Day 26

9.47am – Why do we start every show with Paul? Well anyway he’s talking with Ryan about million dollar dillemahs(sp). Merlin suggests that that you get a million dollars, but the first woman you fall in love with you can’t be with. Ryan says he would take it – but Paul tells him you can’t buy love. What about a million dollars but can’t ever come back to Australia? Krystal would take it – but Paul sure wouldn’t!

Catherine goes to the diary room, and tells Big Brother how lucky she feels that she’s in the house – and how it makes her reflect on her life more, and how she wants to be in the house a little longer – she’s not ready to go back to reality just yet. She says that she likes it because there are so many people in the house, and out in reality she was on her own.

There’s a new hoop shooting task for the loser housemates. Not many of them are successful… except netballer Terri. Terri is quickly called to the diary room and congratuated by Big Brother. She is told she now belongs on the winner side of the house. As a prize she brings two of her current housemates with her – she only has 20 seconds to decide! She picks Elle and… … … Paul (NOOOOO!!!!!). She must now pick three winners to become losers – 20 seconds again! Immediately picks Trevor, then waits… Krystal… … … Wes.


Terri goes back out to the lounge room and explains whats going on. Everyone seems ok with it – except for Krystal who won’t have any coke. Big Brother quickly announces that the new winners and losers have 3 minutes to pack. Krystal is up in a flash. Elle and Paul thank Terri for moving them to the winners side – Elle is going to cry and says she wants takeaway and ice cream. Big Brother announces the housemates must now trade places through the fence. Krystal screams “what kind of world is this!?”. Krystal walks into the new bedroom and can’t believe what she sees.

In the kitchen everyone’s favourite wanker Paul congratulates Terri on stiring the pot and starts making his little smartass commentaries on how Krystal will handle it badly. Meanwhile outside Krystal tells Bree that she won’t make a big deal about it.

4.51pm – Paul tells Ashalea that he’s not nervous about Sunday because he misses his kids and wife. He says that he would die for his family but still doesn’t want to leave the house just yet.


6.19pm – The store room is now open for the winners – they’ve been treated to a Mexican delight night. Krystal is extremely angry – as is Merlin. Kane tells Krystal to stop complaining because she’s been on the winners side and he and Merlin haven’t at all. Krystal runs out of the kitchen, and Terri comes out and tells her that she’s wonderful – two faced bitch! They do their best to reconcile their differences but the false sincerity is so obvious you could puke over both of them. Terri has obviously had a few drinks – the two of them hug.

Later the housemates are fooling around in the kitchen, and Ryan picks up a knife as a joke. He is immediately called to the diary room. Ryan says “BB before you start there was no malicious action indended with anything that happened then”. Big Brother says he knows that Ryan was only playing around but alcohol and knives do not mix. Ryan is told to read the rule list again.

After Ryan emerges, Elle can’t get over the topic – and can’t stop talking about it. Ryan is obviously angry and tells her to give it a rest. There’s some heated words exchanged and Elle leaves in tears.


11.25pm – After talking to the other housemates, Ryan says he will apologise to Elle. He says that Elle is one of the housemates he cares about the most and can’t realise why she’s so upset with him.

In the bedroom, the two discuss what happened earlier. He says that with their relationship is so strong she should have never considered it a serious threat. Elle doesn’t think so – she says his squinting eyes and expression screamed “get lost”. The two are eventually ok.

Ashalea is also upset with Ryan! Apparently this time for pushing chillis in her mouth. He forces out an apology and makes it a little sarcastic. Ash sees straight through it and says “you are a real jerk when you’re drunk”, and leaves.

12.17am – Ryan is having a boozy heart-to-heart with Elle. Elle jokes about Ryan being a player because tonight he said he’s the closest to 3 different girls in the house at different times. Conversation moves back to the knife incident earlier – Elle thinks that he went too far.

Later in the bathroom Bree starts impersonating Ryan drunk – Elle is highly entertained. She finds it interesting that Ryan was saying he’s close to three of the girls tonight. She goes back into the bedroom, gives Ryan a hug and walks away giggling!

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