Day 30

6.26pm – Bad joke time.. Ryan cracks one “what did the candle say to the other candle.. are you going out tonight”. “Why couldn’t Eric ride a bike?.. because Eric was a fish”.

8.27pm – Just at that moment all housemates are called to the lounge. The nominees are announced: Elle, Terri and Paul. Paul rubs salt on himself (oh god). Ash seems upset but relieved that she’s not nominated. A few housemates give her a hug. She explains that she was so hot and nervous. Everyone seems to trot off to the kitchen.

Elle starts speeling off Paul’s “grain of salt” to brush off her nomination. Cath and Ash are happy they will be in the house for at least another two weeks.

Terri goes into the diary room – starting to feel like no one bloody wants me here! “It feels like.. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong.. there’s times where I think I’m boring as hell.. maybe people don’t like my personality and if it does come down to that it’s touchy because I like who I am”.


9.24pm – Ryan walks in on the girls in the middle of having facials. He says they look like they’re in a cult. Ryan goes into the bathroom, and the girls set up a “gauntlet” to ambush Ryan with pillows on his return. Merlin calls out to Ryan from the lounge room and the girls jump with the pillows. Ryan decides to run the gauntlet again.

11.14pm – Terri is whinging to Paul about Merlin – in particular, his strategies for nominations: “I look for some one I don’t want in the house and nominate”. Paul says thats the difference between him and Merlin: he’s (Paul) got the balls to explain what he feels. OH PUH-LEEZE.

Conveniently in the lounge Merlin is talking to Wesley about his earlier confrontation with Paul over his citizenship. Merlin explains he is still offended and shook up about the experience.

Trevor goes into the diary room for an entry. He explains it’s been hard trying to pick out faults in people, he tries to get along with everybody. “I keep thinking that I’d ask my girlfriend Bree (not the housemate) for advice”. He says it reminded him of school because he was uncomfortable about how he looked and how he was perceived by people – in here it’s harder because you don’t have your mates and there’s a whole new set of rules and people you have to fit in with. It was his biggest fear when he first walked into the house, but believes he’s done a great job at fitting in so far.


1.52am – In the kitchen, Elle tells Wes and Merlin that she was expecting to be nominated tonight. She thought she’d find herself in the house, but realises now that it won’t happen. Elle says she doesn’t know what to do with her life. Merlin comforts her saying that lots of early twenty year olds are in the same situation. She says her parents are (overly) supportive. It’s a sense of drowning.

Ash is getting serious in the bedroom as well – she is talking about her boyfriend. Their relationship is on hold. He takes her out to dinner once every few weeks – they first started going out when they were in year 12 and 17 years old. She says her parents are a little picky and didn’t want her to be too serious and tried to push him away. She spent most of her life as 18 crying because of family arguments. Bree says her parents were only probably freaking out.

Ash says sometimes she feels like she keeps finding ways for the relationship to work just to proove her parents wrong. Bree says it’s a long time to fight over something like that. Ash can’t get away from the fact though – her younger sister has started dating and her parents don’t want to hear about Ash’s relationship. Bree says she should really tell her parents how she feels.

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