Day 5

8:56am – Kane is up and about and doing some weights. Trevor is also having a work out, while talking to Ryan. He fills Ryan in on the argument between Igor and Aphro in the kitchen overnight. Trev says it was funny. “I laughed my head off.” Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Merlin is saying to Aphro that the two (aphro and Igor) have been really close since the beginning. He goes onto say that Aphro shouldn’t let this one aspect effect the relationship. Aphro interrupts him, and says that there is something else that has happened, and that she is not going to go into again. She tells Merlin to watch the tapes for the truth after this is all over. Igor and Krystal are in the bathroom. Igor says that Igor almost went too far last night. Krystal suggests talking to Aphro. He replies “i don’t talk.”

Back in the bedroom, the topic has turned to Merlin. Both Aphro and Bree think the world of him. Merlin says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Merlin says he has heaps of flaws, but Bree suggests he show them all one. Aphro says “I don’t think I can find one in there.”

11:56am – Housemates gather by the pool to listen to an annoucement read by Elle. She tells the housemates that Big Brother has had no choice but to introduce a fine system because of repeated microphone breaches and referring to banned discussion topics. As soon as the annoucement is read, BB comes over the house and says “Ashalea, your microphone.” She says “it’s right here.” Unfortunately, she is carrying it, and doesn’t have it on. Afterwards, Krystal and Ashalea chat in the bedroom. Krystal says she hasn’t had a microphone breach yet. Krystal is pissed off because she has been caught out twice in the space of five minutes. When Ashalea says she has had it in her hands, Krystal says “Gee, he’s tough ins’t he.” Ashalea moves onto say that everyone has become bitchy towards each other in the last day or so. She says that if anyone gets a fine, she won’t care. “I don’t know why everyone cares so much because we’re here to have fun.” Moving outside, Krystal starts talking to Bree about her conversation to Ashalea. Krystal says that she told Ashalea to just try to keep the microphone on. She says that Ashalea replied “I will, but If I have it off, too bad.

Commercial Break.

5:22pm – Wesley is trying to teach Merlin the finer arts of the freestyle action in the pool. “That’s not bad mate, not bad!” Merlin just laughs. Inside, Igor is still upset about Aphro. Aphro says he’s just going to be himself. If that gets him put up for eviction and booted, then so be it, he says. Kane tries to get a laugh by saying that if it was him he was angry at, Igor would back down because of how tough he (Kane) is. Back on topic, he says “I’m not going to talk to her.”

Over in the kitchen, Aphro is getting dinner ready. Ryan asks if there is anything that can be done. About 4 people over there in that tiny cooking area. Wesley, who was just in the ktichen, returns to the living area and says “Steer clear of the kitchen.” They ask why, and he just says there are too many people trying to help. Ashalea are Wesley sit and talk on the couch. Ashalea says there has been so much tension in the house since yesterday between certain people. They both say the obvious pair of Igor and Aphro. Wes suggests that there is also tension between the two of them. Ashalea says there has been since day one! They both laugh, then Ashalea reveals that someone snapped at her this morning. Wesley asks who, and Ashalea replied “Krystal.” Back in the kitchen, dinner is ready. Aphro can tell by chucking the pasta on the mirror and seeing how hot it is. Weird stuff.

8:12pm – Housemates are gathered on the couch in the living room, with Wesley standing on the coffee table situated in the middle. He reads a letter from BB. “Dear Housemates, Paris Hilton is about to enter the BB House.” He gets cushions thrown at him from everywhere, no one believing the letter is real. Kane gets up and shakes his hand. He finally reads the real letter, which lets them know that there will be a 60’s party tonight to welcome them back to the house, and that the storeroom is now open with costumes. We see them run over to the storeroom to get their clothes. Quickly back to the bedroom, some are pleased with their outfits, while some hate theirs (Krystal). Trevi is dressed and sitting down. He says “I’m the biggest jaffa in the world.” He has a red suit on with a black shirt. Later, music is beamed into the house, and the dancefloor is alive with housemates making fools of themselves. Also, a cage is in the corner if anyone wants to get into any sexier action.

Commerical Break.

10:37pm – Paul comes to the diary to talk to Big Brother. He says that BB has chosen a great group of housemates. The blokes all seem to get on together. He says the girls are out of control however, with a competition between them for the spotlight. In the livingroom Igor is taking orders for coffee. When he gets to Paul, Paul suggests that “Krystal is moving in for the kill” on Ryan. Krystal has a laugh. Topic of conversation moves back to Krystal’s job in the real world, and there is far too much editing for a recap. Please check out the “Up Late recap, Day 4” posted elsewhere on the site. When Krystal has had enough, she goes to the girls in the kitchen and begins crying. After helping Krystal out over there, Bree returns to tell the boys to just be a little bit more sincere in their comments towards her job. Again, there is a lot of editing around the subject, and it is best to look at the other recap.

12:28: Ryan comes into the bathroom to apologise to Krystal. He wants to be as a team while in this house, and thus he apologises. He says he got a bit cut when she bought up that point (no idea). He says he doesn’t want to ignore her like Aphro and Igor are doing at the moment. He says “I think your a top bird, and it’s nothing against you.” They hug, but it soon turns into a group hug, and in the process, Krystal gets headbumped! Ryan tries to tell Aphro to make up with Igor. But she says that Ryan is a gentlemen, and Igor isn’t. At this, Krystal just say “oh god” and is to say “not again.” Aphro says that Krystal has just had an argument with a great guy, while she is having an argument with a two faced little shit. BB cuts to Igor playing basketball by himself outside.

Commercial Break.

12:43 – Merlin has come to the diary room. He says the happy family has been falling apart in the last few days. He says the tension between Aphro and Igor is a big part of this. He says he can’t believe that two people who hit it off so well, could be so far apart now. Cut to the bedroom where another argument between the pair is underway. Aphro says “Be honest. You bullshit people.” Back in the diary room, Merlin is nearly in tears saying he can’t believe that it’s like this after just 4 days. Back in the bedroom, Aphro says “I’m asking Big Brother to get me my bags out.” Ashalea and Bree both try to convince her to stay, but she says “Please let me do this.” “I’d rather leave with pride” also comes from her mouth. At this point, Igor says “Aph, Aph”. Aph tells him to shut up. About a minute of arguing more, Igor has her in the bathroom to try to get her sense back. “we came in here and we bonded ASAP”. It’s like a little love story isn’t it? He apologises a few times and says “sometimes I’m just stubborn.” We finally get a hug from the pair, and thank god for that. Aphro starts to cry while hugging him.

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