Day 25 Uplate

Wednesday night up late, and all the winners look like they are up and about, in the living room. Mike cuts in soon after commencement, and gives us the usual speel. Back to the house. They are trying to get the 7 natural wonders of the world. Merlin and Kane are on the couch over the other side of the fence. They start discussing how the pyramids were built. Mike cuts in again though to start the brain teaser off. Mike tells he has 4 uplate updates, plus uncut updates. Too many freaking updates! Ryan says that from the moon you can only see The Great Wall of China. Wesley says thats bull – he reckons they can see Las Vegas. Merlin and Ashalea are called to the DR for batteries. Krystal jokes that BB will ask Ashalea if, for $10,000, she will sleep with Merlin. Batteries come out and they get into changing them over. Krystal reveals she wants to see the 7 natural wonders of the world and the man made ones. Over to the losers hose, well bedroom rather. The natural wonder discussion seems to have come over to this bedroom now, thanks to Kane one would suspect. Elle says the stones used for Stonehedgne were found a mile away from the actual site or something. Paul wonders why Jan Juc isn’t a wonder of the world. Elle says it must be the 8th. Back to the house proper now. Merlin is telling a story about finding a body in a coffin or something with his father while oversea’s. They took it to the crematorian and then in the mail two days later they received the ashes. Merlin now keeps his chess pieces in that box. Mike is up again telling us about the brain teaser, this time giving us a clue. Cut to the first uplate update. Back to the losers room now, and they are discussing what food they have left. They have heaps of rice, so they think they will have rissoles and rice tomorrow night. They even have heaps of onion to put in them. Paul and Kane also say they have some leftover sausages from today. They contemplate getting up and having th4em now. Paul tells Kane to go and turn the barbie on, but Kane says that Paul will thank him in the morning when they still have them to eat. Lights go out in the room now. They still have the door open, and it’s shining right onto Kane, so Terri gets up and shuts the door for him. They discuss whether BB will swap the groups from winners to losers and vice versa. Kane says they might keep their group in this bedroom, but let them do whatever they want and change the fence layout. Elle and Terri don’t reckon they will do that, as they would (the losers) still have too much they can get to, and their group would still be unable to get to the gym. Comm break.

12:10am – Lyn is on the phone to win the cash. Game #2 starts. Back with the losers. Elle is letting off some nice air into the room, and it stinks apparently. Paul says “they’ve evacuated Brisbane.” Catherine can’t possibly be asleep through this? I haven’t seen or heard her. Elle says she’s very sorry. Kane reckons she should go and push one out. Elle says she’s already pushed 3 out today. Paul says if they lit a flame, the whole place would go up in smoke. Back over to the house, Bree is in the bathroom. Ryan is singing to himself, and Krystal goes to the toilet. Back to the losers, Paul asks Elle if there are any skid marks in her pants. She assures them they don’t. Elle thinks it’s the onions, cause it smells like them. Back with the winners – Krystal is saying that no one has realised that someone in this house is going to actually win. She says it’ll change everything. She moves onto brushing her teeth. Comm break.

12:23am – Mike runs through the teaser and the clue, and then back to the house. Merlin is still there in the living room, Bree is talking about how her radio station is part of an Australia wide network, and that her actual station handles quite a few shifts for the whole of Australia. They are talking about someone, a DJ, but there are lots of beeps. Bree decides to go to bed. Ryan was talking about moving beds now there were less people in the room, but it looks like he has decided against it. Mike cuts in and tells us that perhaps we will find out tomorrow whether they will be swapping places in the house. I think thats a hint. Now the second uplate update. Second brain teaser is now closed, and we go to break.

12:36am – Nancy is on the phone to win the comp. Back to the house now. The loser room. Terri is sitting up talking still. Well sitting up in bed anyway. She is talking to Elle. Terri is saying she hates people who snort up their flem or whatever. She goes on to talk about someone dying of cancer or something. Must have been in the middle of the story before we joined. All the nurses were dry reaching or something the smell was so bad in the hospital. They were spraying air freshner everywhere. A few beeps now. They cut away to the living room. Trev says he still has contact with one of his old high school friends. He goes on to talk about how he still sees some of his other old school friends. Mike cuts in again, goes through the brain teaser, and gives a clue. Comm break.

12:50am – Almost straight back to the house. Wesley says that all his high school mates are still his best mates, even after 4 years. Trevor says something like he would know Merlin even prior to BB, but they decide to very quickly CUT that conversation. Merlin goes to get some water. Mike cuts in at this point. The next uplate update now. Back to the house, Elle has come into the living room – she is still dropping her guts. She leaves to go back outside, and they say that she has a mark on the pants. She checks in the mirrors as she goes outside and decides they are lying. Mike interrupts again to tell us that the third teaser is closed. Comm break.

1:03am – Jemma wins the next round of cash. Last game for the night is up and running. Uncut update now. Back to the house we go. Trevor is talking about his bed or something. Merlin says he loves Futon’s. Wesley says that they had a futon, but when his parents seperated they didn’t have room for it, and so they gave it away. Anyway, long story short, his girlfriend saw the bed at some persons farm, like a little story of a big circle, one big family world kind of story. Comm break.

1:15am – Straight into uplate update number 4 I think. Clue for the final brain teaser now. Back to the bedroom, the two girls in bed, Bree says she thought she would be gone first week. Krystal says she thought she would be gone too. Trev, Ashalea and Ryan come into the room now. Trevor has changed beds, but I think he’s just trying it out. Wesley and Merlin are in the kitchen now. But before I can figure out what their talking about, Mike throws us to a break.

1:28am – Nicole is the final winner of the cash tonight. He goes onto talk about VBB comp. Back to the kitchen finally. Wesley says he was thinking of starting his own business – he was going to call it LA. Life Adivce, kinda like a life planner, consellar type stuff. Ashalea comes over to the kitchen, but doesn’t interrup the convo. We cut to Trevor who looks like he is in position to scare Ashalea when she returns. When she doesn’t return straight away he goes back to the bedroom, where the lights are now out. Back in the kitchen, Wes says he has always wanted to be a newsreader. Merlin says to Ash “You do modelling classes once a week yeh?” She says yes, but Mike cuts in and says goodnight, not before telling us that Jo Ashton will be on the show tomorrow night! I’m very excited by this news!!!!! Dreamworld says goodnight.

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