Day 5 Uplate

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Credits roll and straight into the house. Aphro talking about Igor, and that he is the only problem in this house. Mike comes on, tells us that they are having a 60’s party. He runs through the usual speel about Uplate Updates, the trivia etc. Straight to a Uplate Update. Back from that, we launch into the first of the trivia teasers. Now we go into the house. Back to Aphro, who is telling the girls to tell him to shut up (Igor) if he talks about Aphro behind her back. Oh my god, this girls life is sooo obsessed by Igor. Get over him. Let the housemates get on with the game.

Ash is making a bit of a fool of herself over with the boys judging by the noise. Elle says “here we go – a bit more late night tv.” They are dancing in the cage – well rather Ashalea is, with Krystal. Terri wants one of the guys to go in there with her. Kane says for her to go in ‘The tighter the better!’ That game ends soon after however. They start singing, so we are whisked away to the kitchen. Aphro is talking to Catherine. Cath says that Aphro said she was going to pack her bags and leave. Cath says she wouldn’t have let her. Elle starts singing in the kitchen too – LOL, we might be watching the garden in a minute. Mike saves us and goes through the trivia for us, slower than usual cause of the singing. He finds some emails to waste some time, before we go back to the house. Mike says “Lets see if Aphro is stilll having a bitch.” First line we here from Aphro “and thats how i know he’s talking shit.” Catherine makes sense when she says “Let it go.” A bit of silence in the kitchen, Elle wants to keep her wig. She says she has a red wig at home. We get a break from them, and go to Igor for the other side of the coin. They are going through the whole Virgin Blue G Strings rubbish. He says that he was just asking a question, but Aphro got angry and took it as a statement and said that was crap. Back in the kitchen, the girls are missing the pure innocence of love. Aphro says in here it’s the complete opposite of that. Mike cuts in again, and goes through the brain teaser, and gives us a clue. Aphro crying again, she says she gave up something really big to be on here, but she can’t say it. She’s really crying now.

Now into the living room, Ryan is talking with Krystal about her job. Krystal says if someone is touching her breasts, she doesn’t feel it. It’s a mental function. Ryan asks about girls in the massage parlours that he has been to. Krystal says she would rather an old guy touch her boobs than tug a guy’s penis. Ryan suggests it’s a very similar game she is playing in regards to these massage parlours. We missed his story. Ryan says “So your saying it’s alright for women to let men touch their bobbies, but women can’t help a guy get off if they are gonna get double the money?”. Krystal instantly replied yes. Ryan thinks they are one and the same. Krystal says no, it’s a genetailer thing. I know thats not how you spell it, but bear with me. Krystal says that when she lets a guy touch her boobs, she can’t see the guys privates, but if she was tugging him off, she could see it. She is basically saying that boobies aren’t the private part for the girls, only the vagina is. Ryan says “thats disgraceful.” Krystal says more loudly “Whats disgraceful?” Ryan says it’s disgraceful that she doesn’t believe that what Ryan thinks is wrong. She says it’s different. Ryan says then I could go over and touch Ashalea breasts and it would be alright. Krystal says no you can’t go up to any girl and do that, but Ryan says “why not, it’s not there genetial region” Krystal says you can’t have sex with breasts. Ryan says he classes the breasts in the same class as the vagina. She asks Wes about the two levels, and Wes says that it’s the same game. Krystal storms out at this point, and Merlin says “It’s like Super Mario Bros. One person is on level a and one is on level b”. He loves his Nintendo doesn’t he! Krystal heads over to the kitchen. Bree and Aphro argue over whether she is crying or bullshitting. They soon realise she’s crying. Aphro says “I think she’s a really good actress though.” Then she says “ooh, no she’s not.” Aphro asks who said what. She says Ryan. Aphro says to let it out. Bree just hugs her. When she is about to start talking, we cut to a break!

Alright, back from the break and straight into the tension filled BB House. Mike says the shit has hit the fan, the trivia is closed, and we are sent back to the house straight away. Now, Krystal is retelling the encounter with Ryan mentioned above to the girls. She says that when young guys walk in, they aren’t impressed, because they think that the younger type have no money. Krystal thinks that Ryan actually likes giving the old men satisfaction.

Aphro asks Krystal if she would be fine to cut back on the alcohol, so that the guys would stop getting pissed and getting back to the Krystal topic. Everyone is yelling galore now, it’s very strange. She starts balling cries again. Terri says that we have to very mindful of what they say – She says that people are watching this at home right now, and they have to be mindful of what the family are witnessening. She says she bullshitted her way through the get to know you task for a reason – to protect themselves. Mike cuts in and does the trivia. It’s quick, and we are back straight away.

