Day 4 Uplate

It’s right on 11:30pm tonight when the credits roll and BB Up Late rolls around for another night. They are back in the house so hopefully they have some enthusiam tonight :) End credits and we are taken straight to the action, OUTSIDE lol. I’ve got no idea where they are etc. Mike comes up in the bottom corner and runs through the usual Up Late speel. The housemates are looking directly into the camera. Anyway, inside, Elle is talking about how she loves her sister but they don’t get along. Sorry, make that Terri. The people from outside come inside and again you can hardly understand anyone. Elle says that it’s sad that when people get old, it’s usually not the family that visit, it’s other friends. Family doesn’t go as often as they probably should is what she is trying to get across.

They look to be all sitting down in the lounge room, and they start talking about the Spa. It smells bad apparently. They think it needs a bit of chlorine but are unsure. Kane will go into the DR soon to ask BB about it. Aphro is ‘soo in love with this furniture.’ LOL. Bree has just bought out a dress which basically covers nothing. It looks basically like a top. Someone asks her if she would ever where it as a dress, to which she replies “Yeh, if I was a slut.” Ah, I like the girl :) Now she is wearing it as a beanie, it looks so much better up there. Someone asks if any of them has any money on them – Trevor has $5 on him, but thats about the only person. It’s soo weird for none of them to have any money. Ryan says he had $2000 in his pocket on launch night and gave it to ‘a fan, the motorcycle driver’. Yeh right mate! Krystal reveals she has met Gretel twice previously – at a live nomination show and then they had a few drinks together one night at Surfers! About there, Mike comes on and then goes through the trivia quickly, before giving us an Uplate Update.

Back to the house though now. They talk about Bree talking back to Gretel on opening night. It was good television that night. The housemates think she might be out first now, Gretel campaigning against her! Igor tells everyone what happened with him on stage. He was on cloud nine he says, it was such an experience with all the crowd. Terri recounts her experience now, and she wasn’t too pleased with her introduction! Bree asks Catherine and Paul if their kids were there, to which they reply yes. Trevor doesn’t say much in group conversations does he? Elle meanwhile in a little window down the left hand bottom corner takes her top off in the bedroom and puts something different on, in preparation for bed I would assume. She had a bra on, so we had no nudity. Merlin and Ashalea are talking, saying it’s been a week since they have been locked up (in isolation included). He laughs a heap now, saying that her little dummy which lights up is not battery operated. LOL. It’s another blonde moment for her. She has a necklace which has a dummy on the end of it, and it lights up. She thought it just glowed in the dark, and didn’t have a battery. Merlin can’t beleive that she thought it didn’t have a battery. He is still laughing a lot 2 minutes later. Mike cuts in and tells us she is actually an Auatralian of the Year. Trivia goes on, and we are taken back to the house, where things have quietened down, no more laughing from Merlin anyway.

In the bedroom, Bree is getting changed, takes her bra off after she has changed her top. Krystal is also there, with Elle. She takes her pants off and BB decides we’ve seen enough and takes us back to the living room. Ashalea is lying on Merlin’s tummy now, looking very relaxed. They are talking amongst themselves, while Igor talks to someone else over the other side of the room. Comm break cuts in.

Back again, the game is over for the first trivia. Trevor is walking round outside, and Igor is going to see if the spa really does stink. Ashalea says that everyone goes to bed early around this place. She can’t sleep this early. Merlin says he is going to have a great sleep tonight, back in real beds. Ashalea says she normally sleeps at around 12:30am, falling asleep in front of the tv. Ryan is back in the room, and they start talking about weird nicknames. Terri has to go to the diary room before bed, and she can’t think of anything to say. Elle comes along and jumps on her! That’s something to talk about! On the line back with Mike is Lee from NSW, who answers Terri, and wins the money. She has her fave as Ryan. Conversation doesn’t last long, Brain teaser number two is up and running, and we are back in the house. Ashalea is standing up and saying that Merlin can go to sleep, it’s ok. They seem to be the only people still left in the house. He starts saying little music things to himself after Ashalea goes into the bedroom.

Over in the kitchen, Catherine, Aphro and Bree I think, but feed doesn’t last long, and they go back to the lungue where Bree has just walked back to, and Paul is going to read on the couch for a bit. Bree is going to get changed. Actually, strike that, it was Ashalea. Sorry! Wow, I am bad lol. They look nothing alike. Comm break.

Back again with Mikey G on BB Uplate. Another trivia run through, and we join Elle saying that the guys shouldn’t pee on the floor, and put the toilet seat down! They are looking at someone’s photo’s now, Krystal hasn’t seen a bigger smile on someone in Ryan’s photo. Aphro is over in the kitchen saying she doesn’t ever want to go back to her old life. Catherine doesn’t think she will have to. She goes on to say that you have to decide to go on living with excitement, or contempt. Something like that anyway. Just the two of them over in the kitchen. Aphro says she wants to find that ‘little world’ she has never had. She says she really needs to be in here for a while, she hopes people (public) understand this. She doesn’t want to win, she just wants to be in BBWorld for a lenght of time.

