Day 29

1.31am – Ash is playing a vengful prank of Trevor, who responds by jumping on her bed. Everyone is pretty amused.

7.20am – Paul is up (sigh). Trevor keeps poking Ashalea to go for a swim, poking her. Ash is tired and cranky. She ends up talking in her sleep about swimming?

Of course Paul and Terri are upset about last night (party poopers). Terri comes over to Paul and says she is so close to losing it. Paul tells her to blow up at the housemates. While talking to Ryan Paul says that Krystal sounds like Mag from neighbours.

Terri is complaining to the other housemates (oh give it a rest you skank!). She says she is pre-menstral and about to lose it. Bree hears enough and sarcastically says “Oh everyone is getting cranky because we had a little fun”.

10.30am – Bree goes into the bedroom and tells Krystal what all the whinging is about. Terri and Paul are having a soak in the hot tub and discuss what is awaiting them on the other side. Terri says she would freak out and run off if she’s evicted tonight – she wants more time in the house. Paul is seemingly impartial.


8.08pm – Eviction time… all of the housemates think they are going, except for Paul who makes a “T” sign to indicate Terri – that’s funny.. they were only just talking as though they were friends just a few hours ago. Anyway, Krystal is evicted and the housemates are quite upset. There are a few comments that the house will be very quiet.

Bree is very upset, and can’t understand why Krystal was evicted. She runs over to the punching bag and lets out her frustrations. Terri can’t help but focus on the fact that she’s staying for another week.

Ashalea is in the bedroom getting upset. Elle and Ryan come to comfort her. Paul, Wesley and Kane are in the kitchen explaining how they didn’t see it coming. Paul says the blabbermouth is gone and everyone else will need to open up to fill the gap.

In the bedroom, Ash explains she was only just starting to get close to Krystal. Bree talks about how her and Krystal were talking all night. Bree says the fact that Krystal was a stripper was working against her from the begining because some of society wouldn’t have been as accepting. The boys in the kitchen have come to the same agreement, and Merlin comments that her innocence was taking away by her past.


8.32pm – Cath is now upset about evictions. It’s a reminder of the life she’ll return to (sounds a bit like Reggie!). Looking at pictures of her children, she tells them to be good and that she loves them. Cath tells the other housemates that it’s a reminder she could be with her kids right now instead of Krystal outside of the house. The other housemates comment that all of the carisma has now been taken out of the house.

Paul goes to etch Krystal’s name into the wooden patio by the pool. He puts “K”.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Merlin notices that Bree is a leader figure for the girls – and there is confidence in her face, along with Ryan who is the leader for the guys.

Ash is now happy, and starts dancing and singing around the bedroom about staying in the house another week.

Terri is telling Wesley that because she’s a nurse she’s learnt not to become emotional over things like this. She comments that she saw a few housemates dissapointed that she wasn’t leaving.

Later, the housemates are called to the lounge for Krystal’s goodbye message. Elle, I think you’re beautiful and so down to earth and if I’m half as mature at your age then I will be happy about it. Ryan, we might not have agreed at times but you can’t go through life without it. She does her goofy laugh for him. Bree, I’m saying goodbye for now but it will only be a matter of weeks or months and I can’t wait for our friendship to blossom because you are so intelligent in so many different ways, you are just beautiful babe and I love ya.

All of the housemates agree that it was a great message. Elle is now upset and says “I don’t like this game very much”. Elle voted for Krystal in the nominations.


10.42pm – Terri tells the housemates that she’s glad to still be here. “I’m here and thats all that counts”. Merlin comments that 3 weeks says something. Terri jokes that everyone outside the house loves her and everyone in the house hates her (not just the people in the house, babe).

Elle is in the diary room feeling guitly that she nominated Krystal. She explains she is having trouble coping with the concequences of her decisions and that she’s betrayed Krystal and the other girls.

Back in the kitchen Bree is telling Trevor that she planned to be evicted in the first or second week, and thus didn’t pack that many clothes.

While conversing with Cath and Elle, Ryan discovers that Cath sees a deeper level in himself that he might be holding back on. Paul BUTTS IN and steers the conversation about how Ryan is still one of the boys even after so much time. Cath is inspired by Paul’s faithfulness to his wife and family, something Cath never experienced. She says she’s not looking for a rich ring, but a guy who will say “play with me”.

11.53pm – Bree is making a diary entry, and is feeling a lot more emotional than she expected to when Krystal left. Everyone she’s had the most in common with are leaving the house and she’s surprised at how emotional she’s becoming at the evictions.

At bedtime, Bree says she’s not happy with that empty bed in the room.

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