Aphro says that Ryan is the only one with the balls to actually say it out loud. Bree is in with the guys. She is saying she bullshitted through the get to know you game. Krystal was meanwhile very upfront about herself. Bree says that Krystal is crying her eyes out over there. The guys are suprised. It’s Ryan’s turn to talk now. He says that we all know what she has bought it up. He says she might cope it when she gets out. He says that he told a story about how he was invloved in a similar industry, and then says that she came up to him and payed him out. He starts talking about a massage parlour and there are beeps galore, and we cross back to the girls. Terri says it will make it worse if she walks out crying. Comm break cuts in.

Back again at 12:17am. Mike is very excited about the action in the house. He runs through the brain teaser quicker than lightning, and back we go. Catherine and Elle are in the bathroom. Elle says it’s only day 5. Bree is still in the living room talking to Ryan. Terri buts in and says that the different age groups can cause a few problems in the house, and that they have to understand and respect that. Ryan can’t believe he is getting the blame for this! He says that she came over to him. However, Ryan being the bigger man, will apologise for affending her, he didn’t mean it. Ryan says we got into this house to be honest.

LOL Trevor says to Ryan that he isn’t gonna go to the massage parlour with the boys when they come to Adelaide. Merlin is talking to Krystal at the moment, but his mic isn’t turned up enough to hear what he is saying. Bree pulls her away though, and tells her that she went to talk to Ryan, and fills her in. They hug while talking. Bree says that Ryan does have a heart of gold, and he really didn’t understand the difference. It’s only his opinion. Bree says that Ryan will apologise, but she must understand he didn’t mean to get her upset. She says she had no choice but to come out and tell everyone about her job. Mike cuts back in and gives a clue for the trvia, and then we get a commercial break :)

Back in the house, we’ve missed the apology! LOL. They are hugging and we catch Ryan saying he’s sorry he upset you. Ryan says that we’ve been here 5 days and she must know that he is a good down to earth, honest guy. Ryan says he understands where she comes from. Krystal says that Ryan has had other things done from other females that Krystal doesn’t do. They hug again. Then Krystal steps on his foot, and things that the friendship is gone again! Group hug all of a sudden! LOL Aphro says “don’t expect me to hug that thing out there” referring to Igor. Straight after one problem, we’re back to Aphro. She says he needs to stop bullshitting. LOL Aphro keeps interrupting saying Ryan should teach him to understand. Krystal is just upset that she is regarded as a sex animal because she is a stripper. She says she had the least amount of sex in her life when she was a stripper. She says they’ll wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine again. Krystal lifts Ryan off the ground, and she says she is 69kgs and strong. She says she is going to get changed now and go to bed. She decided against Ryan’s advice when he said “Go and have a drink!” Mike is back on, the game is closed, and we will now move back to the house. Wesley joins Ryan in the bathroom and asks what went on. Ryan fills him in on the talk to Krystal. He says that Merlin said “I would have thought the same but I wouldn’t have said it”, and that is wrong according to Ryan, because he’s not being honest with himself. Wes says he said shit tonight that he wishes he didn’t say, and then comm break cuts in.

Back at 12:44am, with Mikey who has John on the phone. He wins the cash, and again we launch into the third game of the evening. After that, we enter the house once again. Bree and Ashalea are talking outside. We’ve missed the majority of the conversation, but Bree is trying to make sure she doesn’t say too much or something. She says the Jessica Simpson style she has is great, but so is the other side of her, and they need to be mixed in moderation or something. Can’t tell what it’s about, I think we came in too late. Ash says that she appreciates her talking to her about it. Bree says perhaps go and talk to her about it. No idea who they are talking about – I assume Krystal. Bree says she has already told the boys that the jokes about Krystal’s job has to stop. I assume from the convo that with the group she owned up to a lot of actitives in fronto f the group, and she probably told people more than she wanted too. Mike cuts back in and gives us a clue for the brainteaser. I dunno if he did give the clue actually, but that doesn’t matter, because he has thrown to a break.

Mike is back yet again. He says that a lot of people have said that this ep of UpLate is good. He runs through the brainteaser this time with a clue, and then runs the Uplate Update! LOL. After that we return to the house, wher Mike tells us that Igor is talking to someone about Aphro. However, we return to see Ashalea doing a Brittney Spear’s song, with underwear and a tight top on. She looked alright too :) Mike cuts in again for some emails, and then we’re right back to the house. They are in the kitchen saying they won’t have any footage for the daily show tomorrow cause all the arguments are too rude. They say the uncut show is complete though now! However, they believe that it’s on next Thursday. Wrong fella’s, next Wednesday.

Into the bedroom, Aphro and Igor arguing again. She is yelling her head of to him, he is remaining calm, very calm. Why does Mike cut in at the wrong time! He has Mike from Victoria on the phone, and he wins some cash. We go to a commercial break at the end od it.