Back we go to the bathroom, where Elle and Merlin are talking. There is a tap running and it’s impossible to hear anything. Elle says she feels like crying again. Ashalea has joined convo (suprise suprise!) and says she is beautiful and not to worry about anything. Comm break time!

It’s 12:30am at the moment, Mike is talking to us, the BB Trivia is closed for the second time round. Back to Aphro and Catherine in the kitchen we go. Aphro says that her mum and dad aren’t affectionate. We cross back to the bedroom, where Ryan has hot feet. Someone says they always have cold feet. Krystal says they love Body Shop stuff. LOL, Bree says straight away she thinks it’s bullshit. Wesley says goodnight to the cams by hitting a wall (mirror). Ryan when giving presents, just goes for the old flowers. Mike comes back on, and he has Belinda from Qld on the phone. She wins the $1000. Mike says that a comp later in the series will give away a car via their sponser 3. Back to the house though now, Aphro is still talking to Catherine. Merlin has joined the convo as well. Elle is there, Ashalea must be there surely ;) But I can’t see her. The girls talk about squeeing zits in the mirror, and they hope that a cam isn’t behind it. They talk about girls with Merlin. He is soo fussy. He wants his girl to be the one that stands out from the crowd and he knows from the instant he mets her that she is the one. That’s how he plans for it anyway. Comm break.

At 12:44am we are back. He shows us the 3 mobile phone, and shows us the highlights package on the phone, the quality does look quite good. He goes on to give us a clue for the trivia, (eating) very easy this one, before we return to the house. Igor is talking about his girlfriend outside and why he broke up with her to come into the house. They both think (Igor and his girl) that they will be together again once back outside, but they still decided to break it off. Moving on, Igor can’t believe that it’s only been 4 days in the BB house. There are quite a few people over there now. Ashalea has made her way over there. Aphro says she is in no rush to see her friends and her mum. She wants this to last forever. Yes we understand, you’ve only said it 45 times!

Aphro says “If the world was more gay”, Merlin then chips in “It would be a happier place.” Interesting Merlin…interesting! Igor says it’s not normal to see gays out in the street, wheras it is up in Sydney. He thinks it’s because of the Mardi-Gras. Merlin thinks that when you define people via their sexualality, your going down the wrong path. He has a good argument actually. Merlin says that Igor is calling gays like a ‘herd of cattle.’ It is interesting that Merlin is sticking up for the gay population so strongly and passionatly. Comm break (includes Sunday special and also Monday night nomination special)

Mike is back, the teaser game is closed, but back to an uplate update. Now we are back with the action, in the bedroom, with people getting ready for bed. Elle is in bed, Ryan is too I think. Whispers in the bedroom, before we go to Trevor in the diary room, on mute, but then Mike comes on pretty quickly, where Dennis wins the $1000. Straight back to the streaming now. They are still on the gay issue in the kitchen. Merlin says what would Igor’s father say if Igor said he was gay. Igor said his dad would say ‘cya later!’. Merlin continues the debate, Everyone else is laughing because Merlin is soo passionate on this topic. Aphro and Igor are arguing in the kitchen over whether family would actually chuck someone out of the house if they were gay. Igor says that a lot of people would do that, but Aphro can’t see why. Mike starts the 4th brainteaser, and we head to a break.

Mike is back at 1:10am, and he reads a few emails, before we go back to the action. Mike has hosted it well tonight, quickly running through what he has too, cause of the housemates actually being awake. Back into the house now, the lights are off in the bedroom and there is silence there. Now back to the kitchen. Igor says he’s sorry for his loud voice. Aphro says she has one too. Still on the gay topic. Merlin has withdrawn from the convo for a sec, but now he’s back. Igor says he knows a guy who is gay, and he still talks to him till this day. He says he uses the word gay wrongly, but it’s the only way he can say it. It was actually his neighbour who was gay. It keeps going on and on, everyone going over the same things. Comm break. Nearing the end of this episode…or show. I dunno what to call it :)

Back again, it’s 1:23am, and they are still up! Believe it or not :) The last trivia is closed, and he sends us to the last uplate update. Back from that, we’re back to the kitchen. Igor is talking about her family background, saying he doesn’t care if he fell in love with a Greek girl, he would be fine with it. LOL Aphro just left saying that “if people can’t put up with multiculuturial societies in Australia, they should go back to where they came from….and I’m a wog.” Ashalea is just sitting there bored out of her brain listening to the interesting conversation between Igor and Merlin. This is by far the best convo I’ve heard to date, both guys respecting each others opinion. Mike cuts back in for the last brain teaser winner, who is Holly from Victoria. She sounds very young, but awake, which is a bit of a change. She wins then we say goodnight to Mike, but we return to the house. In the bedroom, Terri is chatting to someone, then tries to find the camera behind the wall. Aphro is back and worked up in the kitchen, but before we can figure out the conversation, Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:33am.

Where’s Warren?

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