Day 26 Uplate

Missed the start by a few minutes. Walk in to Elle crying. Ryan says this is all caused by alcohol. Elle says she’s sober. Ryan asks her to repeat everything he said. Elle says he had a knife in his hand, he went to the DR, came back and said “if I was going to stab anyone, I’d do it outside.” Elle says she then told him to watch what he says in here. Ryan says it was a joke and that it was always a joke (he added a lot of expletives in this as well according to Elle. Elle says she is sorry she has gotten upset over something so petty, but she says she is an emotional person. Paul & Terri are watching on. Ryan says that if thats what he said, he is really sorry. Ryan says he must havesaid it in front of the others, so he apologises to everyone. Mike comes on and says the shit has hit the fan, so I couldn’t have been that far away from the start. Elle says that ‘but you didn’t say it to them.’ She is like shaking her head in a type of disgust at him. Ryan asks her to tell him again. All Elle says is that it was hurtful to her, because she felt it was aimed directly at her. Ryan says she doesn’t understand. Elle begins crying again, and she says “I’m sorry Paul, but I have to walk away. I know you hate people who walk away…but I have to.” Paul says thats ok. Mike cuts in there now. He says that it’s just a little misunderstanding. He then goes on to talk about VBB. But now it’s time for Jo!!!!!!! It’s Jo everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited! Mike asks her if she got it on with Saxon, Patrick or Vincent after BB. She says none. She says she has a man, she’s living on the Gold Coast now, and then Mike says “your getting married.” But she’s not folks. They are buying a unit together though. What does our gorgeous Jo think of BB4. She says it’s so Bold and The Beautiful – everything is so dramatic. Now back to the bathroom for round two of Elle and Ryan. Elle is explaining what happened again. Ryan says that out of everyone in the house, she gets on very well with all. Ryan says that Elle must notice that Trev and Ryan are pretty close. Ryan says that if it was Paul waving the knife around he might understand, but he says it’s Frysie…your good mate Frysie. Elle says she doesn’t take getting told to “get F*****” by her mates or anyone. Paul comes storming in. Elle calls him a shithead. He says he really needs to use the toilet. Geez Louise. Ryan then goes on to say “You know how bad this looks for me?!” Elle can’t believe he is worried about himself. Ryan says he was asking people for 5 minutes who had pissed off Elle before he found out that it was infact himself. Back to Mike and Jo. Back to the house, Bree is having an argument with Ryan now. No there not. They are discussing how it will be portrayed on TV. Bree is again upset with a comment from Terri it seems. She has a bitch about her in code to Ryan. Paul comes out of the DR and tells Ryan that he has had enough. Mike cuts in and chats with Jo a bit and gives the clue. Back on the couch, Merlin says in the past 6 years, he has had two major conflicts. Catherine, sitting beside them, says it takes her so long to get angry. Merlin says you see some couples and they are always fighting with their other half – he says they just need drama in there life. He says he knows a couple like that, and Catherine says she does too. Over in the kitchen, Paul asks Elle if it’s time to brush her teeth. Paul says he has recevied instructions to calm the evening down. Mike cuts in for a minute – then it’s back to the kitchen. Paul says if they can all sit there and be mello, it’s all ok. Ryan starts singing at a ridiculously high level. Paul says to be quiet, and Paul is in control. Ash enters and looks a bit pissed. Paul asks if she’s alright. Ryan begins saying something, and Paul quickyl fires “Don’t you start!” Paul says that Ryan must apologise for trying to put chilli down her mouth or something. It split her lip. Ryan says 3 times “Show me where….” with a puzzled look on his face. She has a smile on her face so she’s obviously cool with it all. Ryan says show me the mark and I’ll apologise. Ash says there is no mark, just that it hurt. Ash says that Ryan is an alcoholic. Now Elle and Bree can’t find the dip or something. They blame Paul. Paul swears he hasn’t touched a thing. LOL Ryan asks Paul if he’s serious. He goes on to say “I’ve broken people’s jaws and everything, but your telling me I have to apologise because I’ve hurt her lip?” Elle says to not be soo mean to Ash. Ash is smiling still though, and now Ryan apologises to her for doing something to her that he cannot see. At this moment, a heap of food spits out of his mouth, and Paul and Ash move away from him. Ash says to Ryan “how do you know it didn’t hurt?” Ryan again says to show him the mark. Mike cuts in again at this point, and they close the game, and finally a comm break. Phew….