1:10am and we are back. Mike joins us again, but we are straight into the house. Aphro and Igor are making UP. LOL. Oh i’m sorry this is too good. She has been crapping about the guy for 24 hours, and suddenly she can get back to the friend stage with him. Igor puts it all on the line – he says tell him now to make her mind up. He says to let him know if they can continue their friendship , or whether they should just ginore each other. OMG. Aphro says she doesn’t feel she deserves to be here. I’m sorry, she’s gotta go people. Mike comes back on and runs through the last trivia, and we are back to the hugging and making up of Aphro and Igor. They are hugging and talking softly, very hard to hear them. They are both apologising to each other over and over again. She says she’s really sorry, she really called him some bad things. LOL She drags per Merlin into it by asking him if she called Igsy some bad names! Merlin is still dressed, but Igsy says “Fuck I’m ready to go to bed!” They decide to get a drink. They check on Kane who is in bed on the way through, when Mike comes back on and closes the last trivia game. He says that the show is drawing to a close, 10 minutes left, but he says “might be another fight”. It’s just priceless. Comm break.

1:23am and we’re in the living room. Trevor is on the screen. Don’t blink people, you’ll miss him. Sound went weird for a sec, but we’re back now. Merlin is talking to Wesley and says “Everyone has worked everything out tonight now”. Major feed dropout. Mike comes back on and he’s going to give Simin a $1000. This guy thinks Igor might win it. Dream on buddy. He wins the cash, and wraps up the show, but there is one more uplate update first. More dropouts in this episode than ever before. Mike is not aware he is cutting in and out on everyone’s set. He says goodnight, and we return to the house one last time. Bree is tucking Krystal into bed. Aphro and Bree are talking to her, saying “How are you” while touching her breasts…weird! Mike comes back on in the bottom left hand corner, and the feed goes again. G’nite Mike! When the feed comes back, Dreamworld has just said goodnight at 1:33am.

Stuff it, this is too good, so I’m on the live feeds now. Bree, Trevor and Merlin are talking while playing a bit of basketball. Merlin is stressed out totally. He has just got out of the DR and is upset that Aphro has made up with Igor I think. Aphro comes out and starts talking to him. He says he thinks they will be fighting again in 2 days. She tells him that she is friends again with him, because he actually cares for her, cause when he heard that she was ready to pack her bags, he came to try to sort things out. Anyway, moving on a bit, Aphro says that Merlin is the smartest person in here, so she asks him why he’s mad. Merlin says he thinks of her as a threat, and it brings out the strenght and argumentive behaviour in other people. And then she says – you know what it is – “It’s a whirlpool!” LOL. Aphro and Bree reenact their first night introduction to each other – they both are nice but turn away thinking they will hate them. Aphro says that Elle has heaps of self discipline. She has a heart of gold Aphro says. You will learn a lot from her. Igor has joined the group now, Trev seems to have gone. Bree is saying that she spoke to Ashalea cause she was concerned about her recent behaviour. She reminded Ash that her family were watching it. She said she had to think before she stood up and said on the couch “I want to fuck Rove.” She says to Merlin that he has been a great friend for her. Merlin says he is really worried about her too. They say she is so young at 19. igsy interrupts to say goodnight. Merlin says that she would have been overwhelmed the first few days with all the outgoing girls in the house – Merlin says even he was. “This is BB – You haven’t been wearing your microphone – you have incurred a fine.” LOL, they want to know how much, but BB doesn’t tell. Bree and Merlin are in the kitchen, Aphro is sitting beside them. Bree is saying that Ashalea was thanking her so much at the end of their convo cause she didn’t really realise what she was doing. merlin says he’s been really worried about her since day two. Bree said to her that she is worried about her appearance 24/7, and she is looking for a modelling career out of this. Bree loves her a lot, but she was talking to her the other day, and she was looking at her lip gloss in the mirror. Bree says when she is talking to someone she never thinks about what she looks like. It’s now 2:11am.

Bree reveals why she applied for BB. Her best friend said to her “Bree, apply for BB, because your one of a kind.” This girl is growing on me day after day. Bree reveals that she had a friend who she loves to death – he makes her laugh more than anyone else in the world – he understands her more than anyone in the world – problem is he is gay. Sheldon is his name. They worked in the same place “Dracula’s” and they both have decided if they are still unattachted at 35, they will get married. Catherine says goodnight. They met in Romeo and Juliet fashion, with the guy calling out to her from upstairs “How old are you”. Soo cute. The guy didn’t know he was gay at the time. Ashalea has entered the kitchen now. Bree says it’s weird – she hasn’t had many relationships, she is 21, but she would marry this guy at the drop of a hat. Someone is saying they will all be in Melbourne together for Rove. Well thats a damn long way off. Bree loves Rove. She has a story for him planned. When she was doing Dracula’s in Melbourne, Rove was there. But thats all she says about that I think. They start talking about “Who’s line is it anyway.” Bree says it’s all planned. Trevor thought it was Ad-libbed. Trev mate, get with the real world. It’s 2:23am and thats all from me guys.

Where’s Warren?

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