Day 4

9.18am – As the housemates wake up outside there is talk of the task. Most are speculating they will be tested on each other later today. Kane and Paul are playing hoops and “let” Trevor play with them.

1.06pm – Over lunch the housemates are testing each other for the task. Merlin asks which housemate worked in a retail store in Surfers Paradise. The answer is Krystal, and Igor makes the comment that she was rubbing up against something. Elle speaks up telling him that it’s not a nice comment and they he should stop saying things like that. All of the other housemates are silent.

Later while washing up the girls discuss how some of the housemates (particularly some of the boys) are not pulling their weight. Talk turns to one particular guy who is not showing any care or effort. Aphro says that she will tell him off, but Krystal reminds here there will be concequences. No prizes to those who guessed they’re talking about Igor.

Later Krystal explains to some of the other housemates that she thinks it’s not Aphro’s responsibility to pull Igor into line.


3.28pm – The housemates are tested on their task – to get to know each other. Terri is called into the diary room first, and can’t answer her question properly: “What do the inscriptions on Merlin’s dogtags mean?”. Later, Merlin is asked the names of Catherine’s children, he eventually gets it right and starts acting like a total dork screaming and cheering about getting it right. He climbs halway up a tree while screaming. The last housemate called, Trevor (how ironic) can’t answer his question: “Who is Kane’s sporting idol?”.

4.13pm – The young female housemates are gabbering on like 14 year old school girls. This time it’s about Igor… again. Krystal says she feels sorry for his girlfriend. The girlfriend is news to Aphrodite who is extremely shocked that one exists. She’s annoyed that the girlfriend has seen her acking like a shitkicker these last few days.


4.28pm – Big Brother calls the housemates to the basketball court, and announces the task result – they passed. Their weekly budget is now $306. The housemates are also allowed back into the house. They run into the house with Krystal first – obviously forgetting that her bikini top does not give her much chest support.

Most of the housemates lie on their beds, with Kane and Merlin acting like dorks (again) by jumping on their beds and screaming.

Aphro and Igor are in the bathroom together so Aphro decides to talk to Igor. She tells him he needs to pull his load more. Igor tells her he IS pulling his load.

Later the ‘blokes’ are talking in the bedroom… about the girls. Igor is looking extremely pissed off. They go through who is single in the house, and Paul says “it really is a meat market if you want it”. Igor suggest that Merlin should be doing something with Ashalea. Ryan tells him to stop pressuring him.

7.04pm – Aphro is bitching to Merlin about Igor. Merlin tells her he hasn’t been monitoring the cleaning or anything. Despite this he is quick to praise himself, saying that he would always put it more effort than his share (puh-leez).


8.04pm – Terri, Elle and Paul are discussing how there is a lot of backchat going on in the house. At the same time Aphro has confronted Igor about his effort in the house, again in the bathroom. Igor shrugs the conversation off asking for a hug.

8.56pm – Merlin is talking to Trevor about Ashalea. Quite an important moment in the house because this is the most talking Trevor has ever done… or not. Merlin spends the time talking about how Ashalea joked about being Merlin being her brother… and then half cousin (so they could jokingly have sex).

Later in the kitchen Merlin tells Terri and Aphrodite that his relationship with Ashalea is nothing like anyone thinks.

2.18am – The remaining awake housemates all make a pledge to stay up the entire night.

2.53am – The remaining awake housemates all go to bed.

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