Day 27 Uplate

12:32am – Mike welcomes the world to the Friday night show. Vincent is in the studio. He just arrived from Melbourne. He thanks Virgin Blue staff for helping him get ther in time. We look like we’re going to the kitchen, but first they run through the first brain teaser. Into the kitchen now. Krystal is saying that she couldn’t live with her friends. Wesley says he could do it easily. Cut to Merlin asking Ash whats wrong, but nothing is, so Merlin says for her to wait there for him (they are in the living room.) Wesley is talking about where he lives, sounds nice. Mike cuts back in though. They go through some of Vincent’s lines from BB3, but Mike makes them up. They give a clue for the trivia. Comm break already…weird!

12:44am – Vincent thinks that the guys are more built up than previous years. Back to the house we go. They are talking about how on some calls or sms’es they get they have no idea who the hell the person is. Bree replies to sms’es “who is this?”. Merlin says that when his dad rings he says “Hi Dad”, and his father goes “How did you know it was me.” Oldies and technology hey! Krystal father has a man bag. Bree says her bro left a message on her phone one night, and she couldn’t understand it so she deleted, her bro rang her a couple of days later and said ‘did you like the message from christina concert!?’ oops. Krystal starts saying that she wanted Christina tickets, but she was in hospital. She asked her mum to get them, but she didn’t. She got out and they were sold out, so she bid on eBay but didn’t win, and then she sais she went to the concert on the night…..and Mike cuts in!!! OMG, we miss the end of the story. Krystal is being very loud though tonight, and this story took a few minutes. Everyone round the table were laughing at her slowness. Comm break.

12:57am – Someone wins the first cash of the night (Catherine). Merlin starts taking off Krystal as a cricket commentator, and she says ‘that was a good spinner….oh and i went out with spinner one night’ They are all paying Krystal out for never shutting up. A lot of “and this one time”. Suddenly a freaking lot of beeping. But they stick with it through the beeping which is strange. Now they cut away! Ashalea is in the bedroom, now moved into the bathroom. Mike cuts in and away we go with the clue for the second brain teaser. Comm break.

1:10am – Back in the studio and they crap on for a minute, then to the kitchen. They are discussing when to use bought and brought. An english lession on a late friday night. Excellent! Anyway, Krystal begins with another story. She’s telling us that her parents are taping every episode and they can send them over the net through email (lol @ the lameness). Anyway, Merlin says most of his friends were against going into the house. They thought it would be lame. She told one of her friends, and he wasn’t impressed, but his mum is a BB addict and heard and was sooo excited. Bree and others are still laughing at Krystal talking so much. Mike cuts in and talks to Vincent again. Uplate update. Back to the house, they reckon it’s 12:30-1am. Trev is not far away thinking it’s 1am. Wesley says it’s good, cause he doesn’t care what time it is now. Comm break.

1:24am – Back with the studio, Jason is on the phone to win the money. Back to the house now. Bree says if she was on the loser side she would’ve been yelling the crap out of the winners. Krystal says it wasn’t too bad, the boredom was the same, the food was worse of course, but the bedroom wasn’t that much worse. She says Terri really likes Paul, but Paul may not give those feelings back. Krystal reveals to the housemates that they talked yesterday (she and Terri). Krystal says that she wanted to get closer to Ryan and Bree (Terri). Krystal is not hiding her feelings for Terri tonight! Mike cuts in for a clue for the brain teaser. Comm break.

1:37am – Back to the kitchen. Krystal still talking very loudly. Bree says that she has had two bad nights, the one where she threw up and she didn’t feel that great last night, and she says its because she doesn’t normally drink that kind of alcohol. They start talking about drinks. Mike cuts in and they go to an uplate update. Back to the kitchen, Bree says she is a bit shitty that since Aph has left, she is got the smallest boobs in the house. She says she’ll get fake ones one day and they’ll be huge. Comm break.

1:50am – Mike talks about VBB comp. Joe wins the money in the teaser. They go through the final brain teaser. Back to the kitchen. Krystal is talking about the women’s ‘cycle’. They start chanting about clowns and Ashalea gets a bit scared. Mike comes back on, plugs Vincent’s gig on Sunday night, and then they move on to the brain teaser. Comm break.

2:03am – Mike welcomes us back, and throws us to an Uplate Update. Back to the house, housemates are getting changed in the darkened bedroom. Krystal jumps onto Merlin’s bed and gives him a kiss, then jumps back to her bed. Silence comes over the bedroom. Krystals starts playing with Bree, then hits Trevor. Trevor slaps a pillow back at Krystal. Krystal just starts laughing fairly loudly. Ashalea says “your trashed Krystal.” They cut to the uncut update. Leanne wins the last $1000 of the night. Cut to the kitchen cause the kangaroo is sitting at the table. They are speaking on behalf of the kangaroo. They cut to another uncut clip (Terri’s brazillian. Oh yuk). Sleep email time now. Another uplate clip, then another couple of emails before Dreamworld says goodnight at 2:32am.

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