12:03am – Marcus from Victoria wins the first $1000 for the night. Game #2 commences. Back in the house. Paul explains that Ash is a little upset about the chilli incident. Ryan says that he has probably connected with Ash the best in the house, to which Elle and Bree both say that he told them they were his closest not 1/2 an hour ago! Paul again puts his attention onto Elle, saying it’s nearly time for the 2 of them to brush teeth. Elle says she is sober. Paul agrees, and says BB thinks so too. He jolts his head backward trying to explain to her that BB thinks Ryan should hit the sack, but she doesn’t quite get it. Bree says that she and Ryan are almost the same person about from being a different sex. Ryan gets everyone attention and says “Bree, you hit me in the mouth and jaw tonight and I’m really pissed off.” Everyone starts laughing. Bree admits that he barely tapped him. Ryan says ‘but thats the situation I’m in”, referring to Ash being upset. Elle says that Ryan is digging a deeper hole for himself. Paul says ‘believe it or not, I’ve been told to restore peace!’ Back in the bedroom, Ash is saying that he says things thinking that he won’t hurt people but he does. Ash gives Terri the run down of what happened in the kitchen just a little bit earlier. Mike jumps in with a clue for the brainteaser. Comm break.

12:16am – Mike says that Jo has to leave shortly because she was in NZ today and she is very tired. We so goodbye to Jo now. Byee!!! Back to the house now though, and they are all in the bedroom now. Ryan is in bed. Ryan says Elle is an alcoholic, and they need a number for AA. Elle tells Ryan that he is such a player, telling him that he told 3 different girls tonight that he connects with them the most. Bree and Elle lie down with Ryan on his bed, and they go through the photo of the loser squad which Ryan is a member of (MLS). Ryan tells Bree that she would get along really well with one of the guys in the photo, and he says ‘thats a hot tip.’ He decides to go and try to patch things up with Ash. Bree and Elle say ‘lets lie down and watch the show.’ All Ash is saying is that it hurt a bit, but she wasn’t making a big deal out of it. Ryan says if thats the way she feels then he will step away from here and won’t laugh with her, hug her etc. Ash says she got upset because Ryan was being mean about it. Ryan says “OK, yep…” and walks away from her bed. Mike comes back on and is laughing, while the screen shows Ash starting to cry. Not really a laughing matter, but anyway…Comm break.

12:29am – Back with Mike, and we can see Ash crying a little bit in bed. Mike announces the winner of the VBB Daily Task comp. Back to the house, and we’re still with Ash crying in bed. She now decides to get up out of bed to get something. Into the bathroom we go where Bree and Elle are talking about how BB asked Paul to cut off Ryan’s drinks. Ryan comes out of the toilet and Bree says ‘hey dickhead!’ They talk about how funny it is that Ryan said the same thing to 3 of them tonight. Mike cuts in again to tell them the brain teaser is closed. Back in the bathroom, Bree put her hair up. In the bedroom, Ryan climbs into bed. Back to the girls, they say it’s gonna be a big couple of days. Elle leaves, and Bree brushes her teeth. Mike cuts in and gives the money to Mark. Game #3 commences and we’re off to a comm break.

12:42am – Back to the house and in particular the bedroom. Bree says she’s going to bed, and says she will sleep till lunchtime, then says she’ll sleep till 7am. Elle says goodnight to Bree, and says that it’s soo weird to have only 6 people in the bedroom. She says it’s different in the other room because their are only 6 beds. Bree says ‘yeh thats what we’ve been saying for the last couple of days.’ Mike comes on and gives a clue for the teaser. Uplate update time then. Now back to the house. Merlin is outside, trying to make the garbage bag roll sound like a digerigdoo. Back to the bedroon, the lights are out and everyone is in bed, except Ashalea gets up now. She heads over to get a drink, asking Merlin what he’s doing outside. He replies “chilling.” She gets something out of the fridge, stands at the bench for a minute, then we cut to a comm break.

12:55am – Evonne wins the cash. Next game starts. Bree and Elle are chatting in the bedroom in bed. They are whispering talking very softly. To be honest, I have no idea what they said, sorry! Mike cuts in to announce the crew member of the week – the same guy as last week, and he begins his little rhyme. Ashalea and Terri in the kitchen now. Merlin there also too. They are talking about Ryan’s little fight with Ash tonight. She says that because he has been drinking he’s taken the ‘that hurt’ comment to heart. Ash says she has her friends, who are younger, and even though don’t act this immature.Comm break again :(

1:08am – Mike runs through the brain teaser. Uplate update. Back to the kitchen, Merlin and Ash are the only two remaining. Ash says the only good time we had when they were drinking was the camping task. Merlin says they’ve only had two real incidents – Paul and Merlin’s argument, and earlier tonight. Ash asks Merlin if tomorrow is Friday. Ash says she doesn’t want to leave. She says it’s not up to her anyway. Merlin says either way she’ll be fine. Ash says she felt bad for Aphro leaving cause she didn’t want to go. Mike comes on and talks about the VBB comp. Comm break.

1:21am – Mike is in the studio, but we can see them hug and say goodnight (Merlin and Ash) to each other in the kitchen. Now the last uplate update. He comes back and he shows us Merlin getting into bed on thr studio TV. Marie is the winner of the last stash of cash! Sleep email time seeing everyone is in bed. That’s it for tonight. Vincent might be in tomorrow night. At 1:29am it’s goodnight from Dreamworld.

Where’s Warren?

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