think. We see the other room for the first time tonight, everyone asleep over there. Mike comes back on though now. They throw to another uplate update. He reads some emails, and at 1:52am, Mike & Dreamworld say goodnight!

Where’s Warren?

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